Fixd VS Hum: In-Depth Review & Comparison Guide 2022

If you have a car then one of the most unwanted costs that you have to carry is its maintenance cost. Besides, when you take your car to a car diagnostic center or a car mechanic to know your condition. They’ll hand you an irrelevant bill by making you fool and most of the time they charge the bill for nothing. But you can avoid this problem with an OBD2 car diagnostic scanner.

FIXD and HUM are the two most renowned car OBD2 scanners that you can go for. Now the question is between these Fixd VS Hum devices, which one should you go for? To help you in the easy decision-making process below this article, I’m going to show you the comparison between these two devices.

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Comparison Chart

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Details of Product Fixd Hum
Supported Languages English, Polish, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese. English & Spanish
Battery No No
Supported Mobile Apps Yes Yes
OS iOS & Android Android & iOS
Connecting through Bluetooth Bluetooth
Airbag codes and ABS yes no
Provide real-time data Yes Yes
Money-Back Guarantee For 30-days For 30-days
Where To Buy

About Fixd

Fixd is one of the most popular car diagnostic tools around the world. It comes with a powerful sensor that instantly monitors the health of your car and shows you a detailed result. Through this device, you can easily figure out what makes your car check engine light is turned on. It can identify more than 7000+ car issues that a car may face.

About Fixd

In addition,  it also tells you how much money it’ll cost to repair. As a result, car mechanics and diagnostic centers can’t make you fool anymore. It supports all the cars that are manufactured after the period of 1996. With the Fixd device and app, you can monitor 5-individual cars on time. Moreover, with the Fixd device, you can check your vehicle history, measure the distance of mileages, etc.

About Hum

Hum is another famous car diagnostic tool, developed by Verizon. With this device, you can continuously connect with the vast network of Verizon and enjoy a lot of benefits for your car. Hum detects all error codes of your car, running history, speed, and mileages, the crash report, etc.

About Hum

It has a collaboration with google assistant that ensures smarter service. The device supports only an individual car but the operating system is very simple and easy. Just plug the device into the OBD2 port of your car and get all the details of your car separately.

Fixd vs. Hum Differences

Though both of these devices have more similarities than differences then again there some differences in their features and specifications. Below I’m listing some of these differences between these two devices.

Fixd vs Hum Differences


1. Features

Fixd is a kind of device that anybody could easily operate. Because of this, it becomes popular among beginners. But in comparison to features, it’s a little shorter than the Hum offers. Hum offers features like driving history, alerts for speed and boundary, Location of vehicle, crash-response, etc.

2. Report

If there is any reason, your car check engine light turns on, Fixd will send you an instant report with complete information about the problems. On the other hand, the system of Hum alerts you about issues along with its relevant trouble codes information, which is very helpful for the car mechanic when he is going to fix the problems.

3. Number of Cars

The biggest difference between hum and Fixd is the no. of cars they are able to scan. Well, Fixd has a super ability to scan 5 individual cars at a time while Hum can monitor only one single car.

Fixd vs. Hum Similarities

As you already understand that both of these devices actually work in the same perspective. So it’s natural that among both of these devices there might be a lot of similarities. Below I’m going to list some common things between these devices.


Fixd and Hum both use the Bluetooth connection to connect the device with your smartphone. However, with Hum, you can use google assistant for quick connection.  Moreover, you can leave both of these devices connected to the car when the car is off, they won’t consume more power.


Both of these devices have dedicated apps for android and iOS operating systems. So whatever your phone is you can use these devices perfectly. Besides, the devices support any car that has an OVD2 port and was made after 1996.


Another big similarity between these two devices is, both of these devices send real-time data about any problems that your car encounters. It could be your car’s engine transmission codes, oil changes, and tire rotations, etc. Even these devices also inform you, what could possibly happen if you continue to run without fixing the problems.

Vehicle Compatibility:

Sadly, none of these devices are able to run with the electric car. But they can be used with hybrids. Both of these devices work perfectly with the car that was built after 1996 in the US and Canada. FIXD works with those cars that were manufactured after 1996 and powered by gas. Besides they are compatible with a diesel-powered car that was manufactured after 2006 and later.

Level of  Skill:

Either Fixd or Hum both provide you the information in plain English. So it’ll never create any problem for anybody to understand it. That’s why you don’t have to learn any kind of skill for operating these devices.

Helping in Price Estimate:

Fixd will tell you, what is the repairing cost that you have to pay for fixing the current problems. So mechanics can’t make you fool or make an irrelevant bill. Besides, the premium plans of both devices give you access to the mechanic’s hotline. Through this process, you’re not only getting expert advice but also figure out if you can fix the problem by yourself or not.

What is the Price?

Both of these devices are available on their official site. Where you can get the Fixd device for a one-time payment, without any additional charges, and for Hum you have to pay a monthly subscription bill. To know about their price range pay your attention to the below segment.


Well, you can get the Fixd device from its official site with an affordable price range of $59.99 only. If you’re lucky enough you may get some discount on your purchase. Because most of the time they give some discount for the customers on their official site.


Besides, purchasing from the official site, you’ll get a money-back guarantee for 30-days and a huge 1-year service warranty. For your convenience below this segment, I’m including the FIXD official link to help you in faster navigation.



Hum is a little bit more expensive than Fixd and other OBD2 scanners. Because to use this device, you have to pay a $14.99 monthly-subscription charge. On the other hand, you’ve to pay $29.99 to get this device. You can go to their official site to get this device.

Fixd Vs Hum: Which Is Better?

Now that you’re at the end of this article, you have a clear idea about both of these devices. Above in this article, I’ve tried to show you a clear comparison between Fixd VS Hum. So that you can easily figure out their specialties and similarities and find out which one you need. But if you ask me which one you should go for. I’ll suggest you go for Fixd.

Because with Fixd you get almost everything that you will get with Hum. But when you go for Fixd you don’t have to pay any subscription fee. It could identify almost 7000+ car issues and show that data in realtime on your phone. To help you in easy purchase down this section I’m including the official link of this device.

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