Can I Use Eyeglass Cleaner to Clean My Computer Screen?

The computer is a frequently used device. Many persons have access to the computer. But how often do we take note of the screen? As much as we mostly function with the keyboard, the screen is equally important. What can be done when your screen gets dirty? You begin to look for alternatives. Can I use an eyeglass cleaner to wipe my computer screen?This question pops up.

When the screen gets dusty, a quick option is sought. You then begin to look for available cleaning tools. The most commonly seen cleaning tool is the eyeglass cleaner. The tool always comes in handy. But is the eyeglass cleaner the best tool to use?

Before using the eyeglass cleaner, you will want to know its effects. The eyeglass cleaner though handy, may or may not be good. Using the eyeglass cleaner depends on the computer model. Using the eyeglass cleaner also depends on the make of the cleaner. Let’s dive deeper into the topic.

Can I Use Eyeglass Cleaner To Clean My Computer Screen?

An eyeglass cleaner is a tool used to clean eyeglasses. The cleaner effectively wipes out dirt on the eyeglass. Though a screen is a glass, eyeglass cleaner may not be good. A computer screen is highly sensitive. If a wrong tool is used, the screen may be damaged.

Can I Use Eyeglass Cleaner To Clean My Computer Screen

Most computer screens come with a coating that hinders reflection. An eyeglass cleaner should not be used if it affects this coating. Some eyeglass cleaners contain chemicals. These chemicals affect the anti-glare coating. If the coating is affected, the screen’s quality will be reduced.

If the eyeglass cleaner contains no chemical, it can be used. Using the eyeglass cleaner can be effective. But even with the cleaner being effective, should it be a habit? The eyeglass cleaner may work well; it should not be a habit. It should not be a habit because it can be hard on the screen. An alternative cleaner can be bought or used.

Can I Clean My Screen With Alcohol Wipes?

Many computer users may be victims of using alcohol wipes. Alcohol wipes are commonly found in houses. With its wet nature, many people usually think of using it. Alcohol is effective for cleaning dirt. Are the alcohol wipes safe for the computer screen?

A computer screen’s sensitivity is very important. If the screen is affected, the computer is affected. Computer manufacturers always put instructions for the screen. The manufacturers emphasize avoiding harmful substances.

Can I Clean My Screen With Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol is highly corrosive. Using alcohol on a screen will wipe the dust off. But does the alcohol wipe only wipe dust? Alcohol wipes will affect the screen. The anti-glare coating will be affected. This anti-glare coating makes it easy to see the computer’s contents. The coating prevents light reflection. If the coating is then affected, you will hardly see.

For this reason, using alcohol wipes is a no. To avoid using it is to maintain your screen. To maintain your screen is to help your computer. Helping your computer will help you use the device for a long.

How To Properly Clean Your Computer Screen

If you have read to this point, you know the screen is important. How then can the screen be cleaned? If proper cleaning saves the screen, how can you go about it? Knowing and using the proper cleaning methods save a lot. Here are some steps to be taken:

How To Properly Clean Your Computer Screen

1. Unplug The Computer

Unplug the computer before wiping. Unplugging may seem useless, but it helps. Unplugging helps you view the screen properly. Viewing the screen without internal light helps you wipe well. When the screen is dark, you no longer have a reflection from the computer. No reflection helps to achieve good results.

2. Get A Clean Microfiber Cloth

What is a microfiber cloth? Microfiber cloth is made of very good synthetic fiber. A good example is a cloth that comes in an eyeglass case. This cloth can also be found when a new laptop is bought.

Why should this material be used? It wipes dust off without leaving scratches. Other materials tend to be hard on the screen. If the material does not scratch the screen, it hardly wipes well. Microfiber is effective.

4. Wipe The Dust Off

With the clean microfiber cloth, wipe the dust off. The cloth should be dry. Using the cleaner with dust on it will make matters worse. Using a wet cloth will further stick the dirt. This will make cleaning harder. A dry microfiber cloth should be used to reduce the dust on the screen.

5. Apply The Cleaner To The Cloth

Never apply the cleaner to the screen. If that is a habit, desist from it. If you have done it over time and nothing happened, you were saved. Applying the cleaner to the screen can affect it. The screen edges have holes. These holes can make the cleaner enter the computer. This act will greatly affect the computer. Always spray the cleaner on the cloth. When the cloth is a little bit wet, move on.

6. Wipe The Screen With The Sprayed Cloth

Gently use the sprayed cloth on the screen. To wipe well, move the cloth in a straight pattern. Cleaning in a line allows efficient cleaning. When you clean carefully, you avoid missing spots. Cleaning carefully also allows total wipe-off.

7. Use A Clean Cloth

After using the sprayed cloth, use a dry cloth. Using a dry cloth will dry the screen if it is wet. Make sure the cloth is microfiber. A microfiber will prevent stains on the screen again. Using a dry cloth wipes off missed spots, if any.

Note: If you use the eyeglass cleaner, wipe the dust first. If you are using the eyeglass cleaner and not a liquid, follow the steps. Wipe the dust first before using the cleaner.

Cleaning Your Computer Screen By Using ScreenKlean

ScreenKlean is a new modern invention. This product was carefully invented for screens. It wipes off all types of screens. It also does a wonderful job. Using the lean screen leaves no doubt in your mind. It is effective for every dirt, stain, or oil.

ScreenKlean is easy to use. It cleans the surface of the screen without damage. It has a case for easy movement. This case allows the cleaner to be moved anywhere. You can use it in the office or in your free time. ScreenKlean saves money as it is used for all screens.

Final Thought

Can I use an eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen? This question is always a point of concern. The eyeglass cleaner is not always wrong to use. Using it always depends on the screen type. Alternatives have also been provided. Having alternatives always helps.

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