EyeQue Review [2022] – Is It The Best At-Home Vision Test?

After a certain period of time, the vision of your eyes will reduce gradually when you’re getting older. It’s a natural process and everyone faces it. Actually, it happens due to our eye lens that gets hardened with age. When this happens you’ll lose your focusability. For the last couple of years, I discovered that my vision and focusability decreased day by day. I realize that I should go to an optometrist and make a test of my vision.
To confirm if I need a glass or not. But still, I can’t make my time just because of my laziness. So I look for the best alternative that I could do. Then I discovered Eyeque, a highly accurate vision testing device with MIT-patented technology. Have a look at this Eyeque review to know how this device helps me to improve my vision.
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About Eyeque

The Eyeque is a very simple but highly accurate personal vision testing device. You can make a complete functional vision test with this MIT-patented technology device along with your smartphone. Within just 3 minutes, you can make your complete functional vision test.

About Eyeque

To make a test or check your eye health, you just have to attach the Eyeque device to your smartphone and follow the instructions. The testing process of the Eyeque vision test is very simple like a video game. In this vision test, you just have to adjust the red and green light on your screen using your button.

To make them a yellow straight line. Through this test, you’ll get an accurate result of your vision ability that includes sphere, cylinder, and axis readings. All of these tests are very essential for creating perfect spectacles..

Is Eyeque Worth It?

Definitely, Eyeque is a device that is worth a try. Precisely, the device is formulated for those people, who are dealing with eye-related issues. But if your problem is very serious or challenging then it’s better to consult with your eye care provider. Although Eyeque claims that it works with refractive issues like astigmatism, you can surely experiment with it.

Is Eyeque Worth It

However, most users of the Eyeque device are very much positive about its output. Now the thing is if you don’t have enough time to visit a doctor’s office then this device is the best alternative. From my experience, I have tested my vision with this device and bought the glass that it suggests. With the Eyeque suggested glass, I’m enjoying a very clear vision.

Special Features of Eyeque

There are a lot of outstanding features that I’m enjoying with this Eyeque vision testing device. Now, here in this Eyeque review section, I’m going to share some amazing features of this device that I’ve personally tested.

Special Features of Eyeque

Save Precious Time:

Whenever you discover that your visuality is decreasing, you need to do a vision test. For that, you’ve to make an appointment with your eye care provider. That’s a lengthy process and time-consuming matter. But if you have an Eyeque device then you can do it by yourself.
The Eyeque device helps you to make your own vision test by yourself. I have brought pair of glasses for my wife and myself suggested by this device. With its suggested glass, I and my wife’s visibility really improved.
Save money:

Before having this Eyeque device, I don’t know how many times I had visited an optometrist to test my vision or my family members. But now I can do the test by myself and this saves me a lot of money that I’ve to pay an optometrist. Even I don’t have to go for expensive lenses or glasses suggested by the doctor. I can do my own research and find the best option for me. I know the lens power without visiting the optometrist.


When I got the portable device first, I was a little bit confused that if it really works or not or how reliable it is. But then I took a test with this device and another from my eye doctor. Things that surprised me a lot are that both of the results provide accurate readings. So with this device, you can be confident while making your vision test. Now you don’t have to find any licensed optometrist for accurate vision tests.

Faster Process:

The device has its own dedicated smartphone app that helps you get your eyeglass number within 8-minutes. You can do unlimited tests for unlimited time with this device for all of your family members.

No Prescription Needed:

Usually, for ordering your eyeglass, you’ll need an optometrist prescription. But when you take your vision test with this device, you won’t need a prescription. The app will record your eyeglass no. based on your vision test. Besides the device also helps a lot for the color blind, tritanopia, deuteranopia, and clarifies their deficiency of color.

Track Result:

eque app records all of your vision test results so whenever you need to analyze them you can easily find them through your app. That statistical data is very helpful when you consult with a doctor about your eye condition. Also, the device gives you accurate measurements of your eye. It will be helpful to interact with your eye consultant with those results.

Benefits of Eyeque Vision Check

One of the easiest and affordable ways to check your visitability is using the Eyeque device. Down this segment, I’m going to show you, what are the benefits that actually I’ve enjoyed with this device.

Benefits of Eyeque Vision Check

  • I have used this device to check my visibility.
  • With the Eyeque device, I can find my actual glasses power and make my glass without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Because of its MIT-patented system, you’ll always get accurate results whenever you check your visibility.
  • Eyeque takes only 8-minutes to prescribed your eye-glass no with proper accuracy.
  • You can track your vision test with its smart app and show the data to your doctor for helping him to make better decisions.

How Does It Work?

The smart Eyeque comes with a mini scope to check your visibility and shows the results through an app. The scope has a super soft silicone eyecup that ensures your comfortable placement. Pay your attention to down this section to learn how this device actually works.

How Does It Work

  1. At first, when I got this device, I removed the sticker 1st then attached the device with my smartphone.
  2. Next, I put my eyes on the mini scope of the Eyeque device and hold it in that position for a couple of minutes.
  3. Then I press the screen button and start my vision test.
  4. Once a test is completed successfully, I need to rotate the eyepiece. Simultaneously I’ve to take three consecutive tests to complete a quick vision test session. For a complete vision test, you’ve to take a 9 measurement test.
  5. Through this, you can track your progress report and use that data If you need to consult with a doctor.

What Will You Get With the Box?

Well! With the Eyeque device box, I’ve got a mini scope that comes with an adjustable strap. The scope of this device developed by MIT-patented technology to serve its users with accurate results. The scope that I’ve got in my Eyeque box is perfectly adjusted with the three particular smartphones that I’ve tried.

What Will You Get With the Box

Is It a Scam?

Anybody who hears about this device for the first time will be a little bit confused. Like others, when I heard about it for the first time, I didn’t believe it at all. But then again I’ve bought one to check if it is a real product or scam. But trust me after testing my visibility test with this device. I’m in love with this device. Besides, I don’t know if you’ll believe it or not, the device suggests to me the exact eyeglass no. that my doctor suggests to me. Now, I can assure you that the device will give you a 100% accurate result for your vision test.

Eyeque Review: Where to Buy?

When you look for the perfect vision testing device, you’ll notice that the market is overloaded with a lot of fake products. Same thing you’ll face when you go for the Eyeque device. Locating the original product is a little bit tough. To get the real Eyeque vision testing device, you’ve to purchase it from the official site. I’ve brought mine from the official site of the Eyeque device. For your comfort below I’m including a link that will take you to the Eyeque device’s main authorized site.

Final Verdict

After reading this eyeque review, I believe that you’ve now a proper idea on how to deal with your vision problem. Before getting this device, I don’t know how many times I’ve to visit an optometrist and spend a lot of money.

But now I can do my own functional vision test, get my eyeglass no. with 100 percent accuracy. Overall this Eyecue vision testing device could be an outstanding choice for you if you have any kind of vision problem.

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