FixMeStick Review 2022 – Does It Really Work?

It doesn’t matter how safely I use my computer virus and malware still find their ways to attack my PC. This thing makes me so irritated as well as worried as these can hamper my online privacy. Thus, I keep searching for an effective solution to get rid of these scammers, viruses, and malware.

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Fortunately, one day a friend of mine suggested to me a device called FixMeStick. Then, I started research on it and finally decided to use it. Now, I think it is the best ever device that I used for protecting my PC. In this FixMeStick Review, I will share how this little USB device protects my PC from scammer, virus, and malware.

Product Summary
FixMeStick Review

FixMeStick Review


  • Bootable antivirus defeats the virus, malware, and spammer.
  • Live chat and remote support tools.
  • Doesn’t require any installation process.
  • Work on damaged OS and can remove virus from cols boot.


  • Support is not available 24/7.

About Fixmestick Review

The FixMeStick is a USB stick that comes with 3X antivirus power than the others. Its advanced technology keeps the PC safe, free from viruses, and makes it fast. This USB stick is powered by Linux-OS and it will automatically update itself. It is compatible with Windows PCs and Mac OS.

About Fixmestick

This virus removal device is preloaded with a multi-scanner that combines industry-leading technology from Sophos, Avira, and McAfee. Before the infected OS system boots, this Linux-based device starts running. It can effectively remove the hidden and difficult infections, bootkits, and rootkits that the normal antivirus can’t.

This device is very user-friendly and doesn’t require installing anything. Simply plug it in, and instantly, it will reboot the PC to start the scanning process. In addition, it provides free technical support by dedicated 30 tech experts. Shortly, it is the ultimate key to remove viruses and protects the PC against future viruses.

Special Features of Fixmestick

FixMeStick comes with some advanced features that make this USB stick much more efficient than the others. Let’s see all the unique features of it in this FixMeStick Review.

Ultimate Scanning:

FixMeStick is a Linux-based device that can start scanning before the computer’s infected OS boots. This thing enables detecting all the malicious software like malware, spyware, virus, trojans, and removing from the pc.

Automatic Updates:

This update itself automatically so that it can continually recognize the newest or latest malware. That means, with regular use of FixMeStick, the computer will be virus-free for lifelong.

Automatic Updates

No Installation:

Manufacturers keep this device very simple and hassle-free. It doesn’t require any software installation, creating a username and password to run. With FoxMeStick, there is no need for learning new programs.

Effective Against Ransomware:

This bootable drive solution can bypass ransomware. It acts as a separate hard drive and stays disconnected from the infection area. In this way, it can safely remove the ransomware and not need to pay the hacker for access.


It just requires an internet connection and plugs into the computer’s USB port. Then, it will automatically connect to the wifi and start the scanning. Once finished scanning, it will show the report of malware findings, and with the user’s permission, it will remove them all. Simply unplug the USB stick while the whole process is done.

Multi Scanner:

It is empowered with 3 different industry-leading technologies of Avira, Sophos, and McAfee. In addition, it accesses more engines over the internet to tackle the latest threats. With the help of these multi scanners, it increases the power of detecting viruses by 100% efficiency.


The FixMeStick comes in two variants, one is for Windows, and another is for Mac computers. For windows, it supports XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and it works on Intel-based Macs from 2006 to 2017. It requires only 512 MB RAM to start working with.



This capless smart tool is waterproof and shockproof. It basically keeps the basic technical details and the diagnostics of the computer.  Besides, it doesn’t store or copy any information on its USB drive. Also, FixMeStick never conflicts with the computer’s existing antivirus software.

Technical Support:

FixMeStick has a helpline that provides live chat, mailing, and calling facilities. If someone faces any issues while removing viruses, their 30 tech experts will help them to solve that problem.

Why You Need Fixmestick

Every year millions of people are targeted through computer viruses and malware. In addition, every day, scammers find newer ways to hack people’s information. Regular antivirus systems can’t identify and remove all these viruses. In that case, FixMeStick can find out every hidden virus by doing a comprehensive scan.

It can provide the ultimate protection to the computer from any virus, malware, and spyware. The best part of this device is it can smoothly bypass the ransomware without any payment. With the 3 most powerful anti-virus tools, it becomes the most effective device for almost all Windows and Mac PCs.

  • Bootable antivirus defeats the virus, malware, and spammer.
  • Live chat and remote support tools.
  • Doesn’t require any installation process.
  • Prevent the hidden viruses to transfer personal information to the attackers.
  • Suitable to work with USB boot sequences, including BIOS and UEFI.
  • Loaded with 3 different antivirus scanners of different companies.
  • It doesn’t store and copy any information and data from the user’s PC.
  • Work on damaged OS and can remove virus from cols boot.
  • Not compatible with Optane, BlueTooth Mice, and raid storage system.
  • Support is not available 24/7.

What Customer Says About Fixmestick?

More than 1.3 million people are using this device. Before buying, I have gone through several reviews and ratings of FixMeStick. Here, I am putting some of them so that you can also get an idea about its effectiveness.

Excellent product(s)! I’ve been using FixMeStick for a few years on my old computer (9 years old!). I added the StartMeStick a few months ago. I highly recommend the FixMeStick and the StartMeStick! – Sandra Harris

“I am a senior. Although I have used computers all my adult life, I am not particularly computer savvy. FixMeStick has eliminated Cyber threats and cleaned my computer with a simple fix. FixMeStick has saved me time and money and provides peace of mind. Thank you.” – By Hieronymus Wombat

“I bought the pro version and have used it on my own computers and on some of my friends’ machines. Very easy to use and does a superb job with all 3 antivirus programs. It is amazing how one program will find problems that the other 2 don’t pick up. Don’t want to be without it” – By Elo W.

Is Buying Fixmestick Worth the Money?

Viruses and malware made my PC freeze and also stop its operating system. They are also a big threat to leaking my personal information. In this circumstance, FixMeStick comes as a savior for removing unwanted viruses from my PC. This device can ensure deep scanning because it is a combination of 3 antivirus programs.

Is Buying Fixmestick Worth the Money

Its working process is not like the other anti-virus systems. With any complications, its helpline will solve the issue. FixMyStick is so user-friendly that anyone can use it without any hassle. It’s totally worth my investment, and now, I can’t think about my PC without it. Also, this FixMeStick Review says it all.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

FixMeStick comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee on all non-trial products. The 30-day trial product is also eligible for a refund within the trial period. So without any issue, you can claim a refund if there is anything wrong with the product. In addition, if you lose the FixMeStick, the manufacturer will provide a discount on your replacement.

Where I Can Buy It?

FixMeStick is available on the manufacturer’s official website with 3 unique offers. So, if you want to purchase it, visit their official website. Their most popular offer is a 1 year home package for 3 computers. And the best deal is a 2 year home package for 5 different PCs. Both these offers come with free shipping.

Where I Can Buy It

Also, to provide more convenience, they are offering a 30-day trial for only $9.95. After ending the trial period, you can renew the subscription for 1 year at a discount rate. The checkout is very safe and secure. You can pay with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Paypal).

Frequently Asked Questions:

There may be so many queries in your mind about FIxMeStick. Therefore, I will answer the frequently asked question about this device in this section.

How Long Does Fix Me Stick Take to Run?

FixMeStick works very simply; just plug the USB port into the PC and start the scanning. It will take almost 2 to 2.5 hours, to complete the full scanning process.

Does the Fix Me Stick Work on Cell Phones?

Unfortunately, this device doesn’t support android and iOS devices. It is only suitable for Windows and Mac OS computers.

Does Fix Me Stick Work With Windows 10?

Yes, FIxMeStick works with Windows 10, even with Mac OS also. It can effectively identify the virus, malware and remove them automatically from the device.

Final Thought

Microsoft estimated that every year alone, tech support scams make 3.3 million people suffer. But using a simple device, people can handle this situation. The 3X powered FixMeStick is much affordable and easy to use, which can effectively remove viruses from the PC.

This technologically advanced device makes my computer like new again. Unlike other antivirus systems, it won’t worsen the computer’s performance. So, if you want to remove the virus and boot into the OS, you must try this out. I share almost everything in this FixMeStick Review. This device comes up with a guarantee for removing viruses, so; you must give it a try.

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