How To Use Fixd – Full FIXD Setup Guide

Whether you are a regular or casual driver, you will never like to see the engine light suddenly go on. Well, not only you, no one wants to face this frustrating moment while driving. Luckily, there is a device called FIXD, and it can help to point out the issue immediately.

This innovative device can help you to understand better and maintain your vehicles properly. FIXD will provide you the reason for your vehicle’s engine issue and show you the maintenance costs. Therefore, knowing how to use fixd can be very helpful if you want to save your car from trouble and reduce maintenance costs. In this context, we will take and explain more about smart device FIXD usability.

Overview Of FIXD

FIXD is an innovative car monitoring and diagnostic tool that comes with a phone app. It is an OBD2 device, which is capable of detecting up to 7000+ possible reasons for a check engine light. This smart device is installed on the dashboard of any vehicle OBD2 port, and it draws power from that port.

Overview Of FIXD

Simply plug it in and leave it without worrying about charging this smart tool. FIXD will always give you information about your car on the phone app. Though this tool cannot fix any error issue of your car, it can provide reliable instruction about when your vehicle needs maintenance.

Once you connect the FIXD device to your vehicle, it will give you real-time updates about your car. You can learn about this tool from FIXD Reviews and also gain knowledge about its features.

How to Setup FIXD?

While most vehicle owners find it difficult to set up fixed on their cars or trucks, it is actually straightforward. Before setting up FIXD, you have to make sure your vehicle is compatible; also, you have a compatible device and strong cellular connection. The rest of the set-up procedure will be shown below, have a look.

How to Setup FIXD

Step – 1   First, download the FIXD phone app on your android or iOS phone. You will find the app on Google Play Store and Apple app store.

Step – 2   Now, register an account on the FIXD app.

Step – 3   Input the sensor code of FIXD, and you will find it on the back of the FIXD sensor.

Step – 4   Now, find the OBD2 port to input the FIXD sensor. Most of the car has an OBD2 port at the bottom of the dash on the driver’s side.

Step – 5  Once you successfully plug FIXD into the OBD2 port, it will show you a blue light flash.

Step – 6  Now, turn on your car and the Bluetooth of your phone.

Step – 7  Simple open the app and tap to screen to connect the FIXD sensor from your app.

Step – 8  When the phone app detects the FIXD sensor, it will ask you to tap “I found it. Then enter your vehicle name and VIN.

FIXD’s phone app will ask you to enable the notifications and location function. Enable both functions, and you are ready to go.

Features of FIXD

FIXD sensors offer plenty of reliable features and benefits for users. Here we are going to show you some unique features of FIXD sensors with proper explanation.

Features of FIXD

Check Your Car Issues:

The most useful and reliable feature of the FIXD sensor is its issues identification method. It can identify several problems with your car and also many car-related issues. According to the manufacture of FIXD sensor clams, it can identify about 7000 car problems.

It can identify issues like, engine light issues, oxygen sensor malfunctions, gas cap issues, low oil levels and so on. FIXD can also show error messages of the most important oil temperatures issues too. In short, it will let you know every single issue of your car and inform you if you can fix it or need a mechanic.

Cost Estimates:

Maybe not all the mechanics will charge you similar repairing costs; FIXD will give you an approximate repair cost. So if your car has an accident, or you need to repair it for different reasons, you’ll get a perfect approximate repair cost. Going to different repairing shops and checking the price of products is a frustrating and lengthy process.

Along with identifying possible issues, this simple device will also give you the cost estimate based on your issues and location. Therefore, you will know how much you are likely to pay to repair your car from a mechanic.

Maintenance Reminder:

According to the manufacturer, different cars or vehicles require different maintenance policies. Moreover, it’s hard to remember what maintenance your car needs as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Well, if you have a FIXD sensor, you will not need to worry about it.

Maintenance Reminder

That is because this sensor will do a tricky job for you. A FIXD device will remind or let you know when your vehicle exactly needs maintenance. It will notify you through the phone app and let you know if there is any maintenance needed or not.

Reliable Protection:

FIXD sensor will let you protect your car and help you protect yourself as well. It will let you quickly check and scan to perceive several states of your car before starting your journey. If there is any problem, a FIXD device will help you to detect the problem. Therefore, you can keep yourself safe from any kind of unwanted issue or situation in the middle of your journey.

Vehicle History:

You will be able to check every single piece of information about your vehicle through a FIXD sensor. Therefore, you will never need to note down any further information related to your car. That is because the sensor will store all the detailed information digitally rather than storing manually. You can record any type of data related to your vehicle and access the data anytime and anywhere. Moreover, FIXD will let you use it on multi-vehicle too.


Now you know how to use fixd and the reliable setup procedure. It is actually a hardware-software that produces actionable details about your vehicle. This sensor will work great for accurately diagnosing error messages or program issues. FIXD perfectly helps understand the configuration of your vehicle by checking the engine lights.

This will also help your vehicle stay on your commands by tracking the scheduled service. Moreover, FIXD will also help to keep your vehicle safe by providing your maintenance timeline reminder and so on. So start using FIXD on your car or truck and keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

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