Fixd VS Veepeak: In-Depth Review & Comparison Guide 2022

One of the most challenging jobs for every car owner is its proper maintenance. Usually, when you take your car to the car diagnosis center you’ve to spend a lot of time and money. On the other hand, some critical issues may not be easily diagnosed. In that situation, An OBD2 car scanner comes handy. It helps you to identify every single issue of your car. You can detect the mileage, speed, emission, distance, and other related parameters that will help you to take the car into service at the right time.

All that you have to do is to connect the OBD2 scanner to your car OBD2 scanner port. Then you’ll receive every single update of your car in real-time. Fixd and Veepeak are the two most popular devices in the category of OBD2 scanners. Now the question is if you want to pick one between them which one should you get? To help you with that below in this article, I’m going to sketch comparison details of Fixd VS Veepeak that will help you to make the perfect decision.

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Comparison Chart:

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Details of Product Fixd Veepeak
Car Support US, European, Asian US and European
Any Battery No No
Apps Fixd App OBD Fusion, Torque for android, OBD auto doctor for ios. DashCommand
Supported Operating System Android, iOS Android, iOS
Suitable User Beginners to Professional Only Professional
Supported Vehicles 5 1
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
Warranty 1-year 1-year
Where To Buy  

Fixd VS Veepeak: What is The Difference?

Although both of the devices do the same job, there are some technical differences in their features and specifications. Keep your eyes on the below segment, here I’m going to show you a comparison detail between Fixd VS Veepeak.

Fixd VS Veepeak: What is The Difference

What is Fixd?

If you just do a little research then you’ll find that Fixd is one of the most reliable OBD2 car diagnostics tools. As it’s an OBD2 device,  you can easily connect the device to the dashboard of your car where the OBD2 port is located.

What is Fixd

You’ll be surprised to know that this device mini scanner is so powerful that it can identify more than 7000 basic-advanced car problems. With this device, you can actively monitor your car’s health and issues in real-time. By using the Fixd app, you can analyze 5 individual vehicle reports.

What Are The Main Features Of Fixd?

Fixd OBD2 car scanner comes with a lot of amazing features. Below, I’m going to list some of the core features of this device.

What are the Main Features of Fixd

Real-time Report:

Anything could be happening at any time. Especially when it’s about the car, you can’t guarantee what possibly could happen or not. If unfortunately, something occurs with your car, you don’t have to worry more. Car diagnostic center mechanic can’t make you fool as you’ve all the information about what’s wrong with your car.

Save Time:

If your car has a Fixd device installed, you don’t have to go to a car diagnostic center for any kind of car issue. While you can do it by yourself instantly with no time. Through this, you can save your lot of time.

Easy to Use:

Everything you could control through your phone and it’s very easy to operate that anybody could easily operate it.

Know the Cost of Your Repairing:

With your fixd device, you not only get the error code of your vehicle but also get the cost of its repair. So there is no chance to make you fool and cut your pocket.

Get the Vehicle History:

Well, this is an outstanding feature of the Fixd device. Through this, you can track your vehicle history at any time. For example, if you are willing to buy a used car. Then you can check the previous information about that car, such as the owner’s information, version history.

  • Real-time Alert.
  • Maintenance Alert.
  • Engine-Warning Light Alert.
  • Vehicle History.
  • Able to Identify more than 7000+ Problems.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Estimate Repairing Cost.
  • Calculate Mileage.
  • Support 5-Vehicles.
  • Not compatible with electric and diesel cars.

The Number of Supported Vehicles

If you have a car that is after 1996 then you can easily use the Fixd device on your car with no problem. With the Fixd app, you can monitor five vehicles simultaneously. But the only problem that you may face with the Fixd device is, it’s not compatible with Electric and diesel cars.

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer of the Fixd device provides a huge 30-days money-back guarantee and a massive 1-year warranty. That means if the device is unable to satisfy your needs, you can return it within 30-days and get the money back. Besides, the company also gives you a 1-year warranty for the device.

What is the Price?

With lots of amazing features, Fixd is available in an affordable range on its official site. For a single unit, it only costs $59.99 but if you purchase two-unit you’ll get 2-device for $89.98, you’ll get 3-unit for $119.98.

What is Veepeak?

Veepeak is also an OBD2 car scanner like Fixd. It scans the problems of your car and sends the error code through OBD Fusion-apps. With its OBDcheck BLE-Technology, it’s able to ensure high reliability and low power consumption. By using this device, you can do smog tests, engine light reset, provide real-time information with fuel-economy estimation.

What is Veepeak

The device supports all the cars that are made after 1996. Veepeak connects with your smartphone through Bluetooth and sends all the reports on your phone. The only limitation of this device is it supports only one vehicle.

What are the Main Features of Veepeak?

Veepeak comes with a lot of amazing features. Have a look at the below segment to know some of these features.

What are the Main Features of Veepeak

Diagnose and Monitor:

Veepeak perfectly reads the engine trouble codes and sends a detailed report on your phone through the OBD2 fusion-app. With this device, the user is able to customize their dashboard, estimate fuel economy and get real-time updates of other issues.

Vehicle Compatibility:

Veepeak perfectly works with any car that is made after 1996. It supports all cars that have an EOBD/OBD2 port. The device supports all five OBD2 protocols such as CAN, ISO 9141-2, J1850 VPW, and J1850 PWM.

Report for Engine Health:

Its high-quality sensor scans the errors of your engine and sends a complete report on your phone through the app. As a result, you get a complete report of your engine health every time.

Easy to Operate:

Veepeak is very easy to set up on your car and the operating process is very simple. As it uses a Bluetooth connection it’ll consume less power than wifi.

  • Real-time Vehicle-Monitoring.
  • Clear engine-Light problems.
  • Support all types of Vehicles.
  • Read all the Codes of Engine.
  • Low Power-Consumption.
  • Dashboard Customize Option.
  • Calculate Fuel-consumption.
  • No Default app.
  • Support only one vehicle.

The Number of Supported Vehicles

One of the biggest limitations of Veepeak is it only supports one vehicle. But another advantage is it supports all types of vehicles no matter if that is electric, gasoline, or diesel.

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer of Veepeak offers a 30-days money-back guarantee for a faulty product and a 1-year warranty for its product. If the product is unable to satisfy your requirement, you can return and get back your money within 30-days.

What is the Price?

Veepeak is available at a very reasonable price. It only cost $32.99 for a single unit. Unfortunately, they didn’t offer any discount on multiple purchases like Fixd.

Fixd VS Veepeak: Which One is Better?

After reading the comparison between Fixd VS Veepeak, I believe now you have a complete idea about both of these devices. Both of these devices provide outstanding benefits with a lot of features. But if you want to know which one you should get between them then I’ll recommend you to go for Fixd.

With Fixd you can get 5-vehicles real-time reports at a time. The device is very much user-friendly, from beginner to professional everyone gets benefited with Fixd device. On the other hand, Veepeak is designed for the professional only and it doesn’t have a default app like Fixd.

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