5 Second Fix vs Bondic: In-Depth Comparison Guide 2022

If you deal with DIY projects then glue is one of the most important things that you’ll mostly require. While searching for glue, there will be a lot of modern brands that you’ll find. But finding something perfect like 5 Second Fix and Bondic is very difficult. Both of these glues are highly popular because of their convenient use and outstanding features.

You can join almost everything with these glues. Now the question that may arise in your mind is between 5 Second Fix vs Bondic which one you should go for? Well, to get this answer, you’ve to stick to this article and you’ll get the answer by yourself.

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Details of Product 5 Second Fix Bondic
Worked on Vinyl, Polypropylene, plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, etc. Plastic, Metal, Wood, PVC, steel, Kevlar, polypropylene, Ceramic, Vinyl, leather, and whatnot?
UV Light Yes, Yes.
Water Proof N/A, Yes.
Heat Resistant N/A, Yes.
Drying Time Seconds, Seconds.
Solvent-Free N/A Yes.
Where To Buy

5 Second Fix vs Bondic: What is The Difference?

5 Second Fix and Bondic both are the two most popular glue in their category. Now the question is if you need one which one should you go for? To help you in this matter below this segment, I’m going to differentiate both of these glues individually.

5 Second Fix vs Bondic: What is The Difference

What is Bondic?

Bondic is the world’s 1st UV liquid plastic glue. With this high-quality UV adhesive, you can instantly repair all types of objects, such as broken glass, plastic, metal, wood, leather, ceramic, and whatnot?

What is Bondic

Where normal glue fails Bondic does an outstanding job. Another great side of this Bondic glue is its water, heat, lubricants, oils, and acid-resistant.

What is 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix is another liquid plastic welding glue-like Bondic. With this powerful glue, you can do permanent repairs & seals. It has a super ability to bond numerous compounds including plastic, metal, etc.

What is 5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix is not like other common adhesives, it’s different from them. 5 Second Fix won’t harden until it is exposed to UV light, so you can position and reposition it until you get your desired shape.

How Does Bondic Work?

Basically, Bondic is a liquid plastic glue that gets hardened when exposed to UV light. Before using Bondic, I had used a lot of hot glue-gun but never got the expected result. Then I’ve switched to Bondic and it changes my concept about glue. With other common glues, one of the most common problems that I always faced is the glue gets attached to my finger.

How Does Bondic Work

But Bondic is completely different here, It won’t get hardened until you expose it to UV light. So it always gives me enough time to position and repositions the glue before it gets hardened. Now below this section, I’m going to show you this glue actually works.

  • First, clean the materials that you want to attach or fix.
  • Now apply the Bondic liquid plastic glue to the object that you want to attach.
  • The glue won’t harden until you expose it to UV light, so you’ve sufficient time to position and reposition it until it gets to your desired position.
  • Once you think that the objects are in their desired position, you can expose the glue with UV light. Then the glue becomes hardened. It takes just 4-seconds or less than to harden the glue and make the object permanently attached.

How Does 5 Second Fix Work?

5 Second Fix works almost the same as Bondic. With this high-quality liquid plastic glue, you can fix any broken things or attached objects within five-seconds. The glue of this 5 Second Fix, won’t get hardened until it is exposed to UV light. So as like Bondic, you get the time to position and reposition the glue until it sets into your satisfactory position.

How Does 5 Second Fix Work

The glue has a super ability to fix almost every material such as glass, plastic, wood, metal, etc. One of the great advantages of 5 Second Fix is it’s sandable, flexible, and paintable. Because of this, you can give any object a brand new shape. Even the manufacturer claims that it could absorb -40° to 150° Celcius. Besides that, the glue is also dishwasher safe once it gets hardened. Now, down this segment, I’m going to show you how this glue actually works.

  • 1st clean the surface of the object where you want to deploy the liquid plastic glue.
  • Then apply the glue on the crack area or the object you want to attach together.
  • Once the objects are in position, you need to expose the glue with UV light. Within 5 seconds the glue will become hardened.

Bondic Features

As I said that Bondic is the most effective and powerful glue that I’ve ever used. It comes with a lot of amazing features for its users. Down this segment, I’m going to include some of them.

Bondic Features


Bondic is different from other regular glue. It has a super ability to keep the object attached for a long period of time. Once the glue hardens it can absorb -40° to +140° temperature effortlessly.

Easy to Use:

Like other glues, Bondic is not sticky. So when you work with it you get the complete flexibility to position and reposition them and during the work, it won’t be attached to your finger. On the other hand, when you expose it to UV light, it hardens within 4-seconds.

Never Dry Out:

One of the most common problems that we usually face with regular glue is they get hardened.  If the glue remains unused over a period of time it gets hardened inside the tube. But with Bondic you don’t have to face such a type of problem as the glue won’t harden until it’s exposed to UV light.

Works Effectively with Every Surface:

Bondic liquid plastic glue perfectly works with all types of surfaces and objects. You can use it perfectly on glass, metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, and almost everything.

Safe to Use:

As Bondic doesn’t use any kind of toxic chemical, it’s completely safe for use. Anyone can use it around the house without any problem.

5 Second Fix Features

5 Second Fix is also an innovative liquid plastic glue like Bondic. It comes with a lot of outstanding features for its user. Down this segment, I’m going to include some of its features that I’ve experienced by myself.


5 Second Fix is a UV liquid-plastic welder like Bondic. It’s not the same as other regular glue. The glue is stronger than other regular-glues and you can use it with a wide variety of objects, such as plastic, glass, metal, wood, etc.

Can’t Weld without UV Light:

5 Second Fix glue won’t get hardened until you exposed it to UV light. So it gives you enough time to position and repositions your object and glue, as long as the objects won’t set on your desired level. Once you think everything is okay, you can expose the glue to UV light and it will harden within 5-Seconds.

Stable and Paintable:

Its stability and paintable nature are the most impressive things that I admire most. Whatever you fix with this glue lasts a long period of time. Besides the paintable nature of this glue make everything looks new, which you fix with it.


Its super-resistance ability is one of the strongest sides of this glue. It can absorb -40° to +150° celsius temperature effortlessly.

Where to Buy Bondic?

You can get the Bondic from its official site at an affordable cost. You may also get it from amazon and the local hardware store.

Where to Buy Bondic

But getting it from its official site would be the best choice. When you get the product from the official site, you get the original product and an official money-back guarantee.

Where to Buy 5 Second Fixes?

5 Second Fix is available on Amazon, besides you’ll get the product from your nearest hardware shop. But the best idea to get this product is to get it from its official site.

5 Second Fix Vs Bondic – Which Is Better?

If you’re here, it means you’re now at the end of this 5 Second Fix vs Bondic review. I believe now you have a proper idea about both of these glues and are able to identify which one would be good for you. Then again, if you’re still confused and look for my suggestion, I’ll suggest you go for Bondic.

Because Bondic is the 1st liquid plastic glue that brings this innovative technology among us. Besides, there is no such object that can’t be fixed with it. It’s durable, stronger, and long-lasting. As it hardens with only UV light, you get enough time to position and reposition your objects. Moreover, the chemical of this glue is completely non-toxic and harmless. Now for your convenience, end of this section, I’m including the official link of the Bondic.

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