Hootie Review 2022 – Is It Worth The Money?

Nowadays, you can’t guarantee “too safe” whether staying at home or outside. Sometimes, when I return home from my office, I can feel that someone is following me. This thing made me very frightened. Though I always carried pepper spray, it was too risky to harm an innocent.

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Thus, I was looking for a non-violent safety option. Fortunately, after much research, I finally got a compact personal safety device called Hootie. This nonviolent device comes with an alarm system which is enough to protect anyone from trouble. It’s the best self-defense tool that I have ever used. Therefore, I am going to share my opinion about this device in this Hootie Review.

Product Summary
Hootie Review

Hootie Review

  • Ear-Piercing Alarm
  • Strobe Led Light
  • Anti-Sweat
  • TSA Approved
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Safe and Convenient

About Hootie Review

Hootie is a self-defense tool with a safety alarm that is designed considering women’s safety in mind. Though this device is made with the intention of women’s protection, anyone and any aged people can use it. This little key-sized device comes with an LED strobe light and a 130-decibel ultra-loud siren.

About Hootie Review

It easily clips with the bag, key chain, water bottle, or other things with its carabiner. Hootie works very simply; it just requires pulling the pin to activate the siren and LED flashlight. It runs on reusable batteries and is made with impact-resistant durable plastic material.

This no-button device instantly attracts attention without any violence and additional danger. The best part is, Hootie has a modern and sleek design that matches every accessory. This lightweight handheld device can ensure style along with security.

How Does Hootie Work?

Hootie is a highly engineered and innovative product that ensures fearless independence for women in any situation. It is equipped with a high-intensity strobe LED light, ear-Piercing siren, long-lasting battery, and military-grade durability. After activating Hootie, it triggers its alarm that can reach 100 feet long distance.

How Does Hootie Work

In addition, it started flashing the light that is clearly visible at daylight also. The alarm continued for 30-40 minutes until reclipping the Hootie. It alerts the passerby, distracts the attackers, and gets help when in trouble. Hootie is a 100% non-violent gadget that encourages women or others to live fearlessly.

Features of Hootie

This effective personal safety device consists of multiple advanced features.  Here, in this Hootie Review, I will share all the best features that make it unique from others.

Ear-Piercing Alarm:

The loud siren of Hootie emits an ear-piercing 130db alarm. This alarm is as loud as a jet engine and more than a rock concert. It is capable of alerting anyone from 1000 feet distance.

Strobe Led Light:

To create more deterrence, it comes with an Ultra-bright strobe light. It starts flashing when activating the Hootie. This nearly blinding strobe LED light can easily disorient the attackers and alert the passerby. It can be used as an SOS light also.

Strobe Led Light


Hootie is hand-tested and built to last. Due to the matte body finish, it becomes an anti-sweat device. So, this handheld compact device won’t slip right out of the hands.

TSA Approved:

This gadget is TSA approved, which means it has clearance by the transportation security administration. It implies, unlike pepper spray, knives, mace, taser, or other self-defense tools, it can be carried everywhere.

Durable Material:

Hootie is made with durable ABS plastic with a matte finish material. It can withstand extreme conditions and temperatures also is resistant to impact and rust.

Durable Material

Long-Lasting Battery:

It runs with the power of the replaceable batteries. This battery lasts for 1 year long even with the loud alarm and ultra-bright light. With these batteries, once Hootie is activated, it lasts for 40 straight minutes.

Safe and Convenient:

Hootie is much safer and convenient than the other self-defense tools. It comes in a 1.2 x 3.8 inches size which is as tiny and lightweight as a key. It is the ideal companion for travel and regular use as it conveniently fits everywhere.

What I Like
  • It makes women feel empowered in everyday life and live fearlessly.
  • The non-violent feature effectively withstands in every situation.
  • Hookie alerts others, makes the attackers uncomfortable, and allows them to escape.
  • The slim, sleek, and modern look Hootie goes with every accessory.
  • Its exceptional loud noise and blinding strobe light take personal safety to the next level.
  • For a medical emergency and if lost the path, this device can help to draw help.
  • The design is very simple which acts really fast in any situation. 
What Could Be Better?
  • With huge demands, most of the time, its stock remains limited.
  • Another thing is, it is available only online.

Compilation of Customer

Before purchasing this device, I go through 100+ reviews. The best thing is no one has a single complaint about its efficiency. Some of them wrote that it’s a great gift for family members and friends. Here, I will share some of the reviews that people express about Hootie.

Compilation of Customer

How Can I Use Hootie?

This straightforward device needs no training or expert advice to operate. It’s absolutely hassle-free and doesn’t require any permits to carry anywhere. Here, I will share the process of activating and deactivating Hootie.

How Can I Use Hootie

  • Hootie comes with a removable top pin. This top pin requires 2 pounds of force to pull out. This prevents the automatic or accidentally opening the top pin of Hootie’s.
  • Now, to activate the Hookie pull the top pin out from the body. Immediately, the siren and flashlight will activate.
  • Make sure to keep the speaker uncovered and face the strobe light toward the target.
  • Replace the top pin into the Hootie’s body to make it silent and off the strobe light.

Is Hootie a Scam?

Hootie is the best non-violent safety tool that is absolutely safe to use. While other self-defense tools may go against the victim if used improperly. With Hootie, there is no risk of such incidents. It is a TSA compliant device that means without any permit, people can carry it. I personally find this gadget very helpful.

Is Hootie a Scam

Along with providing self-defense, this gadget can help in any emergency situation also. This keychain-sized device can make the loudest sound that can be heard from 1000 feet distance. From this Hootie Review, it is clear that it is absolutely not a scam. In my opinion, every person should use this device to ensure optimum safety.

Where I Can Buy It?

It is the ideal device for ensuring safety and gift to loved ones. In my opinion, nothing is better than the product’s official website while buying online. I also got my Hootie from the manufacturer’s official website, and here is the link. Seeing the positive responses and huge demands, manufacturers offer different deals and discounts.

Where I Can Buy It

Currently, they are providing buy 2, get 1 saving $29.99, buy 3 get 2 free with $59.98 savings. Lastly, their best deal is, buy 4, and get 4, and you can save up to $119.96. The best part is these three offers come with free USA shipping. Also, you will get a 30-day refund guarantee and a 1-year warranty with each purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further queries about Hootie, this section will clear out all. In this section, I am going to answer some frequently asked questions for your better understanding.

What Is Included With Hootie?

Hootie is equipped with a premium safety alarm, higher-quality carabiner, 1-year warranty, and direction book.

Do I Need Hootie If I Already Carry Mace or Pepper Spray?

This safety alarm works more effectively to attract others attention and scarry off the attackers. There are some cases of missing targets and spraying on themselves, which is much more dangerous.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

It comes with long-lasting replaceable batteries. These batteries are built to last up to 1 year and keep you protected.

When Can I Expect My Order?

After receiving an order, the manufacturer takes only 24 to 48 hours to ship the orders. In the USA, it takes on average 3-5 business days to deliver, and outside the USA, it takes 7-12 days. Actually, the duration varies based on different countries.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee And/or Warranty?

Every Hootie comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and an industry-leading 1-year warranty. So, with any dissatisfied product, you can easily claim a refund, and the manufacturer offers no hassle.

Final Thought

Hootie is something that can work as the ideal tool in any dangerous situation. It is better to keep us well prepared for the uncertainty. As we can’t forecast what exactly is going to happen, it’s better to take precautions. Initially, it was designed for women but now, every gender and every aged person has started using this.

It is the perfect companion to carry everywhere. This device has impact-resistance plastic, which is much durable, and a battery that will last for a year. So, undoubtedly this safety gadget can withstand any extreme condition. I have been using it for the last 6 months and share my opinion in this Hootie Review. Hopefully, you will get some benefit from this guide and make you and your family members safe.

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