BarXStop Review 2022 – Is It Worth Buying?

If you are someone like me and have a dog, sometimes you may have faced awkward situations due to the unexpected barking of your dog. Traditional methods to stop dog barking include shouting at him which is not always perfect. With technological advancement, now you can stop this annoying habit of your dog by using a smart device.

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I am talking about BarxStop that uses ultrasonic frequency to stop dog barking. I heard about it so many times, finally, I decided to buy it. Today I am here to share my overall experiences with this product with you. Read on this exclusive BarXStop review to find out whether it is worth buying.

Product Summary


  • Convenient to Use
  • Ultrasonic Sound
  • Not Hazardous to Health
  • LED Light Included

What Is BarxStop?

BarxStop is a smart anti-barking device which produces ultrasonic wave which is not detectable by the human ear. The frequency of the ultrasonic sounds it produces is 125 dB which is detectable by a dog and they immediately stop barking. This is because they don’t feel comfortable in that frequency.  Whenever you go out with your beloved dog, keep this device with you to save your day from any unexpected situations.

What Is BarxStop

Needless to say, BarXStop is easily portable and you can even carry it in your pocket conveniently. Besides, it is not harmful to your dog, so you don’t need to worry about its health. It is specially designed to give you the maximum level of convenience. You can use this smart device when your dog is around 5o feet away from you.

Shouting to your dog is not a good solution every time. Because, when they shout at other dogs, it becomes quite a hassle to make them calm. In that case, BarXStop will be your convenient solution to handle the situation in a smart way.

BarXStop Main Features

No wonder it is an amazing device especially if you are annoyed with dog barking. As I used it I had the opportunity to test all of its key features. Let’s discuss them in detail below.

BarXStop Review


I can tell you this ultrasonic anti-barking device is safe to use on your dog. Because the frequency it produces is only created a disturbance in my dog’s mind. Other than that there is no other physical harm that occurs. So, you can use this smart anti-barking device without any hesitation. Besides, as you won’t hear that sound, it’s also safe for you.

Multi-Functional Device:

Another key feature of this amazing device is it can serve multiple purposes. As I told you before, I can use it to stop my dog from annoying barking. But, the fun part is I can also use it as a flashlight as it comes with LED light. Furthermore, there is a training mode that helped my dog to become gradually habituated with this device.

Easy to Use:

BarXStop device comes with one-button control. So, I can use this lightweight, pocket-sized device without any hassle. When my dog starts to bark, I simply enable the stop barking mode to manage my dog’s behavior. That is how I stop my aggressive dog from a bad habit.

Easy to Use

Works Quickly:

There is no denying that traditional anti-barking methods are quite slow. Because it takes a certain amount of time to alter the bad habit of your dog. But, when it comes to BarXStop anti-bark device, it works so fast and stops the annoying dog barking immediately. Besides, the training function will allow you to make your dog habituated with this innovative device.

Works Perfectly in Specific Distance:

If your dog is not close to you, it is quite a hard job to stop its bad behavior. Because he can immediately start barking. But, when you have the BarXStop, you don’t need to worry anymore as it works perfectly at almost 50 feet distance. All you have to do is focusing on your dog correctly before sending the ultrasonic wave.

Works On Every Type of Dog:

This amazing device is pretty much effective for every breeds of dogs. Whether your dog is stubborn, small, or big, BarXStop anti-bark device will be always there to alter its barking behavior. Trust me, I can’t believe a single day with my dog without this device. Keep yourself in the safe zone by stopping your dog from creating any awkward scene in the neighborhood.

What I Like
  • It generates ultrasound wave which is not harmful to my dog and quite safe to use.
  • It is multifunctional as I can use it as a flashlight and dog training device.
  • The one-button control of this anti-bark device allows me to easily control it.
  • It works perfectly for every kind of dog breeds.
  • It can quickly stop my dog’s annoying barking by producing ultrasonic sounds.
  • It works seamlessly even if my dog is 50 feet away from me.
What Could Be Better
  • The battery is not included in the package that cost me extra money.
  • If the effective range becomes more than 50 feet, this device will be even more flexible.

Compilation of Customer Opinion

Customer’s expressed their positive reviews about this gadget. Indeed, it’s a great device to allow you enjoyable and comfortable times with your dog. Besides, it is pretty much affordable and won’t cost you much money. Below is a compilation of what customers are saying about BarXStop.

Compilation of Customer Opinion

Is Buying Barxstop Worth The Money?

There is no doubt that BarXStop ultrasonic device is a great product to deal with. Because it will give you a smart solution to manage your dog’s behavior effectively. If you become the owner of this innovative device with you, you can take your dog literally anywhere you want.

With one simple button press, you can stop barking of dogs immediately. Besides, it comes with other exclusive features as well. All of these facilities you can avail of at an affordable rate. In my opinion, investing in BarxStop will be a wise decision and surely it is worth the money.

Where I Can Purchase It?

Now, if you want to own this amazing device, you can do it without any hassle. You can order this excellent device from their official website. However, you can also buy this device from here where you’ll see multiple offers. If you order 3 units at a time, they will offer you a 75% discount. When it comes to ordering 2 products at a time, the discount will be 67%.

However, a 50% discount will be applied for ordering 1  unit only. Simply choose the package and choose your payment option. After paying the price, you are all done with your part. You’ll be the owner of your desired BarXStop soon.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

I must say, it is a great ultrasonic device that will give you a smart way to control the excessive barking of your aggressive dogs. However, if you are not satisfied with this product after making your purchase, they have an exceptional money-back guarantee. Just return the product to them within 30 days, they will refund you the money. However, you can go for a replacement option as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this BarxStop review, I have tried to share my experiences with this product. I hope now you have a clearer idea about it. However, if you are still confused with it, here are some frequently asked questions to give you quick clarifications.

Does BarxStop work?

Answer: Of course, BarXStop is well capable to stop excessive barking of your dog. Because it emits a sound that dogs don’t like, hence stop barking immediately.

Is BarxStop safe for me and my dogs?

Answer: No doubt, BarXStop device is pretty much safe for you and your beloved dog as well. The ultrasonic wave it creates is not harmful to dogs and humans, so it is safe and secured. Indeed, it’s a non-violent pet training device.

What is the range of BarxStop?

Answer: The range of this smart device is up to 50 feet. So, if your dog is not so close to you but in the range, you can still stop its barking.

Is the battery included in the package?

Answer: Unfortunately, this package doesn’t include any battery which may cost you some extra money. However, BarXStop is surely worth the investment.

Can BarxStop be used on other kinds of pets?

Answer: Needless to say, this ultrasound device is specially designed for dogs to stop excessive barking. However, you can try it on other pets, but I can’t guarantee the output.

Final Thought

I love my dog so much. I always visit nearby parks with my dog to make my journey enjoyable. I will not deny, sometimes I had to face some awkward situations due to the unwanted behavior of my dog. Since then I have been looking for an effective solution. Trust me, BarXStop has changed my overall experience with my dog by managing its bad behaviour.

Now, I can take him with me without any hesitation. Because I know how to use this bark control device to stop the constant barking of my dog. My overall experience with this smart anti-barking is quite satisfactory. I hope this BarXStop review has helped you to make your buying decision wisely. I strongly recommend you to get this must-have device to make your day with your dog more enjoyable.

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