Bondic vs Lazer Bond: In-Depth Comparison Guide 2022

People who deal with different kinds of DIY projects and are looking for a reliable and strong adhesive.  Bondic and Lazer bond are the two most renowned and reliable glue for them. Because they are different from the regular glue that we usually use. Both of them used liquid plastic glue as adhesive and used UV light to join the object together.

Both of these glues can be applied to a wide variety of objects, such as wood, plastic, glass, metal, leather, etc. But the question is when you have to select one between Bondic vs lazer bond, which one you should for. To get this answer stick to this article, here I’m going to differentiate both of these products individually.

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Details of Product Bondic Lazer bond
Worked on Plastic, wiring, Wood, Metal, Vinyl, PVC, Steel, Rubber, Kevlar, Leather, etc. Plastic, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, Metal, etc.
UV Light Yes, Yes.
Heat-Resistant Yes, N/A
Waterproof Yes, N/A.
Solvent-Free Yes, N/A.
Drying Time Seconds, Seconds.
User-Friendly Yes, Yes.
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Bondic vs Lazer Bond: Comparison Guide

Bondic and Lazer bond both are very popular adhesive instruments among the peoples. Although the characteristics and tasks of these devices are almost the same. Then again there are some differences between Bondic vs lazer bond. Below this segment, I’m going to differentiate both of them individually.

Bondic vs Lazer Bond: Comparison Guide

Bondic-What Is It?

Bondic is the world’s 1st liquid plastic glue that becomes hardened under UV light exposure. Liquid plastic glue is invented to complete those tasks that general glue is unable to do. There’s no particular limit for the object where you can deploy it or not. It means almost every material can be weld with this glue, such as plastic, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, vinyl, rubber, PVC, Kevlar, etc.

Bondic-What Is It

Besides once the glue becomes hardened, it becomes heat and water-resistant. Bondic can absorb -40° to +140° celsius temperature. Moreover, Bondic uses completely harmless nontoxic material to weld. So it is completely safe to use.

Features of Bondic

Bondic is the 1st glue that brings new innovation in the category of adhesive. It comes with a lot of innovative and awesome features. Down this segment, I’m going to list some of them.

Features of Bondic

Works With Every Material:

Bondic is a very strong and powerful glue that can weld almost every material. It works perfectly with Plastic, Wood, wiring, Vinyl, Metal, PVC, Steel, Rubber, Kevlar, and whatnot? The glue is so strong that it joints the broken or crack objects so tightly that it becomes stronger than it was in new condition.

Dry Time:

This UV liquid plastic glue won’t dry until it is exposed to UV light. Because of this, there is no risk of getting hardened instantly, like other regular adhesives. You get enough time to position or reposition the surface of the object until you get a satisfactory shape. When everything is okay, you can expose it to UV light. Once you set the glue under UV light, it hardens in less than 4-seconds.


Bondic doesn’t use any kind of harsh or toxic chemical for manufacturing it. So you can confidently use it everywhere in your house without any risk. Besides the glue is not sticky like other regular glues. It won’t get hard on your fingers.

Innovative Design:

To make your task handy, Bondic comes with a very innovative design. The liquid plastic glue comes in a plastic tube that you can hold like a pen. Along with that, it comes with a UV light at the end of the plastic tube. Depending on your uses, you can use it 70-80 times without any refill.


Bondic is one of the strongest glue that comes in the most convenient and user-friendly nature for its user. Using this glue is very simple. It provides enough time for the user to position or repositions the surface as long as it’s not set in the correct position. Because the glue will only solidify when it is exposed to UV-light.

How to Use Bondic?

Bondic is one of the most effective glues that I’ve ever used. Using this glue is very easy and simple. Down this segment, I’m going to explain to you how to use this glue.

How to Use Bondic

  • When you want to fix any object permanently, you need to roughen the surface 1st. This will help you to create a strong bonding between two surfaces.
  • Deploy enough amount of Bondic glue on the surface.
  • Now position or reposition the objects that you want to attach. After then expose the glue under UV light.
  • Once the Bondic glue becomes hardened, you can use sandpaper to make the edges of the glue smooth and beautiful. If you want you can even pain it and give it a brand new look.

Where to Buy Bondic?

Bondic is available on its official site. You can get it from the official site with an affordable range. I have purchased  5 of these glue from its official site and all of these work perfectly. So if you want to get one of these glues, I’ll suggest you get it from the official site. Besides, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee when you get it from the official site.

Lazer Bond-What Is It?

The Lazer Bond is almost similar to Bondic. It also uses liquid-plastic as a component of glue to fix or joint anything within a seconds. As it’s different from other regular glues, it’s not as sticky as them.

Lazer Bond-What Is It

The glues come into a plastic tube that completely looks like a pen. Like Bondic, it needs UV light to solidify the glue. By using this Lazer Bond, you can join almost every kind of material, such as plastic, metal, glass, wood, leather, fabric, etc.

Features of Lazer Bond

Lazer Bond and Bondic working procedure and characteristics are almost the same. It also provides a lot of amazing features to its users. Pay your attention to the below segment to know some of these features.

Features of Lazer Bond

Faster Drying Time:

Lazer Bond takes only 3-seconds to dry the glue once it exposes under UV light. It’s one of the fastest liquid plastic glue to solidify any surface effectively.


The material of this glue is solvent-free so if unintentionally it falls over your skin, you don’t need to worry about that. But if accidentally someone swallows the resin-material, it could be harmful.


The glue is actually designed in a convenient way so that anyone can use it easily. The whole glue comes into a plastic tube like a pen shape. As a result, you can grip it firmly and use it wherever you want. Besides the glue is not sticky and it won’t harden until it is exposed to UV light.


The Lazer Bond actually wants to make things simple for you. The manufacturer designs this glue as the shape of a pen so that you can hold it strongly when you use it. At the end of this glue pen, there is a UV light that solidifies the glue after application.

How to Use Lazer Bond?

Using Lazer Bond is almost the same as Bondic. Keep your eyes below this segment to know the easiest process to use this glue.

How to Use Lazer Bond

  • At first, you need to apply the liquid-plastic glue on the surface of the object that you want to fix or joint.
  • Once the liquid-plastic glue is applied on the surface check that everything is in its position, if not then reposition it.
  • When everything is okay, expose it under UV light and it’ll take only 3-seconds to harden the liquid-plastic glue. Now you can paint the glue with the object color and make it look completely new.

Where to Buy a Lazer Bond?

If you want to get the Lazer Bond for your DIY projects. Then you can always get the glue from Amazon/its official site. You’ll find a variety of Lazer Bond products on its official site at an affordable range.

Bondic vs Lazer Bond: Which One is Better?

As you’re at the end of this comparison between Bondic vs lazer bond. I believe you have a complete idea about both of these glues. Now it won’t be difficult for you to pick one from these two outstanding types of glue. Then again, if you want my suggestion, I’ll suggest the Bondic. Because in the liquid-plastic category Bondic is the top one. It’s the 1st company which brings this innovative technology.

Besides, the glue is completely non-toxic and never harms your skin. But with a Lazer bond, you might suffer from skin irritation or respiratory problems. After applying this glue to the object, it won’t harden instantly until you expose it under UV light. So you get enough time to reposition the object before joining the objects permanently.

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