DeChoker Vs LifeVac Reviews – Which Device Is Better?

To save people from airway obstructions the DeChoker Vs LifeVac reviews provide in-depth research with comparison and suggestions for the best one. These devices have similar purposes and work almost similarly, but there have a few vital differences. The shape and expiry date can affect the usability according to different ages people.

It is not so easy to choose between the two products because they are both easy to use. This review will help anyone to make a decision before purchasing by making a clear knowledge about  LifeVac and DeChoker.

Comparison Chart:

Syringe shape
Accordion shape
0.6 lb
1.01 lb
Expiry Date
Expiry Date
27 months
Lifetime. Only need to replace the masks every 2-3 years
Where to buy
Where to buy
Amazon, Official Website
Amazon, Official Website
USA, Canada, Spain, Europe, Japan, and southeast Europe.

DeChoker Vs LifeVac Reviews: What Are The Differences?

Though both products are used to fulfill the same intent, there have some differences due to the product’s shapes and structures. Mainly children are the common victim of airway blockages. So it should be chosen more precisely to get a better one.

DeChoker Vs LifeVac reviews - top anti-choking device comparison

From our perspective, the key features are almost the same, but they differ in terms of shape, price, and some features. Let’s explore the differences.

Shape and Structure

The DeChoker resembles a large syringe shape, whereas the LifeVac resembles a small accordion shape. The differences in shapes matter because of the placement over the mouth. The installation process is a bit different, but both products have a valve that allows air to enter and exit through the mask.

For more effectiveness and safety reasons, LifeVac has been reviewed by professionals in medical publications. DeChoker has no such reviews, but it doesn’t refer to the unusability of the product.

DeChoker has a tube that risks pushing the obstruction further down or pushing the tongue back, whereas LifeVac is non-invasive. And These differences have arisen from their shapes.


The weight of DeChocker is about 0.6 pounds, and it is lightweight compared to LifeVac. Because the LifeVac weighs about 1.01 pounds per piece.


Both products are not usability more than once. The official announcement of the company declares the limitation and restricts the use repetition of DeChocker under the sanitation policies.

Similarly, LifeVac is also restricted to use multiple times until removing the obstructions. Though both products have similar restrictions, LifeVac is more flexible to use.

Expiry Date

According to the manufacturer company the shelf life of the DeChoker is 27 months. But surprisingly LifeVac has no such expre dates. You are able to use this product for a long time just by replacing the masks after every 2 or 3 years.

If you are enough aware to replace your old product with a new one every year, then DeChoker won’t be anything problematic. You don’t have to replace any part of it within expiration time.

LifeVac can make people more tension free because of its durability. It is not a product for regular use, it is just for emergencies. Just buy a product and store it for unexpected emergency cases.  It could be reserved for the patient who hasn’t been exposed to it before because the product is for only one-time use.


DeChoker and LifeVac also differ when the question comes about pricing. LifeVac is a bit more expensive than DeChoker. But the prices of both products meet the exact values.


It is not clear whether the DeChoker is available or not outside of the USA. But we can surely confirm you that the product is must available in the USA.

Besides the USA, LifeVac is available in many regions like Canada, Spain, Europe, Japan, and southeast Europe.

No matter where those are available or unavailable because you can purchase those products from online stores. Just place your order on Amazon or alternatively, you can choose their official websites.


Different training materials like videos and text-based content are available on the official websites of both products.

DeChoker offers video training as well as FAQ and Doctors corner. Where LifeVac mainly offers Video training.

We don’t want anyone to use those products, but in case of emergency for life-saving. Get the proper training before using those products. Where the question is about life, it is crucial to know how to use a device correctly and efficiently.

Visit the official websites of LifeVac and DeChoker and click on the ‘training’ section to learn how to use it.

What Is DeChoker?

DeChoker is an airway clearing device that is designed to restores breathing to a victim suffering from an obstruction of the airway. Similar to LifeVac, DeChoker removes any food or other obstruction that might be stuck in the patient’s airway. This product is look-alike a larger-shaped syringe.

DeChoker - airway clearance device

Everyone from the ages of 6 months can use this device, though it is sometimes recommended for at least one year of ages children. We hope under one year of ages children are not likely to be victims of such occurrences because of their eating habits and quietness.

Regardless of any pre-existing condition or illness, this product is designed to work for everyone. The consolidated design of DeChoker makes it easy to store until needed.

When someone has a blocked airway, retrieve it from wherever it has been stored and use it immediately whether a patient is conscious or unconscious. You can use the DeChoker while the patient stands, sits, or even lies down.

In the DeChoker kit, there is a mask to prevent airflow between the mask and the skin and a tongue depressor passes through the mask’s center. This kit also includes an exhaust valve, plastic tube, an air puller, as well as quick instructions.

It is an FDA-registered product as well as approved by the government. You can get this medical emergency aid from anywhere by placing an online order on websites.

What Is LifeVac?

LifeVac is also a life-saving device that is designed to restores breathing to a victim suffering from an obstruction of the airway. It is a very simple device for both adults and children to use. Unlike DeChoker which is designed as a larger shaped syringe, this device looks like a small accordion.

LifeVac anti-choking device

No electricity is needed to run this device because it pulls out anything in the airway with manual suction. As a manually controlled device, it is non-chargeable, wireless, and there is no external power supplier involved.

The persons, who weigh at least 22 pounds including children, are under the safest zone at 30 mmHg, the suction is rather low and controlled.

The kit includes a full guide to choking prevention as well as easy to follow instructions. Along with a suction device, three masks are also included.

The masks are used to cover the victim’s mouth and nose just to make restrict the airflow. The result will be a vacuum area over the mouth that prevents air from escaping. In this situation, the plunger uses to make a quick pull. As a result, the mask will firmly hold in place and capture the obstruction.

It does not take much time to use LifeVac, but you have to use it as soon as possible. When an emergency strikes use this device without regarding anything.

LifeVac is suggested by the physicians and approved by the government. it doesn’t require FDA approval because it is a Class I medical device.

What Are The Main Features?

Main Features In DeChoker

The DeChoker is composed of the following main features as detailed in the sections below:

  • Respiratory mask, which covers the mouth and nose
  • Suction barrel to encapsulates the piston to create the appropriate set suction
  • Pull handle provides a simple grip to drawing back the piston
  • The exhaust valve permits the pull handle to move the piston back to its original position
  • The enclosure is used as a protective housing separating the user from the internal suction components
  • Device Labeling to identify some essentials
  • Kit includes a full guide to choking prevention and quick instructions
  • A large Syringe-shaped design
  • Weight is about .06 lb
  • For single times uses
  • Lasts for 27 monts
  • Masks never need to replece
  • FDA registered and approved product
  • Recommended for anyone over the 6 months older
  • No electricity or wire is used
  • Manually controlled device

Main Features In LifeVac

The LifeVac is composed of the following main features as detailed in the sections below:

  • A patented choking first-aid device for children and adults
  • A small Accordion-shaped design
  • Weight is about 1.01 lb
  • For single times uses
  • No expiry date; Can be stored for lifetime
  • Only need to replace the masks in every 2-3 years
  • One-way valve prevents pushing food or object downward
  • Designed for home and travel use
  • FDA registered but does not require FDA premarket approval
  • One kit is enough for the whole family
  • Designed for all aged people, but more precisely for children, the elderly, and those with neurological conditions (MS, MD, ALS)
  • Recommended for who are weigh at least 22 pounds
  • No electricity or wire is used
  • Manually controlled device
  • Kit includes a full guide to choking prevention and quick instructions
  • Kit included three masks; masks designed to prevent airflow between mouth skin and the device
  • A plunger to make a quick pull

How To Use


We designed the uses of DeChoker in two easy steps. Let’s see the process with step by step guide.

Step 1: Place the DeChoker over the mouth

Step 2: Pull back the handle of the DeChoker

First of all, you have to place the mask and make sure that covers the mouth and noses of the patient. Mask restricts the airflow between the device and the patient’s skin. If the air passes from outside, the process won’t work perfectly. So install the mask over the mouth perfectly.

Place the DeChoker over the mouth

Secondly, you have to pull back the handle that provides a simple grip to draw back the piston. When the piston back to its original position, it allows another suction attempt in removing the acute obstruction. You have to pull back the piston too promptly.

Pull back the handle of the DeChoker

The DeChoker has two safety features that prevent anything from being returned back down the airway after pulling.

The first of two non-return valves are inside the chamber and the second valve is on the outside of the chamber.

The former valves allow air to enter via the Airway Tube but close under pressure when the handle is returned. And the second one allows air to leave the chamber when the handle is returned but is prevented from entering.


The authority designed the uses of LifeVac in three easy steps. Let’s see the whole process with step by step guide.

Step 1: Place the LifeVac over the mouth

Step 3: Push the LifeVac

Step 3: Pull the LifeVac

how to use LifeVac anti-chocking device

First of all, you have to choose the appropriate mask size and discard the colored plastic ring. To securely attach the mask to the unit rotate it while exerting pressure. Then place the mask over the victim’s mouth and nose and make sure the mouth is opened. Place the mask perfectly to be sure the airflow is restricted between the device and the skin.

Place the LifeVac over the mouth

Secondly, hold the device with one hand after perfectly placing it. Then push the handle down with the other hand to compress the unit.

Push the LifeVac

Lastly, when the handle has been pushed all the way down, pull the handle very promptly. In the pulling time, hold the mask firmly in place. Hopefully, this quick process will solve the airway blocking problem.

Pull the LifeVac

Roll the victim’s head onto their side and remove any obstruction from the mouth. You should also check the unit for debris.

Where To Buy DeChoker?

The origin of DeChoker is the USA, and it is not clear whether the DeChoker is available or not outside of the USA. So it is sure that you will get this product from local shops located in the USA.

If you are outside of the USA, then place an online order and get it easily. You can place an order on the official website of DeChoker as well as some other online stores like Amazon.

Where To Get LifeVac?

Unlike DeChoker, LifeVac is available in many regions like Canada, Spain, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Europe along with the USA. The manufacturer of this product is the company located in Australia.

Like DeChoker, which is available in the online shop, you can place an order for LifeVac online. You can place an order on the official website of LifeVac. Alternatively, you can purchase this product from Amazon online shop.

DeChoker Vs LifeVac Reviews: Which One Is Better?

From our study, LifeVac is relatively better for a few reasons. But both products make the same result by solving the same problem.

In case of emergency, both devices are useful and very easy to use. Both of them have some individual or mutual advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, DeChoker is lightweight and less expensive compared to LifeVac but has a limited expiry date. In terms of expiry, we must prefer LifeVac over DeChoker. LifeVac is also preferable for its availability.

The most important considerable thing here is the shape because it can make variations in user experience. The Accordion shape may be more comfortable to use than Syringe shaped one.

Both life-saving products are easy to use, safe, and suitable for all ages. But statistics show a huge success variation between two products. LifeVac is successful in 82% of cases, whereas DeChoker’s success rate is about 44% of cases.

However, LifeVac is not 100 percent effective, it is more efficient than DeChoker. Across the group comparisons, LifeVac was superior to abdominal thrusts. The LifeVac has consistently outperformed the DeChoker device, so it is considered an excellent device to use safely.

In an emergency, both devices are useful. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. LifeVac is more expensive than DeChoker. Both products are easy to use and safe for all ages. Statistically, LifeVac was successful in 82% of cases, while DeChoker was successful in 44% of cases. Thus, neither is 100 percent effective. LifeVac is more efficient than DeChoker. Therefore, LifeVac is an excellent emergency device.

In DeChoker Vs LifeVac Reviews, we consider LifeVac as the best overall product after analyzing its features, previous success rate, and availability. So you can go for the LifeVac device and keep your family safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LifeVac FDA approved?

Yes. LifeVac is a Class II medical device that is registered with the FDA, however,  LifeVac does not require FDA premarket approval.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval means that the particular data on the drug’s effects have been reviewed by CDER. Where the drug is determined to provide benefits that outweigh its different threats like known and potential risks for the intended population.

The FDA protects public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices. After ensuring safety they make the approval on particular products.

Class II medical devices don’t require FDA approval, though LifeVac is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Why Do the Resuscitation Guidelines Not Mention DeChoking Devices?

The DeChoker device is a new negative pressure device that has been on the market for more than four years only. However, it can take up to fifteen years for a guideline council to accept new methods.

Most updates are done every four years, and the DeChoker has been in touch with these associations on a regular basis. The company has been working aggressively to get it added to all updated guidelines.

DeChoker also is inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is working hard to always have a safe and very effective choking device. The DeChoker decoking device or anti-choking device is fairly new in the market.

Is Choking a Big Problem?

It goes without saying that the choking problem is how massive. It can take a healthy life within just a few minutes, and the children are the main victim.

Choking and suffocation are responsible for approximately 11% of deaths in children in the age group under 14 years of age. The majority of children likely to sallow objects are lollies and coins. This is the second-highest cause of death in aged care is choking, or about eight percent of premature deaths.

It is not the children who are the victim of choking accidents but also the adults who are also the sufferer. So please don’t take it as a tiny problem in life.

Can I Reuse the DeChoker if I Clean It?

No, you can’t. Because the DeChoker is made as a single-use device due to regulatory requirements. After using a device once, you should replace its position with another new one.

Though the expiry date of DeChoker is mentioned as 27 months, it is only for the situation while the device remains unused. No one wants to use this device for their entire lifetime, but they keep it for unexpected situations.

It is not recommended to use this device twice or more by cleaning it several times. This is a light and low pricy device, but it can save a life. So please take a new one in case you use this device once.

Is the DeChoker CE Marked?

Yes, the DeChoker is CE marked by resembling a symbol. The symbol must be affixed to many products before they can be sold on the European market.

The CE mark indicates that a product meets the requirements of relevant European product directives. To ensure the European harmonized performance and safety standards this mark is required.

As a safe product, DeChoker is also CE marked. So it is available on the European market, and you can use it without any hesitations. The manufacturer of the DeChoker takes all responsibility for the compliance of this product with all applicable European health, safety, performance, and environmental requirements.


You may notice that both DeChoker and LifeVac have the same purpose overall. But when we analyzed more deeply, we also find out some differences between the two devices.

To clear an airway by suctioning out the blockages and making way for the air to exit through the mask, LifeVac is more efficient than DeChoker. This LifeVac Vs DeChoker study pointed to the real truth under the flashlight.

However, DeChoker is relatively less useful compared to LifeVac. it is also an amazing device. You can try it for its different shape and also save a few costs.

Consumers are often confused to analyze and make a choice regarding which one of the two to buy. Here we just discussed and analyzed deeply about two devices. Hope this review and guide will help you to choose the better one.

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