GoSun Flatware Reviews: Utensils That Fit In Your Pocket 2022

The rapid use of plastic is destroying our living planet gradually. If things go this way then the day is not so far that all living creatures will vanish from the earth. While studying this matter, I’ve discovered some interesting facts. One thing that shocked me a lot is every day we’re dumping over 40-billion single-use cutlery, like spoons, forks, knives, etc. So every day we’re destroying our environment and every single of us is responsible for that.
To avoid these harmful plastics, I was looking for a permanent solution. Then I hear about Gosun Flatware which is a 100% reusable, eco-friendly, and multi-purpose cutlery set. Since I’ve been using this cutlery set for almost 8 months, I thought I should write this GoSun Flatware Reviews. If you’re also looking for a plastic alternative then stick to this article and learn about this product.

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What Is Gosun Flatware?

Gosun Flatware is a cutlery set that is 100% reusable, portable, foldable, and very much eco-friendly. It uses pure stainless steel for durable service. Don’t think that it’s a set of stainless-utensils while it’s just a compact set of  plastic spoons, a standard knife, and a fork.

What Is Gosun Flatware

Now the interesting fact is all these 3-items are packed as credit card sized. The great side of this set is its versatile use. You can use this for cutting your steak to eat your veggies with a fork. The only vision of using this cutlery set is to reduce the use of plastic materials not ruin your style.

That’s why you can use it the way you want and it deliberately helps you to accomplish your purpose. Based on my user experience, I can assure you that if you are looking for a quality and rigidity product, then Gosun Flatware is a perfect choice for you.

Top Features of Gosun Flatware

Gosun Flatware utensils come with so many amazing features. Below in this GoSun Flatware Reviews, I’m going to list some of them.

Top Features of Gosun Flatware

  • GoSun Flatware is one of the best alternatives and handy solutions for single-use plastic cutleries. With this stainless steel set, you’ll get a fork, a knife, a spoon. 
  • Because of its foldable construction, you can keep it in a little space like your wallets. It comes in the shape of your credit card size.
  • You can wash this reusable cutlery set with water, detergent, soap, dishwasher, etc. As a result, you can easily clean them and pick them with you wherever you go.
  • The forks & reusable spoons are also customizable, you can detach them for quick and well cleaning. Besides, the bent facility of this cutlery gives you extra comfort.
  • This GoSun Flatware set is very hygienic. So if you don’t want to compromise with your hygiene then you should go for GoSun Flatware.

Benefits of Use Gosun Flatware

Gosun Flatware has tremendous benefits. I have been using it for the last 8-months and now I’m going to list some of its benefits that I’ve personally experienced.

Benefits of Use Gosun Flatware


The Gosun Flatware utensil is designed in a smart way. When I fold these utensils they become the shape of my credit card. As a result, I can easily keep it in my wallet and use it wherever I want.


Another loveliest thing about this utensil that I really appreciate is its self-contained nature. When I fold them they are completely packed and never contaminate my other belongings.

Highly-Clean and Hygienic:

All of these utensils of Gosun Flatware could be dispatched from their grip and clean properly. Besides, these stainless materials are 100%-dishwasher safe.


The idea of Gosun Flatware is actually generated while thinking about how to reduce the massive use of plastic. If I just think about myself then before using this utensil I don’t know how many single plastics I’ve disposed of. But now it’s been 8-months since I didn’t use a single piece of plastic cutlery. This is how Gosun Flatware makes sure there is no waste.

How to Use It?

Using Gosun Flatware is a matter of a cup of tea. In simple words, there is actually nothing that you’ve to learn especially to use these utensils. Then again below this segment, I’m going to share the regular techniques that I do with these utensils.

How to Use It?

Step-1: Process of Opening

First, I unfold the Gosun Flatware. It has 2-finger gloves on both sides of this set like a holder. If you want you can slide both of these cutleries or either one. For example, to use the eco-friendly spoon you can simply separate it with a little press. Once you separate it, you’ll easily understand from which side you can use it.

Step-2: Process of Using Knife and Spoon

One thing that I should mention to you again that the spoon is designed for a two in one purpose. Either, you can use it as a knife or as a spoon both. Basically, the edges of the spoon are used as a knife. I’m using the knife for cutting steak and veggies and every time I do that effortlessly.

Step-3: Customization

Another thing that you’ll love about this Gosun Flatware utensil is they are highly customizable. Usually, they come in a flat shape but if you wanted to make them a little bendy you can do so. But, you have to also remember that benign too much could be a curse. After using when you want to push back again into the casing.

Step:4 Putting Back

After finishing your activity with these utensils, you need to put them back into their previous position. You can put them back easily inside if you don’t bend them. However, when you bend them, you have to use both hands and press them a little bit harder to place them in position.

Step-5: Storing Option

Well! Here is the super benefit of Gosun Flatware utensils. It gives you all the flexibility to keep it wherever you want. I usually keep it in my wallet. My wife keeps it in her purse. Sometimes I keep it in my pocket also. In simple words, you can place it wherever you want.

How Should Gosun Flatware Be Washed?

The versatile Gosun Flatware is not only easy to use. It comes with endless benefits for its users. But one thing you have to always make sure that you have cleaned properly to maintain your hygiene.

  • First, when you are done with eating, you must have to clean it with water or a wet/dry tissue. If you leave it without cleaning the stuck food will make a mess.
  • You can use any kind of washing method. There is no restriction for doing that. For example, you can use soap water, dishwasher, detergent, etc. The stainless steel of this utensil is completely dishwasher safe.
  • Detach the fork and spoon before putting them into the dishwasher or while cleaning with soap and a sponge. Through this process, you can remove the food grease and residue and kill all the germs.
  • Put some coconut oil on the joints and slider to make your Gosun Flatware utensils freely move.

Is It a Scam?

If you never heard about this device before then this is quite natural to arise this question in your mind. Even I was also thinking 8-months before that it’s a scam. But after using it these days, I can assure you that the product is 100% real. You can blindly go for one if you want to have one.

Pricing & Return Policy

Well, Gosun Flatware is available on its official site at a very reasonable price. Even the manufacturer gives you a money-back guarantee for 30-days if the product is unable to fulfill your requirement.

Gosun Flatware Reviews: Where to Buy?

I always suggest people get the product from its manufacturer, whatever the product is. Because this will help you in hassle-free purchase without engaging any middle man or third party. On the other hand, when you order the product from its official site, you get the original product.

Along with that manufacturer offers the buyer a 30-days money-back guarantee only when they make the purchase from its authorized site. Down this segment, I’m including a link that will take you to the Gosun Flatware official site.

Frequently Asked Question

While reading this GoSun Flatware Reviews, it’s possible that there are a lot of questions knocking on your brain. If so then give a little attention to the below segment and get some of the answers to your question.

Can I get a discount if I order more than 1?

Well, when people order more than one manufacturer give them some special discount. If you purchase two of these then you’ll get one absolutely free. When you order for 3 of these, you get two more extra. People who purchase four of them get another four completely free.

Is there a money-back guarantee and/or warranty?

If you order your product from the GoSun Flatware official site then you’ll get a money-back guarantee for 30-days.

Will I have to pay any additional customs, duties, or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Basically, it depends on where you make the purchase. If you’re from the USA then you’ll get a free shipping delivery without any additional charge. But the international customer may have to pay duties and tax as per their country policy.

Final Verdict

The day is very near when fishermen will find more plastic than fish. This is just because of the massive use of plastic. If we don’t minimize the use of plastic right now. Then the world will be no longer a living place for any living creatures. As you’re in the conclusion section of the GoSun Flatware Reviews.

You already know how this cutlery helps you in reducing the use of one-time plastic. I believe if you complete the article, you know how GoSun Flatware could help the environment. Let’s make this universe beautiful again rather than turn it into plastic garbage.

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