Grow Pad Mini Review – Is Grow Pad Mini Legit or Scam?

I just love gardening and growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables in my kitchen. However, it takes my huge effort for maintenance as the soil creates a huge mess on the surface. Luckily, one day while browsing the internet, I found a hydroponic system device called grow pad mini.

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Finally, I decided to purchase this tiny device after thorough research and seeing the positive reviews. It can grow herbs, vegetables, and other plants in the kitchen, living room, or anywhere. It’s really simple, convenient, and hassle-free to use. In this grow pad mini review, I will share my real-life experience with it.

Product Summary
Grow Pad Mini Review

Grow Pad Mini Review


  • UV-C light
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Dynamic Design
  • 360° Uv Light Disinfection
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy to Use


What Is Grow Pad Mini?

Grow Pad Mini is a little hydroponic system that can grow herbs, vegetables, fruits comfortably at home. It can grow the plants 25% faster than the soil. The best part is, Grow Pad Mini requires no soil to grow plants. Instead of using soil, it comes with the quality substrate.

What Is Grow Pad Mini

It is equipped with a smart LED to fulfill the absence of sunshine. The fan provides needed airflow every 15 minutes. It consists of a water compartment with a level indicator. With little to no maintenance, this device can grow plants directly in fertilized water.

In this well-managed system, plants can grow in any weather condition and anytime. It only requires plugging the cord in, adding filtered water, and seeds then leave it for 6 weeks. After that, it comes with fresh herbs and vegetables.

Features of Grow Pad Mini

The grow pad mini comes with a wide range of advanced features to grow plants faster. In this grow pad mini review, I will share the features that set this device apart from its competitors.

Automated LED Light:

It consists of a smart 12hr cycle LED light. It is fully automated which switches on and off for 12 hr at intervals. This light provides the plants all the required sunshine that is missing indoors. It prevents the indoor plants from withering because of too much or little illumination.

Airflow Fan:

To prevent bacterial growth, provide shields from harmful pathogens, and required air, it comes with a simple airflow fan. This fan starts for 15 minutes intervals. It keeps the plants cool and ensures adequate circulation.

Airflow Fan

High-Quality substrate:

The quality substrate can hold the seeds effectively, so no need for soil. The excellent substrate comes in a perfect composition so that it can allow the plant to absorb vital nutrients, oxygen, and an ample amount of water.

Watering Reservoir:

The Grow Pad Mini’s pot has a unique watering compartment. It includes level indicators so that people can understand exactly when to water the thirsty plants. It just needs pouring some water and keep watching the plants grow. The internal water reservoir ensures each day plants get the perfect amount of water.

Faster Growing:

With hydroponic systems, plants grow 25% more faster than those plants that grow on soil. In this system, plant roots are usually dunked in nutrient-rich water. Therefore, plants can grow in this well-managed system faster and live their best life.

Plant Anywhere and Anytime:

With a grow pad mini, there is no fear of season or weather to grow plants. It allows planting anytime without worrying about the poor weather conditions. With the compact size, it can be placed anywhere.

Plant Anywhere and Anytime

Hassle-Less process:

Assembling the Grow Pad Mini doesn’t require any technical knowledge as it’s very simple to do. Just unbox the grow pad mini, place the pot on a flat surface, and add the substrate into it.

After that, mix a couple of seeds with the substrate and pour some fresh or filtered and fertilized water. Then plug the USB cord in, and that’s it. After 6 weeks, it will allow to start harvesting for up to 6 months.


Grow Pad Mini is suitable for growing herbs, small vegetables, fruits, or microgreens. It can grow chives, cilantro, rosemary, cherry tomato, curry, mint, thyme, basil, etc. For growing bigger plants, it requires using it as a germination system to then transplant.

Benefits of Using Grow Pad Mini

Grow Pad Mini may sound complicated, but actually, it’s not. It comes with several benefits, which I am going to share in this section.

Benefits of Using Grow Pad Mini

  • This compact device works all hands-free.
  • Full of nutrients on the desk or nightstand.
  • The LED light and airflow fan run automatically. So, I don’t have to remember to turn them on and off.
  • With minimal maintenance, it offers effortless growth of plants.
  • It helps to create a hyper-local food system.
  • No need for worrying about environmental factors.
  • The result is absolutely organic, healthy, and pesticide-free.
  • Grow pad mini creates zero mess and dirt.

Why You Need Grow Pad Mini?

If you like gardening and growing several plants indoor and outdoor, then grow pad mini is for you. But, taking care of plants is not that easy. Many things we should keep in mind, like proper watering, trimming, climates, etc. Ohhh, and the mess or dirt that indoor plant’s soil creates requires so much maintenance.

Why You Need Grow Pad Mini

To solve all these issues, hydroponic gardening, which the grow pad mini provides, comes in. The plants that grow hydroponically are exceedingly high-quality and can even produce higher yields. This device is much convenient, and it comes with all the necessary things that the plants require to grow healthy.

Is Buying Grow Pad Mini Worth the Money?

This compact device is an all-in-one hydroponics gardening system that can grow plants anywhere at home. It just requires a little assembly, then plugging the cable, and lastly, just pressing one button. After that, it will do everything by itself. I just pour filtered water and observe my plant grow in front of my eyes.

Is Buying Grow Pad Mini Worth the Money

When I pick out the fresh herbs while cooking, it feels great. It saves my time that I have to spend on cleaning the mess that soil created. From my experience and this grow pad mini review, it is clear that it is worth the money. Plants lovers will definitely love this device as there is nothing better than harvesting fresh cherry tomatoes from your own kitchen.

Where I Can Buy It?

I always prefer products from the manufacturer’s official website while buying online. They assure authentic products with a safe and secure checkout system. The grow pad mini is so reasonable that you don’t have to break the bank.

Where I Can Buy It

The package includes a small self-watering planter, quality substrate, seeds, USB cord, LED light platform, and a tiny fan. Within 14-30 days, the order will arrive. So, to make your own indoor garden visit the manufacturer’s official website and see their deals and offers.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

Grow Pad Mini comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 30-day money return policy. With damaged products or any other dissatisfaction, you can simply claim a refund.

Final Thought

Nothing can be better for having a true effortless indoor gardening experience than this grow pad mini device. It feels great when I see my own herbs and veggies are growing little by little in front of my eyes. It can grow different herbs and veggies and allows me to harvest the fresh ingredients directly from the kitchen.

This device is ideal for anyone who wants to grow plants indoors. It requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t create messes like the soil plants. Here, in this grow pad mini review, I share almost everything about this little hydroponic system. Hopefully, this guide can help you to make your own garden at home.

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