DroneX Review -Is It Worth Buying?

If you like photography and travel, you will know that drones are revolutionizing the world. These devices allow you to take photos “from a bird’s eye view” of the best landscapes on the planet. If you are looking for a compact yet cheap modern drone that premium features, DroneX is the perfect. Let’s get started with the DroneX review.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.6


Value for Money9.6



DroneX exceeds all limits! It can fly further and faster than you ever dreamed of. The drone can fly up to 22 meters per second. I have got videos in high 480p resolution and with stabilization. It can take smooth shots from different angles. So, you can use it to take amazing shots.

Product Summary
DroneX Review

DroneX Review

Different Modes:

  • Reverse: The drone flies back to the beginning point.
  • TapFly: The drone flies straight to its destination. It is suitable for time-lapse recordings.
  • Spiral flight: The drone turns like a spiral in flight.
  • Circle flight: The drone flies in a circle.

DroneX Review: Overview of DroneX

DroneX is equipped with controls and functions that make it very simple to use. It has sensors that rely on barometric pressure to move in the environment in which you choose to fly it. Also, its in-built altimeter allows you to set the fixed altitude of the drone.

DroneX Review: Overview of DroneX

The built-in 480p HD Ultrawide camera lets you capture moving subjects with amazingly sharp photos. So, you can then record HD videos at 30 frames per second. The speed of the DroneX didn’t disappoint me. It can fly up to 22mtr/s. The maximum control range is 70 meters.

It has anti-collision sensors that allow the drone to avoid any obstacles in its trajectory during flight and landing phases. Due to its minimal dimension, it is handy to take with me all over. Though it is compact, made of durable materials. So, it withstands medium crashes.

DroneX Main Features

DroneX offers incredible features that make it premium at an affordable cost. Let’s see the stunning features:

DroneX Main Features

Easy to control:

DroneX has been specially designed to provide the best level of photography with easy control. You will get used to the drone’s functions very quickly. It has an altimeter that allows you to set the fixed altitude of the drone. This is very helpful for the beginner.

Different modes:

My DroneX experience has also shown that the drone has some practical modes that include:

  1. Reverse: The drone flies back to the beginning point.
  2. TapFly: The drone flies straight to its destination. It is suitable for time-lapse recordings.
  3. Spiral flight: The drone turns like a spiral in flight.
  4. Circle flight: The drone flies in a circle.

These modes give you the best Hollywood-grade shots ever!


Due to its very compact size, DroneX is lightweight but durable than other mini drones. I really appreciate this aspect as it makes it handy to transport with me everywhere. With ABS plastic housing, it is one of the lightest drones.

High-resolution photography:

The resolution of 480p is good and allows you to make videos of medium to high quality. You can then record HD videos at 30 frames per second. If you also care about speed, the performance of the drone does not disappoint. It can fly up to 22 meters/second. In high speed flying, it provides stabilized captures.


The anti-collision sensor allows the drone to avoid any obstacles in its trajectory during flight and landing phases. The drone also supports hand gestures. So you can control the movement of the drone with simple hand gestures.

Live Streaming and real-time transmission:

Record exciting moments with the drone and immediately share them on social networks from your smartphone. Just connect the droneX with its built-in app and stream live on social platforms with a single click while flying the drone.

Long Life Battery:

After charging it 100%, the DroneX can fly for 8 minutes. It is actually enough to shoot a large area. Also, its range is about 70 meters. The DroneX is easy to recharge fast through any portable USB power source.

Advantages of DroneX
  • Easy to use for an excellent flying experience
  • Compact and easy to use
  • 480P resolution and stabilized camera
  • Anti-collision sensors
  • Live streaming and transmission of photos to your phone device in real-time
  • Compact and portable
Disadvantages of DroneX
  • It can only be purchased on the company’s website

Why Do You Need DroneX?

DroneX includes a feature that allows it to Livestream the video it records to your phone or tablet. It has HD quality and stabilized camera. You won’t miss any shot or photo for its enhanced stability, even on the move! In addition, the angle of the camera is adjustable to work with more precision. Basically, you’re ready to record your aerial adventures in 480p.

Why Do You Need DroneX?

Don’t be afraid to go full speed to record videos. This drone has an anti-collision sensor that allows it to detect and avoid obstacles automatically. You can control the DroneX up to a maximum distance of 70 meters from the controller. Compared to other drones available on the market, the DroneX is much easier to operate. Even beginners will have no trouble getting their hands on. All these advanced features have come at an affordable rate.

How to Set Up Drone X?

DroneX is very simple to use. It can be controlled with the compatible app and remote. Below, I have presented both methods to use the droneX.

How to Set Up Drone X?

Control by app:

Just download an app to fly it. The manual has a QR code that you can scan to automatically find the app on your Google Store or Apple Store. Because I remind you that dronex works with both Android and IOS. The controls on the app are quite intuitive. Just click the Livestream icon to automatically start recording video clips on your mobile.

Control by remote control:

The droneX is controlled with remote control. It allows me to control the DroneX from up to 70 meters. You can easily take pictures and videos with the control buttons. Once you get used to the mini drone, you can fly great stunts with it and take impressive aerial photos. It always delivers crystal clear shots.

What DroneX Customer Saying?

Here are some DroneX user’s sayings:

  1. I have a travel blog on which I regularly post photos of the countries I visit. When I leave, I always take my camera with me to bring back memories. Now I’m also taking the droneX with me. In any case, my readers on the blog are delighted with my new acquisition. – John Mark
  2. I often have fun making small video documentaries of my hikes. The DroneX drone gave a whole new perspective on my rides! Now the videos I produce are super professional. I even got requests to shoot movies for people. In short, an excellent drone that does a superb job for a really affordable price. – Abraham K

Is Buying DroneX Worth The Money?

The droneX is easy to fly thanks to the built-in “flight control” function. You can record videos in high 480p resolution at 30 fps and with stabilization. Its operation is very simple. With a special function, you always have the flight altitude under control. It can be controlled from up to 70 meters distance. You set it up beforehand and the drone flies at the pre-set altitude. The drone has collision protection that protects it from damage and collisions.

Is Buying DroneX Worth The Money?

You can fly the DroneX for 8 minutes, enough for a perfect shot. It can be recharged quickly for taking the next shots. Due to its compact build-quality, it can also be easily transported and stowed in a backpack. Its pre-programmed modes make the shots perfect. Also, it supports hand gesture controls. These amazing features of the DroneX make it worthy of the cost.

Where I Can Purchase It?

You can only buy the DroneX directly from the manufacturer’s official website. Never get the DroneX from 3rd party online shops to avoid scams and fake products.  You can enjoy a 50% discount on the retail price of the DroneX. No less than 50%! What else do you want? Grab it right now.

You can also gift the DroneX for your loved ones. Indeed, the price benefits from an even greater discount when you buy several DroneX. So indulge yourself and the others. When we see the value for money of this drone, there is no room for hesitation.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

With an electronic device, you are never really safe from a technical problem, even when the product is new. But luckily, the DroneX manufacturer has provided for the blow by offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thought

We are at the end of this DroneX review. You can fly the DroneX for up to 8 minutes and take stunning shots with 480P resolution. It supports fast charging. So, you can fly it again after recharging it. At the same time, the drone is so light and compact that it fits in any backpack.

It can fly 22 meters per second and easily bypass obstacles with its anti-collision sensors. The best part of the DroneX is going live on social media while making shots with the DroneX. No other drones offer these advanced features in the price range. Don’t wait and get your DroneX right now.

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