Backxpack Review 2022 – Best Anti-Theft Backpack for You

Being a travel freak, I travel a lot. But, while traveling, I have to keep my eyes on the bag all the time. As there is always a chance of stealing expensive belongings, I always feel worried about it. To stay tension-free and avoid such unwanted situations, I was looking for a fully protected backpack.

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Then I found a backpack that is not only anti-theft but also comes with so many extra features. It is known as BackXPack, which is multifunctional, sturdy, and can carry all my belongings safely. In this BackXPack Review, I will share my experience with this backpack so that you can make an ideal choice.

Product Summary
Backxpack Review

Backxpack Review

  • Highly Secured
  • Charging Support
  • Multifunctional
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Moderate Design
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Introducing Backxpack

The BackXPack is a well-designed anti-theft shoulder backpack with ample storage to keep the belongings safe. It comes up with a double zipper, anti-theft password, and anti-theft internal pocket to provide full security. The best part of this trendy pack is it has a USB charging port to charge mobiles, power banks, and laptops.

Introducing Backxpack

Besides that, BackXPack is designed with adjustable straps, earphone hole, side, and front pocket to provide additional benefits. With the luggage structure design, this bag comes with 3 different compartments. To make it convenient for both the single and double shoulder user, it comes with an ergonomic and adjustable design.

This backpack makes traveling more hassle-free in any weather condition with its water-repellent fabrics. It’s an ideal option to carry the belongings for traveling, outdoor work, students, and other activities. BackXPack is all in all functional, lightweight, and very stylish with a simple, decent look.

Backxpack Main Features

BackXPack is highly convenient which comes with multiple features and functions. Here in this BackXPack Review, I am going to share all these features that make this product different from others.

Highly Secured:

This backpack provides a number lock as an anti-theft password, and breaking it is next to impossible. The primary compartment of this pack is totally anti-theft. The user can seal and open it easily while required. There is an anti-theft pocket and hidden zippers which allows keeping necessary things safely.

Highly Secured

Charging Support:

The best thing is it has an inside and outside power supply system that impresses me most. Moreover, it provides super-fast charging. I can charge the power bank and laptop using the inside USB cable. The outside USB port is best for charging mobile while traveling, working, or doing other stuff.


BackXPack is designed with 3 different compartments, which consist of hidden pockets and double zippers. The large compartment has a dedicated high-capacity padded sleeve for a 15.6-inch laptop. Furthermore, it has a front pocket organizer, a small front/outside pocket, and side pockets.

High-Quality Materials:

The backpack is made with water-resistant fabric, which is high-grade waterproof 900D nylon. The adjustable straps,  inner and outer construction are super sturdy, which allows carrying heavy products conveniently.

High-Quality Materials

Moderate Design:

This backpack looks so elegant and stylish with its luggage structured design. It is available in five exclusive colors of everyday gray, violet, fashion red, mountain blue, and black. I find this backpack extremely comfortable with its ergonomic and adjustable design.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry:

BackXPack comes in a super lightweight, which is only 56 KG. The overall size of this backpack is 28 x 12 x 47 CM, which is pretty good. Though this backpack is very lightweight, its quality and sturdiness are very high. This portable backpack offers excellent support while moving from one place to another.

Benefits of Using Backxpack

Unlike the regular backpack, this BackXPack can provide many more benefits with its extraordinary technology. Here, I will share what benefits I get from this ideal backpack.

Benefits of Using Backxpack

  • Although this backpack looks very sleek, It has plenty of space.
  • I can carry a laptop, tablet, charger, mouse, cable, wallet, organizers, clothes, water bottle, umbrella, and much more stuff.
  • It is highly secured, which makes me tension-free while traveling.
  • The incredibly ergonomic design makes this backpack convenient for every people.
  • With the high-quality water-repellent material, this backpack does not allow water to ruin the belongings.
  • During the journey, I can sleep peacefully as my BackXPack secures the valuables with its advanced lock.

Why You Need Backxpack

Manufacturers designed the BackXPack by keeping the traveler’s belongings safety in mind. Its anti-theft features and security system convinced me most to purchase this backpack. There are some other obvious reasons that can blow someone’s mind and make them buy this backpack.

Why You Need Backxpack

This backpack is compatible with students, job holders, travelers with different lifestyles. It comes with trendy modern design, colors, spacious volume, several compartments with smart organization, charging port, earplug hole, etc. With its satisfying comfort, this backpack becomes an excellent travel companion.

Is Buying Backxpack Worth the Money?

Before I started using BackXPack, I didn’t even know that such anti-theft backpacks exist. When I started browsing for a secure bag for travel, I found BackXPack. As I wasn’t familiar with such anti-theft backpacks, I researched a lot and finally bought one for myself.

Is Buying Backxpack Worth the Money

Now, I just love my BackXPack because of its high security, practical features, and quality material. This backpack keeps all my accessories dry and prevents water from going inside with its water-repellent fabric. The USB power system is the most intelligent feature of this backpack. This BackXPack Review proves that it definitely worth the money, and there is no confusion.

Where Can I Purchase Backxpack?

The only way to get an authentic BackXPack is by visiting the official website and place the order. Right now, they are offering a 50% discount on each purchase with a free delivery charge. Also, they have different deals or offers with huge discounts.

If you buy 3 BackXPack, you will get 2 more absolutely free with a 70% discount. Also, they are offering buy 2 get 1 with a 67% discount. You can choose your favorite color backpack from their 5 different available colors.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

Each BackXPack is protected with a 3-year warranty with an additional $9. For payment, you can use your debit card(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club).

Final Thought

BackXPack is perfect for everyone to keep valuable things safe and secure from being stolen. Moreover, this decent backpack looks much stylish, which is perfect for regular use and even longer tours. I share my real-life experience in this BackXPack Review. Now, you can compare and make the best decision.

It lessens the struggle of charging devices while traveling with its USB power source. This backpack’s anti-theft feature is something that every traveler will love. The lightweight but sturdy design with ample storage space makes it perfect for carrying all required things. This BackXPack becomes my best companion for everyday use. Hopefully, you will also love this backpack so before it gets stock out, get your one.

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