ClearView Review 2022 – Is it Any Good?

Due to my weak vision, I always find night-time driving difficult and risky. Besides, the high beam lights and glares make it so uncomfortable to see further clearly. Therefore, I purchased ClearView a few months ago to get rid of all these driving issues. I find this glass so useful that I am going to share my view about it with you all in this ClearView Review.

9.5out of 10

Ease of Use9.7


Value for Money9.3



After I started using this super comfortable glass, I become much confident than before while driving at night. It works in all weather conditions and provides the best possible view. It helps to concentrate on driving more with the added vision clarity and blocking the lights. To know my overall experience with it keep reading this guide.

Product Summary
ClearView Review

ClearView Review

Main Features:

  • Photochromic Yellow Lenses
  • Blue-Ray Coating
  • Optical Coefficient
  • Transition Lenses
  • Quality Materials
  • Wide Vision Range

About Clearview

The ClearView is the ultimate night vision driving aid that is designed with some advanced technology. This lightweight glass is made with anti-glare technology to ensure a better view of drivers at night. With this protective layer, ClearView prevents lights from entering into the eyes.

About Clearview

The photochromic lenses are polarised that works effectively for those who have poor visibility. Also, it helps to reduce glares, enhance contrast, and prevent unnecessary reflections and distractions from bright lights. It can exclude the blue lights to remove night-time glares.

This glass can be worn even over the prescription glasses to provide. It is equipped with transitions lenses that can automatically adapt to light conditions and weather. ClearView is extremely comfortable and perfect for night driving. This multifunctional glass is made of quality materials that will last long.

Does Clearview Actually Work?

Maximum night-time accidents occur due to the reflection or distraction of the high-beam lights from the opposite side. Besides that, for the light glares it become difficult to see the roads clearly. In this situation, the ClearView come up as a night-time driving aid with its advanced technologies and features.

The glasses of ClearView are protected with anti-reflective inner and outer coatings. This coating can effectively block the blue lights and high beam reflections. Its special polarized yellow filtered photochromic lenses offer a clear view by improving contrast and eye fatigue. With the optical function, it helps to see the speed blockers, road lines, and holes in any weather condition.

Main Features of Clearview

The ClearView is designed with some incredible technologies and features, which makes it effective than others. Let’s discover all these features from this ClearView Review.

Photochromic Yellow Lenses:

The specialized photochromic yellow lenses tint offers 100% UV protection. It helps to passes the global traffic light standard, softens glares, blue lights, and enhances contrast and clarity. In this way, it allows battling poor visibility and provides safer sharper vision at night, rainy, and cloudy weather.

Photochromic Yellow Lenses


Its yellow-colored lenses are also polarised. This prevents the light from reflecting into the eyes and clears the vision from reflections and distractions. It keeps the vision safe from objects which are too bright.

Blue-Ray Coating:

ClearView’s anti-blue ray coated lens layers block out the harsh blue light from modern car headlights. Removing the blue lights makes the traffic lights appear much sharper. In this way, it puts far less strain on the eyes also.

Optical Coefficient:

Its optical coefficient is included with the optical function factors. This thing makes people see the lines on the road clearly and stay within the line. With this function, this glass can work effectively in rainy and foggy weather also.

Transition Lenses:

ClearView is also equipped with transitions lenses technology. These lenses can adapt to specific light conditions automatically at any moment. This implies that depending on the outside condition these glasses can change. So, they will never be too dark or too light.

Quality Materials:

These glasses are built to be solid and last long with quality materials. The frame is made with durable metal with spring-loaded hinges. This combination makes these glasses look good and last long.

Quality Materials

ClearView’s temples are much comfortable to wear as they have a curve for auricles. The best part is its nose pad which comes with cushioning soft professional airbag. It fits stably and accurately with the structural and cushioning force combination.

Wide Vision Range:

ClearView has an aviator design that offers a wide range of vision to work in adverse lighting and weather. So,l it doesn’t matter whether it is fog, haze, low light, dark, bright, blue flashes it will keep the vision enhanced.


Though these glasses are recommended especially for driving, they can be worn anytime also. I wear it while cycling, playing, running, trekking, and doing other activities.

Suitable for Anyone:

This glass has an adjustable hinge which is suitable for any size and shaped man or woman. A miniature screwdriver comes with the package to make it fit right for any user. It is incredibly lightweight with 20g only. The modern yellow color suits both men and women and look great on everyone.

Suitable for Anyone

  • Allows wearing over existing prescribed glasses.
  • Adjust to different light and weather conditions.
  • Dual-Scratch guard and heavy-duty frame.
  • Impressively reduce fatigue and eye stress.
  • Suitable with all types of prescribed glasses.
  • Anyone can wear this universal designed glass.
  • Protect the eyes and eyesight.
  • Never make vision dark.
  • Comes in a single style only.
  • Available online.
  • Limited stock.

Compilation of Customer Opinion

Before buying this ClearView, I did some research about it. I have read several reviews of buyers and surprisingly didn’t found a single negative review. For your convenience, here I am putting some of them.

“I have light green eyes, and although my vision is otherwise perfect, I have always suffered from the glare of car’s headlights and therefore found it difficult to drive at night. ClearView has been the answer to all of my problems, making it so much more comfortable to drive in the dark.” – Janet.

“I always used to panic if I had to drive at night, especially in the rain. I still avoid night driving if I can, but I now keep a ClearView night vision aid in my glovebox, and it makes me so much less anxious knowing that it is always there if I need it. It helps enormously.” – Jim Murphy.

How to Wear Clearview Perfectly

Using ClearView is the same as wearing a regular glass. So, let’s see how to make the best use of it from this ClearView Review section.

How to Wear Clearview Perfectly

  • Before wearing the ClearView, clean its glasses with microfiber clothe and then simply wear it.
  • I have to use the prescribed glass. So, when it comes to wearing ClearView, I just put it over my prescribed glass carefully.
  • Make sure that both glasses are not blocking any vision parts and adjust perfectly.
  • Now, start driving as usual and enjoy the clear view without any reflection and distraction.

Things to Look for Before Buying Clearview

Though traffic at night is much lower than the day, most accidents occur at night. The main reasons behind this are the poor visibility, glares, and high blinding beam lights. In this case, nighttime driving glasses work much effectively. Clearview comes up with specialized yellow lenses that provide 100% UV protection.

Things to Look for Before Buying Clearview

Moreover, it enhances contracts and blocks blue light. The entire reflective coating helps to block the lights. The polarised lenses keep the vision clear from all sorts of distractions. So, to avoid fake products, while buying ClearView, make sure it has all these things.

Is Clearview a Scam?

Before started using this night vision ClearView glass, I had a little bit of doubt about its effectiveness. Fortunately, it proves me wrong, and I have no bad feelings for this. How good this glass is already proved from this ClearView Review.

Is Clearview a Scam

It has all those functions that can prevent all night-time driving difficulties. In addition, it makes the night travel secured. So, in my opinion, it is not a scam, and every car owner should have one ClearView.

Where  Can I Order Clearview?

You will find the original ClearView from the manufacturer’s official website. I bought my one from ClearView’s official website. Currently, they are offering 3 different bundle packages with huge discounts. With each ClearView, you can save up to 50%. They are also offering Buy 3 Get 2 Free and Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

Where Can I Order Clearview

The payment process is absolutely safe and hassle-free. The best thing is, all their product is equipped with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, without any hassle, you can claim a refund for damaged products or any sort of dissatisfaction. In addition, with their great deal, you can also enjoy a 3-years warranty.

Final Thought

Safety is never guaranteed on the road, but you can make the route safer with ClearView. In any condition, it ensures having a clear view of roads. Before, I used to get nervous while driving at night, and now this simple glass makes me so confident. It’s the ideal and ultimate product to wear at night while driving for safety.

I have summed up all the features along with my opining about it in this ClearView Review. So, if you also feel insecure while driving at night, you can give ClearView a try. I can assure you won’t be disappointed; even you will feel glad that you make this decision.

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