HealthWatch Review 2022 – User Reviews, Benefits, Legit/Scam?

Smartwatches are the greatest addition to our modern lifestyle. It helps us to accelerate our daily lifestyle with its outstanding features. Different people have different purposes to use a smartwatch as these watches are specialized for different segments. Some of them are great for remotely controlling your mobile phone and getting calls & notifications, some help you to track your fitness parameters, etc.

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After watching all of my friends wearing smartwatches, I also decided to get one. But I was searching for a smartwatch that is specialized in health and fitness tracking. After doing some research, I had found this amazing “HealthWatch” smartwatch. The watch is designed by a team of health & lifestyle experts to bring the change to your lifestyle.

They developed this watch in a way that makes it fashionable, featureful, and a great fitness tracking device. Now here in this HealthWatch Review, I’m going to share my experience with this smartwatch. This will help you to generate every single piece of information about this watch.

HealthWatch Review
HealthWatch Review

HealthWatch Review


  • Track and Analysed Health Data
  • Caller ID and Notification
  • Control Your Phone Camera
  • Long-Lasting Battery Backup
  • High-Quality Material

Overview Of HealthWatch Review

HealthWatch is one of the latest smartwatches that is designed by a team of health & lifestyle experts. With the name of this watch, you can assume that it’s not like other regular smartwatches. The core feature & the ultimate vision of this watch are to provide you advanced fitness tracking facilities to assist you in reaching your health goal. It helps you to watch in real-time how different parts of your body are working.

Overview Of HealthWatch

Through this, the user can easily understand what is their current physical condition and what step they need to take to improve fitness. The watch is equipped with advanced sensors to track your heart rate, blood pressure, and the level of oxygen in the blood, etc. It also has a calorie calculator to help you to estimate the calories you burn. The watch is not only full of outstanding health and fitness features but also comes with a stylish look.

It is built with high-quality material for durable and long-lasting service. Another thing you’ll love about this watch is, it is compatible with android & ios OS. Along with all the fitness facilities, you can also control your phone through this smartwatch. It also allows you to receive calls and notifications from your phone to this watch.

Why Is HealthWatch So Popular?

Things that make this watch popular among the users are its advanced level health and fitness tracking facilities. As I already mentioned above, the watch is specially designed to assist people in improving their health and fitness. So among health-conscious people, this health tracker is a very popular smartwatch. Basically, the watch collects various information about our bodies and provides us with the analyzed data that help us reach our fitness goal.

Why Is HealthWatch So Popular

In simple words, it works as your digital health and medical assistant. With the help of this watch, you can monitor your heart rate, check blood pressure & oxygen level, & track other physical activity in real-time. Apart from these fitness features, you’ll enjoy a more unique feature that you won’t get with other similar smartwatches. Just for an example, it allows you to control your smartphone camera remotely.

The watch is perfectly run with android and ios systems. So you can easily receive calls, messages, other apps notifications on this watch from your phone. HealthWatch has a dedicated app that shows you the overall health statistics collected by the watch. With this data, you can easily measure the progress of your fitness goal and make adjustments if needed.

Features of HealthWatch

HealthWatch is full of outstanding and innovative features. Under this heading, I’m going to include some of the stunning features of this fitness tracker smartwatch that I’ve enjoyed these days.

Features of HealthWatch

Track and Analysed Health Data:

Tracking your health and fitness data is the main and fundamental task of this fitness activity tracker. The watch effectively tracks your heart rate, counts your step, distance, and calories you burned. It also helps you to measure your blood pressure, level of oxygen in the blood, and the quality of your sleep. All of this information, you get in real-time and allows you to take the right action at the right time.

Caller ID and Notification:

One of the most convenient facts about this watch is it supports Android and Ios both operating systems. So it doesn’t matter what your phone OS is, you can easily connect the watch with your device and receive calls, massage, and other notifications.

Control Your Phone Camera:

Another unique feature of this watch is, you can remotely control your phone camera through this watch. As a result, you don’t have to use the capture button of your phone to take a picture. You can use the  HealthWatch to give commands.

Long-Lasting Battery Backup:

HealthWatch comes with a long-lasting battery life backup system. In standby mode, it lasts for 30 days with a single charge, and I got 15 days of power backup with continuous use.

High-Quality Material:

The watch is made with high-quality material to ensure long-lasting durability. It has adjustable straps that easily fit everyone’s hand. Moreover, the watch is IP67 certified that makes the watch water and dust resistant.

Advantages of HealthWatch
  • The watch allows me to monitor my heart rate whenever I want.
  • I can check my blood pressure and blood oxygen level with the help of this watch.
  • With its calorie burn calculator, I can measure the calories I burn every day.
  • It records all the physical activity that I do throughout the day and shows me the analyzed data.
  • The watch helps me to remotely control my phone, such as call, message, notifications, music player, camera, etc.
  • It also records the quality of my sleep and helps me to improve my sleep with proper analyzing data.
  • The high-quality sensor of this watch accurately analyzes the motion and trajectory.
  • It has one month standby time and is capable of providing 15 days of nonstop service.
Disadvantages of HealthWatch
  • You can only purchase the watch from its official site.

How Can I Use HealthWatch?

Using HealthWatch is a very simple process. Here in this segment, I’m going to show you how you can use this watch.

How Can I Use HealthWatch

  • First, connect the watch with your phone through a Bluetooth connection. It supports Android and ios operating systems. Once the watch is connected with your phone it’ll sync the activity of your phone. And, give you an alert for calls, SMS, and other apps notification.
  • As long as the watch is in your hand, it will track and record all the physical activity that you do throughout the day. Then by using the health watch app, you can watch your whole day’s workout progress.
  • Whenever you want to check your heart rate with its heart rate monitor sensor, blood pressure & blood oxygen, just tap on the watch and you’ll get all the information.

Is HealthWatch a scam?

When anybody hears about this watch for the first time. They actually can’t believe themselves whether they are hearing it right or wrong. And, the reason is very simple, it provides so many outstanding features with an affordable price range. Even when I heard about the watch for the first time, I thought it was a scam. But after getting the watch and using it these days, I just became a fan of this watch.

You’ll get every single thing that the manufacturer claimed about this watch. It shows your heart rate, measures your blood pressure & oxygen, tracks your sleep patterns, etc. You’ll get 15 days of power backup in continuous use and 30-days backup in standby mode. The watch is IP68 dust and water-resistant certified. With its 1-inch OLED display, you can control your smartphone. If the above features are able to fulfill your requirements, you can definitely go for this watch.

Where I Can Order It?

As per their marketing policy, they only sell this watch on their official site. I had purchased three of these watches for me and my friends from their official site. It’s been almost seven and half months that we are using the watch and never faced any problems till now. So if you want to get this watch I’ll suggest you get it from the official site.

Besides that, when you get the HealthWatch from its official site, you’ll receive a huge 50% discount on your purchase during the promo campaign. To help you in visiting their official site, I’m adding the website link down this section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below this FAQ section, find some answers to the queries that arise in your mind while reading this HealthWatch  Review.

Can a smartwatch detect blood pressure?

Yes, a premium category smartwatch-like health watch can detect blood pressure with its advanced quality sensor.

Who Wears A HealthWatch?

There is no restriction for wearing HealthWatch. Anybody of any age can effectively wear this watch and get benefited. But the watch is highly benefited for those people who are conscious about their health and fitness.

Are blood pressure watches accurate?

A high-quality sensor smartwatch can provide almost 90% accurate data. If the watch you are wearing is approved by the authorized organization, you can rely on that.

Final Thought

After reading this HealthWatch  Review, I believe you have all the answers to the queries about this smartwatch. It’s a perfect choice for that person who is conscious about his health and fitness. You can monitor your heart rate, check blood pressure level & oxygen, calories you burn, trace your sleeping pattern, and a lot more things with this smartwatch.

The watch is compatible with android & ios OS. So whatever phone you use, you can easily connect the watch and remotely control your phone. If you want to stay fit this watch is a wonderful addition to your lifestyle.

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