How to Use a Neck Hammock To Relieve From Aches And Pains?

According to NCBI, the prevalence of neck pain ranges from 16.7% to 75.1% in the whole world. Any aged people from adults to seniors face this severe pain many times in their lifetime. Only the sufferer knows how uncomfortable, irritating, and painful this pain is. To get rid of this pain, the neck hammock works very effectively.

Now, you may be wondering how to use a neck hammock? Well, there is nothing technical, simply attach the strap, lie down, lay the head onto the hammock, and relax. Yes, it is very easy to use, provides quick relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and many more advantages. To know the detailed process, keep reading this guide.

Does the Neck Hammock Really Work?

Among adults, 20% to 70% experience neck pain that interferes with their daily activities during their lifetime. In this situation, the neck hammock can relieve this pain by applying distraction force. This neck traction device pulls the head away gently from the neck without hurting. In this way, it stretches the muscles, ligaments, spinal cord and allows the muscles to relax.

Does the Neck Hammock Really Work?

Then, it started expanding the intervertebral space of the spine. Neck Hammock Reviews show that this thing improves blood flow into the compressed areas and provides essential nutrition to the neck muscle. This is how the neck hammock helps the pinched nerves to get released and reduce the herniated or bulging disc. Finally, relieving the pressure, it increases neck mobility and decreases pain.

How to Use a Neck Hammock?

You should use the neck hammock appropriately to get the best possible result. As this device will get contact with the neck, you can’t afford any mistakes. Therefore, we are sharing how to use a neck hammock effectively.

How to Use a Neck Hammock?

Best Places for Hanging:

The neck hammock requires strong objects for hanging; otherwise, it can’t carry the weight safely. You can hang this device on the doorknob, ceiling, door handles, and any other strong objects. While hanging, make sure the object is strong enough to hold the hammock strongly and carry your weight.

Assemble the Neck Hammock:

Unbox the package and start assembling everything. You will find a patented strap, a Bungie strap, and a neck hammock pad. Now, connect the single strap with the Bungie strap and clip the Bungie strap with the therapeutic grade. You will find the therapeutic grade connected to the neck hammock’s pad.

Use the Door-Knob:

If you use the doorknob, then hang the strap into the other side of the doorknob. Drag the strap with full force to ensure the knob is stable and enough strong. Now, bring the strap through the doorway to the other side of the door. Close the door properly.

Using Door Jamb:

A door jamb is another way that can securely hold the neck hammock. To use it simply, place the neck hammock’s strap into the door jamb. Drag the strap tightly with full force through the door and make the door close.

Using Door Jamb

Hang With Pole or Post:

Using the neck hammock with pole and post follows the same process. Just wrap the strap with a strong post or pole and bring the end of the strap through the loop. By dragging it down, attach the strap with the Bungie strap.

Hanging Distance from Ground:

Once the hanging process is done now, it’s time for adjusting the height. The neck hammock should be placed 2-4 inches above the ground. Remember, the higher you place the neck hammock from the ground, the greater it will provide stretch. To get the desired height use the medical-grade adjustable strap.

Now, lie back in a comfortable position and place the head onto the base of the neck hammock. Try to listen to your body; if you feel too much stretch, make the hammock low. It will take some tension off. Once you find out the accurate height, just close the eyes and stay relax. The cervical traction equipment will do its work.

Set the Timer:

Always before starting the session, make sure to set the timer for 10 to 15 minutes. Never use the neck hammock for more than 15 minutes at a time. Also, to create a nice ambiance and enhance the relaxation process, you can play some meditation music.

Set the Timer

Every day is different; someday you will require more tension and someday less. The main purpose is to make the neck feel good, ensuring maximum comfort. With really tight hamstrings, you can use it 2-3x a day for few weeks. And with flexible hamstrings, 3-4x a week is enough to relieve the pain. If you feel a headache, place the pad more toward the middle of the neck and decrease the time.

Things to Remember When Using Neck Hammock

The neck hammock is a non-surgical treatment and cervical traction device that relieves neck pain. This device can recover neck injuries and pain so efficiently that you don’t have to go for any medication and surgery. It’s a natural therapy that comes with patented technology.

Things to Remember When Using Neck Hammock

The neck hammock is a combination of resistance band and gravity. With this combination, it ensures providing a controlled stretch. In addition, it can improve poor sleep, posture, upper back hump, cervical neck muscle spasms, osteoarthritis, and many more. It is FDA-approved and absolutely safe for any aged person.


According to studies, neck pain is a major health concern that can impact up to 75% of the population of certain countries. It impacts those people more who perform repetitive tasks regularly. If this pain is not treated properly at the right time, it can become much severe. So, the best natural and drug-free solution is the neck hammock.

The quality is very high with maximum durability, and it is absolutely safe also; it assures causing no harm. We provide all the necessary information about it in this guide. Now, you know how to use a neck hammock properly, so start using it and get rid of the neck pain.

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