Fixd Vs Fixd Premium: Do I Need the Fixd Premium Subscription?

Fixd is a device that works to find out the problems of your vehicles, and the result of this device is more accurate than the mechanic’s diagnostic checkup. If your car has any type of technical problems, this device will show a warning on the smartphone app. It will provide a detailed analysis of the mechanical conditions of your car. The Fixd device comes with many features, and you can also subscribe to the Fixd Premium to get additional features.

While reading about Fixd Reviews on some websites, I have learned about  Fixd vs Fixd premium. To use Fixd on your car and to check mechanical issues through Fixd, then you don’t need the subscription of FIXD sensor. The subscription comes only with additional features of FIXD. But there is no need for a subscription to scan your vehicle.

What is Fixd

Fixd is an innovative vehicle scanning gadget by which you can do self-diagnosis of your car with its app and OBD 2 system. This device will provide you with data relating to the issues that your vehicle has. It will also give you information on the possible costs that you can bear. By using the Fixd device on your car, you can turn your dumb car into a smart one. Fixd is a combo of hardware and software.

What is Fixd

The hardware of this device feeds information from the vehicle to the Fixd app on your smartphone, and if the device points out any problem, you can give that information to the mechanics. It is also a maintenance tool that will remind you when your car needs services, and it is compatible with any diesel engine.

Feature of Fixd

You will get numerous benefits if you use this innovative OBD2 connector technology as a car scanning and diagnostic tool. Here I will share the most unique features of the Fixd device. Such as-

Feature of Fixd

1. Less Flapping

While you are driving or out of the home, something can happen with your car, which is not excellent and good. At that moment, you can handle and control any type of car issue by using this device, and you can avoid crashing with the mechanic.

2. Save Time

By achieving an adequate diagnosis of car failures using Fixd automotive, you save a lot of time in going to mechanical workshops. It should be noted that sometimes these evaluation processes don’t find mechanical failure.

3. Easy to Use

Having an assertive and good diagnosis of your car is an incomparable advantage that every driver wants to access at any repair cost. If you have Fixd OBD2 device as a fault error code or engine code detector, then it will be the best decision for you, looking for the best and efficient diagnostic tool.

4. Protection

Using this device, you can check the effectiveness it offers to determine in advance any mechanical damage that your car may have. Thus the device prevents you from exposing yourself and living the panic of being stranded on the road without knowing what is wrong with your vehicle.

5. Save Money

You will see that Fixd automotive feature will end up saving you a good amount of money with analysis that detects problems. This feature will give you information about what you are going to spend based on the problems detected. This way, you can avoid cheating of the mechanic.

Advantage of Using FIXD

Before buying the Fixd device, you should know all the advantages of this device. Here I have included some benefits of the FIXD to help you make sure this sensor is suitable for you.

Advantage of Using FIXD

  • It will help you to find an extensive range of issues with your car.
  • Using this device on your car will estimate your cost.
  • It will quickly scan the problems of your car.
  • With one Fixd account, you can scan multiple cars.
  • If the device finds any problem, it will clearly show the problem.
  • You can get this device at an affordable price.
  • Fixd will give you the option to clear and check engine light.
  • This device supports both Android and iOS devices.
  • Fixd will give you maintenance reminders.
  • It offers continuous monitoring.
  • This device is suitable for less experienced users.
  • It offers a money back guarantee.

What is Fixd Premium

Fixd premium is the expanded and upgraded version of the free Fixd app. It delivers an accurate cost estimate for your specific car repairs and gives you access to on-call Fixed mechanics and also DIY assistance. This device will help you to control and handle any car problems with confidence.

What is Fixd Premium

Feature of Fixd Premium

Fixd premium subscription comes with lots of unique features. Here I have mentioned some essential features of Fixd premium. Such as-

Feature of Fixd Premium

1. Fixd Mechanic Hotline

If you subscribe to Fixd Premium, then you will always have a mechanic on your side. You can call the network of mechanics for help with the Fixd premium. You don’t need to go any repair shop.

2. Confirm Fix and Cost

Fixd premium will confirm what repairs your car needs and the cost of the repairs. For this feature, you can save money because the mechanics can charge a considerable fee than the actual cost.

3. Emissions Precheck

You should always prepare for the emissions check. Before going on a drive, you will know what you need to do to pass every time.

4. Indicate History Report

Fixd premium provides a feature that will allow you to see any kind of major accident history, registration history, vehicle history, damage, and more.

5. Issue Forecast and Commonality

This will let you know how common an issue or problem is and what problem your car is at a greater risk for.

Advantages of Using Fixd Premium

If you subscribe to the Fixd premium, you will get lots of advantages. In this section of the article, I will discuss some essential benefits of the Fixd premium. Such as-

  • It will allow you to know fair market costs.
  • Through Fixd premium, you can call a trusted mechanic
  • This will help you to avoid nasty surprises like costly damages, unnecessary repairs, and others.
  • It will let you precheck the emissions.
  • This will help you to avoid scams and tell you the exact fix and cost.
  • It will extend the life of your car.
  • Through this, you can know about the commonality of issues.

Fixd Vs Fixd Premium: Do I Need the Fixd Premium Subscription?

Before using the FIXD device, you should know about Fixd vs Fixd premium. There is no such difference between Fixd and Fixd premium. If you only want to scan your car, then Fixd is enough for you. But if you want to get some more facilities and features like calling a trusted mechanic, then you need to subscribe to the Fixd premium.

Fixd Vs Fixd Premium: Do I Need the Fixd Premium Subscription?

Fixd is a smart and innovative tool by which you can scan your car to know the issues and problems of the vehicle. Fixd premium is the updated version of Fixd. This tool provides you some valuable and unique benefits which only come when you subscribe to it. So, you don’t need the subscription to use the Fixd sensor, but for additional features, you have to subscribe to it.


Knowing about Fixd vs Fixd premium is necessary before using this scanning device. If you don’t know the comparison between Fixd and Fixd premium, then you can’t realize what type of features you need for your car. Both Fixd and Fixd premium works almost in the same way, but some additional features only come with Fixd Premium.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have understood that you don’t need a subscription to Fixd scanning sensor, but a subscription comes only to get some additional tool. Now it’s up to you which one you want to use.

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