Does Switching Out Of S Mode Slow Down Laptop?

In 2017, Microsoft launched The S Mode on Windows 10, a version that runs faster and is more energy-efficient than other Windows. Windows 10 in S Mode possesses two great strengths which are; improved security and increased performance. These strengths were supposed to help it compete favorably in both the educational market and against mobile course devices. It is a well-known fact that S Mode improves the overall performance and speed of a PC, hence the question, “Does switching out of S Mode slow down laptops?”

The S Mode provides security by blocking users from installing applications that are not available in the Microsoft store. Ironically, this is the most popular reason why most users consider switching from S Mode.

What Does S Mode Mean?

S Mode is a much more PC-friendly way to run windows. It provides two major advantages which are; improving the security of the PC and boosting the performance of the PC.

What Does S Mode Mean


The S Mode provides maximum security from viruses and other malware by blocking the installation of applications from other locations apart from the Microsoft store. So a PC running on S Mode can’t install apps like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. It only installs applications from the Microsoft store because they are vetted and trusted.

On S Mode, you’re trusting Microsoft’s judgment to provide you with safe and secure apps you can use. And this is advantageous for users who aren’t sure about the safest apps to use.

In terms of performance, S Mode has a relatively fast booting time compared to other operating systems. It starts up in less than 15 seconds which is faster than many other OS. Also, the S Mode doesn’t require a lot of memory to run. This ensures that your PC will perform like a new one for a long time.

According to Microsoft, surface laptops on S Mode will last up to 14 hours after a single charge. And in addition to that, the S Mode has been found to consume 15% less power than its counterparts.


Ironically, the major disadvantage of using the S Mode is a consequence of the major advantage. In the S Mode, you’re forced to use only Microsoft trusted apps which means having Microsoft Edge as your default browser or Bing as your default search engine.

In the S Mode, various professionals are forced to forego their preferred applications for other options. For example, a graphic designer who prefers to use Adobe software is forced to settle for other options.

Does Switching Out Of S Mode Slow Down Laptops?

The simple answer to this question is NO! Switching from S Mode does not slow down a computer. However, because the user is now free to install all kinds of data into the computer, he might start installing software programs that place a high demand on the CPU and memory and this makes the computer slower over time.

Does Switching Out Of S Mode Slow Down Laptops

So for the question, “Does switching out of S Mode slow down laptops?”, The answer is NO!

Before switching out of S Mode on your computer, you have to know that the process is irreversible. When you switch it off, you can’t switch it back on.

Below are the steps to be taken to switch out of S Mode on a computer;

  • Open Settings on your computer
  • From the settings, Go to update and security
  • Select activation on the left lane
  • Click on the go to Microsoft store link
  • Click on the get button
  • Click on install
  • Click on yes let’s go. When it comes up.

Following the above easy steps will help you disable the S Mode on your computer. Remember, the process is irreversible.

How Do You Speed Up A Slow Laptop?

As you use your laptop and install more demanding software, it inevitably becomes slower over time. The good thing is that a slow laptop can be remedied. And below are some of the ways to speed up a slow computer.

How Do You Speed Up A Slow Laptop

  • Reduce the number of startup programmes; when you boot your computer, some programmes start automatically alongside. And you might not even need these programmes. They take up precious memory, making your computer slow without giving you any output in return. Reducing the number of start-up programmes is useful when trying to boost computer speed.
  • Uninstall unnecessary software; there are many applications on your computer that are not useful to you and might never be. This software takes up memory and can cause your computer to be slow. Removing these unnecessary applications can free up memory and increase speed. However, you have to make sure your computer doesn’t depend on those applications to run smoothly.
  • Get rid of malware; malware is dangerous not just because it can spy on you or leak data out. They are also dangerous because they can be the cause of your computer slowing down and that can be almost impossible to detect. Installing cleanup programs for malware and antivirus software can help with this problem.
  • Adding more RAM to the system; most of the strategies used to increase the speed of a computer involve trying to free up memory. Adding more RAM is a great way of making your computer faster. However, some computers have a maximum amount of RAM that one can have in the system. For example, a 32-bit version of Windows only allows a maximum RAM of 3GB.
  • Check your web browser; your web browser might be the reason for the low speed of your computer. As funny as it sounds, some browsers cause a lag in computer speed. Always compare the speed of your browsers with others so you can get rid of slow browsers. Also, an unemptied browser cache can slow down your PC. Always clear your cache before it accumulates.

There are many other ways to speed up a slow laptop. They include;

  • Using disk cleanup and defragmentation
  • Getting rid of bloatware
  • Switching off automatic updates
  • Improving cooling
  • Switching off unnecessary animations

And many more.

Can Xtra PC Make Your Laptop Faster?

Another sure-fire way of speeding up a slow PC is by using Xtra PC. It is a USB thumb drive that is designed to boost the speed of any computer no matter how slow it is. All you need to do is plug it into your computer, then you can enjoy a smooth ride.

Xtra PC can be used on computers with damaged or missing hard drives. It comes in different varieties; Xtra PC-16, Xtra PC-32, and Xtra PC pro. They come with 16gig, 32gig, and 64gig extra storage space respectively.

Final Thoughts

Even though the S Mode is an innovative idea, it presents an inconvenience for a lot of people. And because they know about the fact that S Mode boosts laptop performance, they ask the question, “Does switching out of S Mode slow down laptops”?

And as we have discussed above, Switching out of S Mode cannot make a laptop slow.

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