How to Use Bondic: Does This Adhesive Really Work?

What is Bondic? It is the world’s first 3D liquid plastic welder that allows making both temporary and permanent bonds. It also allows fixing, mold, fill and even building almost everything. You can also control the dry-out time of bondic that you will not find in any other ordinary adhesive.

Bondic is included with LED UV light, which will let you make super-strong bonds and fix broken materials. Therefore, knowing How to Use Bondic can be a great idea because you can fix or repair any object or material through it. You just have to make a rough surface of that material, then apply the perfect amount of Bondic. After that, apply  LED UV light to make a super-strong bond. Follow this context to learn more about Bondic adhesive usability.

What Is Bondic Used For?

Bondic is the world’s first liquid plastic welding method that works as a perfect alternative to traditional glue. This is a liquid plastic welder- LED UV light-activated quick repair and bonding tool. It is a waterproof and heat-resistant tool that can build, bond, and fill anything in a short period of time.

What Is Bondic Used For?

Bondic comes in a liquid form which can be used as an alternative to standard glue, super glue, craft glue, epoxy, fabric, and wood glue. You can use Bondic for filling gaps, replacing missing items, making molds, replacing missing or broken parts. Bondic can also help to seal products to prevent water or damage.

How to Use Bondic?

Do you want to know the proper procedure for using Bondic? We are here to show you the procedure; follow the below steps to use Bondic properly.

How to Use Bondic?

Step: 1

Before applying a Bondic or liquid plastic welder, you have to use sandpaper to make a rough surface of that material.  That is because a rough surface will help to deploy the bondic strongly. The rough surface will also ensure a permanent bond to any material or object. However, if you want a temporary bond, then you can keep the surface smooth.

Step: 2

In the second step, you have to ensure that you apply the perfect amount of Bondic to your material or object. It’s always essential to use a sufficient amount of bondic in the area of that object that you want to repair or fix. You have to use a very small amount of bondic on the material or object what UV light can perfectly hit. Moreover, if you want to attach two objects, then apply bondic to one of those items.

Step: 3

It’s time to apply the LED UV light to make a strong bond. The adhesive will not get hardened until you use a UV light on the spot. It’s time to make proper positioning to your object and after using the right amount of bondic. You have to hold the light carefully and aim the UV light to the point where you applied adhesive. Hold the UV LED light for four seconds. If you apply a large amount of adhesive, you have to move the UV light around.

Step: 4

When you are using a bondic, be careful about sunlight. That is because sunlight also contains UV redaction, which can impact your bonding. However, for a secure and durable bond, you have to repeat the above steps. You can make the bond stronger by using a couple of layers of thin bondic adhesive.

Step: 5

Along with bonding objects or materials, you can also use the bondic adhesive as a filler too. This liquid adhesive can be used to fill a mold with quickly dreary UV light. Using bondic is the perfect way to make a perfect shape of any broken or missing pieces of any materials.

Benefits of Using Bondic

Through Bondic Review you can be able to know more about Bondic. However, here we have included some core benefits of it. Follow the below section to learn what benefits you will get by using bondic.

Benefits of Using Bondic

1. Bondic Can Be Used for Multiple Purposes

You can be able to use bondic on different appliances. It can be used on broken glass or plastic. Forming bonds between two pieces of wood. You can repair or make jewelry pieces, fixing broken fake fingernails. Bondic can be useful for electric wiring and also repairing damaged wires. It can also be used on molded plastic shapes, eyeglasses repair, and also as fabric glue.

2. Works as a Portable 3D Printer

The core benefits of using bondic are that it can be molded into different shapes and create 3D layers to fill gaps. You just have to use this applicator like a 3D pen and dry in between the layers. When you use small layers, then you can easily build up a perfect shape.

3. No Drying Issues

Traditional glue adhesives sometimes dry too fast and sometimes too slow. However, you don’t have to worry about drying issues while using bondic. That is because you can dry the bondic adhesives slow and fast, based on your usability. You can dry the bondic within five seconds by applying UV light.

No Drying Issues

4. Non-Toxic

Most of the traditional glues contain toxic chemical ingredients that can cause several health issues. However, bondic does not contain any toxic fumes or ingredients. That’s why bondic is far safer than other traditional glue.

5. Bondic Insulates

Most electricians and electrical engineers prefer to use bondic because it naturally insulates the wire. However, bondic can only be used on low voltage electricity. That is because if you use it on high voltage, then bondic can cause several issues.


Now you know How to Use Bondic and what are the core benefits of it. When you use bondic rather than using traditional glue, it will create less mess, less sticky fingers, and more durable bonding. Moreover, you can repair many types of materials and objects through bondic.

You can use it in eclectic repairs, plastic or glass repairs, and most importantly, 3D shapes and molds for filler. When glue does not contain any toxic substances, then what do you need more? Simply use this plastic liquid plastic and repair or fix almost any type of material or object.

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