Godonut Reviews 2022: The Only Device Stand You’ll Ever Need

While watching any videos or doing other activities through my phone, I always dream of someone holding it for me. Because holding my smartphone or tablet for a long period of time is a painful job for my arm. It may seem funny but this is actually what I want.

So, I was looking for something that’ll do the holding job for me. Then, I discovered the Godonut! It actually makes my dream true. Besides, it allows me to view my smartphone or tablet at any angle I want. Here in this Godonut Reviews, I’m going to show you how this device eases my work.

My Quick Overview Of Godonut (30 Sec)

Godonut is undoubtedly one of the greatest solutions to watch or use the phone without holding it all the time. This tool allows the users to place the device in three different angles.

You can even charge your phone or tablet while placing it on the godonut as it doesn’t block the charging port. In addition, the portable device will easily fit in your pocket that makes it more convenient than ever.

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What Is Godonut?

Godonut is a small, portable, innovational, phone & tablet stand that holds your phone or tablet in your desired angle. The device is designed in a donut shape. Besides that, it has 2-cutouts on both ends through which it holds your device at your desired angle. Godonut actually, does the holding job on behalf of you and lets your arm rest. You can watch videos, or read anything without holding your device. For video chatting with your dearest ones without holding the device, this can be a great phone holder. 

What Is Godonut?

Another fact that you’ll love about this universal device is that almost 99% of mobile phones are compatible with this device. Godonut able to hold your mobile and tablet in 6-different ways. Because of this, you’ll enjoy the best view in every situation. Even at every angle, you can keep your device either in portrait mode or landscape mode.

The device has 3-different viewing angles 45°/70°/ 90°, which you can use at any angle based on your comfort. Lastly, I love to mention that I’ve used this device with different phones, kindle, tablets. Even some devices with their case also and it perfectly holds each and everyone that I have never seen any other phone stand.

What Features Does Godonut Have?

The little Godonut versatile device has a lot of outstanding features. Below in this Godonut reviews, I’m listing some of these awesome features that I’ve personally experienced.

What Features Does Godonut Have?

  • The universal Godonut stands able to hold almost 99% of mobile phones and other devices.
  • It’s completely indestructible and if you don’t lose it, it’ll last forever. Besides, it allows you to put a high amount of pressure because it is able to handle 3000 pounds of weight.
  • The device is built with a flexible material that makes it expands to give your device little accommodation with cover.
  • It allows you to hold your devices in 6-different ways to make sure that you get the best view from your position.
  • With its 3-different grooves, you can enjoy 3-different angles, such as 45°/70°/ 90°.
  • The device has a unibody flexible structure that holds your stand in a steady position.
  • Godonut has a compact size that is perfect for travel and constant use. The device comes with a dimension of 4 x 1 inches.

How Does Godonut Work?

Godonut is the simplest mobile or tablet stand that I’ve ever seen. Besides, the most impressive fact about this device is it has no installation process. At first, all you’ve to do is to place your device on Godonut, and then you can gradually set the angle based on your need. Have a look in the below segment to understand how this smart stand actually works.

How Does Godonut Work?

  • No assembly required: Well! The Godonut device required no assembly because the whole device is one single piece. You just take it and place your respective device and your job is done.
  • Try with your phone: Godonut has a TPE construction. Because of its Thermoplastic Elastomer construction, you get the proper accommodation to set your device. At first, when I bought it, I gave it a trial on my mobile phone. Besides, I’ve checked all three angles with landscape and portrait in both modes.
  • Fitting Pads or tablet: I can comfortably fit my iPad on the Godonut at a 70° angle. It remains steady in that position. If you want to place your iPad or something bigger like that you can keep that upright at 70°. At a 45° angle, your device may not fit with Godonut. This portable device stand for phones and tablets.

Benefits Of Godonut

Have a look at this segment to know the benefits of a super amazing Godonut mobile stand device. I’m going to list only some of these benefits that I’ve personally experienced these days.

Benefits of Godonut


The device is made of sturdy material. This universal phone holder also made of exclusive-quality materials to make it long-lasting and durable. It uses material like BPA rubber that contains zero toxins. Because of its toxin-free nature, every one of your houses can use this device including children. The device physically looks like a donut and available in different colors.

Support With Different Angles:

Godonut has three different angles that allow the user to set their devices in different angles, such as 45//70/90°. You can also keep your device portrait and landscape in both modes with these different angles. I’ve used all these angles and enjoy a perfect view.


You’ll be surprised to know that if you don’t lose it the device will last forever. This indestructible product is able to handle a massive 3000 pounds weight. I don’t think I’ve to purchase any other mobile stands anymore.

Support Multiple Devices:

The device has a circular surface to make easy comportment and adjustability for your smartphone or tablet. It has two adjustable grooves that hold your device properly. Almost 99% of the mobiles are perfectly fitted in this stand. Along with that, you can use iPads, tablets, kindle, surface, and other devices as well. This device not only recognizes as a phone holder but also known as a tablet holder to the customer.


Godonut is a highly portable device. The overall size of this device is 4-inch wide and 1-inch thick. You can easily put it in your traveling bag also in your pocket & use it everywhere you go.

Is It A Scam?

Godonut is absolutely a real product and it’s not a scam. Anybody who uses this device once will fall in love with it. This universal device holder is very durable and long-lasting. It’s been a couple of months that I’ve been using the device and I found it very much productive.

Is It a Scam?

I took this in the swimming pool, kitchen, and many other places and it does an excellent job. While doing other activities, I can play video games or make video calls on my phone from this stand. It’s a perfect gadget for people who do multiple tasks at a time.

Is Godonut Affordable?

Yes, you can get this Godonut device at a very affordable price from its official site. Along with that, you’ll get a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So if you think the device is not worth its value, you can send back the product & get back your money within 30-days.

Godonut Reviews: Where To Buy?

I’ve purchased mine from the Godonut main official site. You can also get yours from its main authorized site. When you order the product from its main official site, you’ll get a promo discount. Besides that, you’ll only get the 30-days money-back guarantee when you get the product from its official site. To help you in quick access, below this segment I’m going to include a link through which you can directly go to their official site.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Check the below segment of this Godonut Reviews to get the answers to your most desirable questions.

Does GoDonut only support mobile devices?

No, Godonut also supports iPads, galaxy tabs, kindle, Surface along with 99% mobile devices.

Is it possible to charge a mobile device while it rests on GoDonut?

Surely you can do so. All that you have to do is to keep your device in landscape mode and then you can give it charge in that position.

Does GoDonut block screens or buttons on any device?

No, Godonut doesn’t block your screen or buttons of your devices. You can enjoy the full screen by keeping your device in Godonut.

Final Verdict

After reading Godonut reviews, you’ve now a proper idea about this device. With this universal mobile stand, you can hold almost every mobile device, tablet, Kindle, and other device. From the day I get this device my hands become relaxed and stress-free.

Now it actually doesn’t matter how many hours I’m watching videos or doing other work. Because of its different angle options, I can position my devices at my comfort level.

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