ChargeHubGO Review: Keep Your Devices Charged On the Go

I’m sure there are a lot of people like me, to whom mobile phones work like oxygen. In some cases, I feel like I can live without oxygen but not without my phone. Actually, I need this device 24/7 to complete different tasks. Even when I’m sleeping I need it to wake me up through alarm. I love everything about my phone except its limited capacity of charge holding. Because of this charging issue, sometimes I can’t complete many important tasks when I need them the most.

To get rid of this problem, I was looking for a powerful portable charging device. After doing a lot of research, I found the ChargeHubGO is the most effective and powerful one. Now below in this ChargeHubGO review, I’m going to present my user-experience with this device.

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About Chargehubgo+?

Basically, Chargehubgo+ is an all-in-one a very powerful portable power-bank. This ultra-slim power bank comes into your pocket-sized, and along with that, it’s equipped with a powerful wireless charging pad. With this portable charging device, you can provide instantly powered backup to multiple gadgets that are able to run through a USB or wireless charger.

About Chargehubgo+

As the device has a dual charging system, wireless & cord-based. You can choose between them based on your need. Moreover, the power bank has 2-builtin USB cables. On its left, you’ll get a micro-lightning reversible-cable and on the right, you’ll get a type C cable.

With its built-in wi-fi charging pad, lightning, and type C cable, it ensures you get everything you need. Additionally, the device has a patented Smartspeed® technology that can smartly recognize your device and provide the fastest charge as per your device capacity.

What Are the Special Features of Chargehubgo+ Power Bank?

Chargehubgo+ is different from the regular power bank. It’s equipped with so many innovative-features that I’ve never seen with other power banks. Below this ChargeHubGO review segment, I’m going to present some of the exclusive features of this device.

What Are the Special Features of Chargehubgo+ Power Bank


The ChargeHubGO power bank comes with a universal design that supports all the latest tablets, phones, and other devices. It perfectly works with all electronic devices. Besides the most impressive thing, I love about this device is its pocket-sized compact shape. This portable compact size, allows you to carry the power bank conveniently in your bag/pocket.

Patented Smartspeed® Technology:

This is the 1st power bank that comes with this innovative feature. By using this smart technology the power bank can smartly detect the capacity of your devices once you plugin. Then it provides the fastest charging as per the capacity of your device.

Protect Your Devices with Safe Charging:

The Smartspeed® technology of this power bank not only provides the fastest charging but also ensures the safety of your devices. As its smartest technology is able to detect its capacity, it can calculate when your devices could be overheated or hampered. So whatever you charged with this power bank remains safe and protected.

Wireless Charging:

Its wireless charging ability is the most impressive thing that motivates me to get one of these power banks. With this ChargeHubGO+ power bank, you can charge your device without any wires if your device has wireless charging capability.

Charging Capacity:

ChargeHubGO+ power bank has a huge 5000 mAh power capability to charge your devices. With its 5V/2A wired charging, you can recharge almost every device that supports USB charging. Besides the wireless charging feature allows you to charge those devices that have wireless compatibility.


You’ll rarely find any power bank that comes with the size of a ChargeHubGO+ power bank. This smart ultra slim power bank comes with a pocket-sized shape that allows you to take it anywhere you want.

How Do I Use Chargehubgo+ Wireless Power Bank?

Well. If there is any easy work in this universe, I’ll say this is it. Because there is nothing so simple as this thing.  To use this Chargehubgo+ wireless power bank you don’t need to learn anything special. To charge your devices’ wireless with this power bank, you just need to place the wireless-enabled device on the power bank wireless pads.

How Do I Use Chargehubgo+ Wireless Power Bank

Once you place the device in the right place your power bank, your device power will turn on and start charging. But if your device is not wireless-charging compatible then you can use its built-in type C-port or lightning-cable to charge your device.

Still, if your device has another charging-port, you can use your device cable and charge it by connecting to the USB port. This is the general process to use this Chargehubgo+ Wireless Power Bank.

Best Benefits of Use Chargehubgo+

Well, the benefits of Chargehubgo+ is huge. It comes with limitless features and benefits for its user. Below this segment, I’m going to present some of the outstanding benefits of this power bank that I’ve personally experienced.

Best Benefits of Use Chargehubgo+

Super Portable:

Chargehubgo+ is a super portable device. This smart power bank is designed in your pocket-sized shape and it’s very lightweight. You can easily carry it in your bag/pocket and take it everywhere. In my case, I always keep it in my pocket except for the time I recharge it.

Wireless Charging:

The power bank comes with a wireless charging pad that allows you to charge any wireless-enabled device conveniently. I’ve been using its wireless charging option conveniently with my iPhone.

Fast Charger:

The device has a Smartspeed® technology to charge your devices quickly. One thing that wanders me about this device is, it takes less time to charge my devices than I charge these devices with their regular devices. But after this, I understand that it’s because of the Smartspeed® technology of this power bank.

Ensure Safety and Protection:

Chargehubgo+ ensures the complete safety & protection of your gadgets/devices. It won’t get overheated or overloaded during the charging.

ChargeHubGO+ Review: Is Chargehubgo+ Scam?

Before testing anything by myself, I always have trust issues. So when I heard about this device, I was so surprised by hearing its outstanding features and benefits. But as I always have a trust issue, I thought it’s a scam. But once I got this power bank for myself, it surprised me twice.

ChargeHubGO+ Review: Is Chargehubgo+ Scam

Because the device comes with every single thing that it promised. It has a fast-charging ability to quickly recharge your devices. You can recharge your device’s wireless and wired in both ways. As I’ve been using this power bank for almost six months, I didn’t face any kind of issues yet. So, I can assure you that the power bank is 100% real and you can definitely go for it.

Where to Buy?

Although ChargeHubGo+ is available on many e-commerce-websites. But I’ll suggest you get it from its official site. Because you won’t get the 30-days official money-back guarantee if you purchase it from any untrusted sites. For your convenience, down this segment, I’m going to include the official link of the ChargeHubGo+.

Frequently Asked Question

When you’re reading this ChargeHubGO review, there are some queries that may arise in your mind. Just read the underneath segment and get the answers to your queries.

Is the ChargeHubGo+ secure to use?

Yes,  ChargeHubGo+ is 100% secure to use. To ensure your device safety and security it uses the Smartspeed® technology that boosts the charging speed and as well as the safety of your devices.

Does ChargeHubGO+ support Qualcomm Quick Charge?

No, it doesn’t support Qualcomm-quick-charge as it is equipped with Smartspeed® technology for fast & safe charging.

Is ChargeHubGO+ wireless power bank allowed on a flight?

Definitely, you can carry the power bank with you on your flight. But you have to make sure you placed it on your carry on luggage. As per rules, you can’t keep any battery that exceeds the 100wh on your check-in baggage.

How long does it take to charge ChargeHubGO+?

Usually, it takes 3-4 hours to charge the power bank completely from zero-100%.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a power bank that comes with all the specifications. Then I believe after reading this ChargeHubGO review, you’ll find your desired one. ChargeHubGO doesn’t sacrifice a single aspect of functionality that a power bank could provide. It provides wireless and cable both charging systems.

Besides, it comes with a built-in USB lighting port and a C-port for your convenience. The power bank also has a patented Smartspeed® technology for fast & safe charging. Simply it’s a power bank that has every single thing that you could dream for.

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