Kitchen Cube Review in 2022 – Is It Worth Buying?

I was considering expanding my baking space because of the clusters of my baking kits, especially the measuring devices. It would cost me more money, and I was saving for it even when it did not seem like the right thing to do. But then, the story changed, and the defining moment was when a friend shared a document on kitchen cube review with me.

I was not intrigued to read at first because I never found it as the right thing to add more measuring kits to my arsenal until the word “all in one measuring kit” caught my attention. Of the truth, I never believed what I read and saw until my order was delivered and it was real.

Product Summary
Kitchen Cube Review

Kitchen Cube Review

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Color Option
  • Long-Lasting Plastic Material
  • All In One Measuring Tool
  • Microwave & Dishwater Safe
  • Egg Cracker

The Kitchen Cube Review: Overview

My expectation was so high when I made the purchase for the kitchen cube and what I got was nothing short of what I read from the review. What I received was a square cube that had different measurement labels.

Kitchen Cube Review – The perfect all in one measuring kit you need

Before the arrival of the Kitchen Cube, I had over ten measuring kits, and since the arrival, I have to put them all aside. Fortunately, I have my savings to purchase some other things since the cube was the missing piece I needed in my kitchen, and I have it.

It was too real to believe that a single kitchen kit could be used for many measurement applications. It thus saves me the space and time it takes to clean all kitchen kits after each baking session.

This convenient measuring gadget takes my guesswork out of measuring cooking ingredients. It was not different from others I have been using as it also gives a precise and accurate measurement.

It is durable and easy to clean, making my investment worthwhile. In addition, it features U.S. and Metric measurements and a convenient level above the lip of the measuring container, which makes it easier for me to use without wasting my ingredients.

In addition, there is no restriction to its application as I was able to use the kitchen cube with dry and wet ingredients, including flour, sugar, rice, and butter. They are built with unbreakable plastic, making them incredibly durable and last for years.

About Kitchen Cube?

The Kitchen Cube is designed for those who strongly believe that cooking should be a daily ritual filled with joy, laughter, and good food. The kitchen cube is sure a thoughtful solution to common problems that I face with cooking and baking, and anyone just like me will appreciate it.

Since I got the cube, it has been much easier to quickly make the right measurement of ingredients to make delicious food at home.

Features And Benefits of Kitchen Cube

The Kitchen Cube is a safe, lightweight, and eco-friendly way to organize my kitchen because the cube’s size takes up less counter space than most shelving systems and creates more storage space for me.

Features And Benefits of Kitchen Cube

It is perfect for anyone that loves good organization. The design simply makes life easier. So, below are some of the features that I appreciate with the cube, which makes it a good choice for anyone that loves to have a precise and accurate measurement for both dry and wet materials.

Space-Saving Design

The Kitchen Cube is a revolutionary space-saving product specially designed for people with limited storage space in their kitchens. Formerly, it was needful for me to purchase more than one measuring kit, and trust me, they take up lots of space in my kitchen.

However, the kitchen cube boasts of a unique space-saving design. I no longer have to keep my cabinet messy with different sizes of measuring cups as it is a perfect gadget that can fit in all cupboards.

Whether you have limited draws and need to get items that would normally be stacked in a drawer upright to save more space or prefer items on the worktop surface for ease of use, this stylish kitchen utensil will meet your demands.

Long-Lasting Plastic Material

The measuring cube is manufactured from long-lasting plastic material that won’t break. The set includes all the most popular kitchen measures you’ll ever need to cook or bake a quick new recipe. The set consists of 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 3/4 tsp, 1 Tbsp, 1/4 cup, etc.

Long-Lasting Plastic Material

At first, I was skeptical about the quality of the material, and it’s made from plastic. However, after several uses, I could only be grateful I got it. Also, the fact that the FDA-approved materials are used makes it safe for all food measurements.

Color Option

Everyone loves to have a kitchen gadget that complements the design of the kitchen. While some always have a preference for their desired colors. The kitchen cube comes in a wide range of color options to choose the one that fits you perfectly.

I was able to select the color suitable for me, and I find peace using the measuring cube whenever there is a need for me to get any precise or accurate measurement.

All In One Measuring Tool

One tool that measures wet and dry ingredients. Each side is specifically designed to measure liquids, flour, sugar, and other dry ingredients. Measures up to 1 cup for liquids and dry ingredients. Edges allow the user to level off ingredients with a knife or spatula to ensure accurate measurements.

Microwave Safe

The kitchen cube is heat-resistant, microwave-safe, and designed for reheating food in the microwave (or use it on a stovetop or your oven); the Cube’s neutral design blends seamlessly into any home.

For me, I see no reason you should use the microwave. The primary reason for this device is to measure things, and the largest capacity of its measuring section can only hold on to 1 cup of liquid and dry substances.

Dishwater Safe

The kitchen cube is dishwasher safe and easily fits my counter or cupboard. In addition, it saves me the time of washing more measuring devices. All I have now is just a single device that I can use to measure all kinds of materials I want to use, either for cooking or baking.

Egg Cracker

The kitchen cube offers a convenient and easy way to crack eggs. Simply place on top of the egg, push down, and crack the shell. You might have to try more than once to get the right way to use it.

How Does Kitchen Cube Work?

If you want to get a kitchen cube or you already purchased one and wonder how it works? Then my experience with the cube will walk you through.

How Does Kitchen Cube Work

Remove the Cube from The Box

Most of the kitchen cube comes in a box. So, you need to remove it from the box to have easy access to it. But, once you remove it, you can go ahead to use it for any purpose.

Get the Measuring Materials

You need to gather the materials you want to measure and then clean the part you want to measure on the cube. Next, pour the material on the cube to take the right measurement. For instance, if you want to measure four cups of flour, you need to pour the flour more than four times in the largest part of the cube.

There are others, such as a tablespoon, teaspoon, and other measurement range, that you can use. Just pour your substance on it and take the right reading.

Who Can Use a Kitchen Cube?

Who Can Use a Kitchen Cube

If you bake, if you cook, or want to cook or bake more easily, the Kitchen measuring Cube helps. Its design helps to simplify the process of cooking and baking with the right measurement. In addition, a waste-free design ensures that you’ll never have dirty spoons or cups to wash.

Also, the Kitchen measuring Cube is a great training tool for kids who are learning to cook. It helps me teach my kids basic cooking and baking skills, especially how to get and use the right measurement of substances.

In addition, it is best for anyone who once struggles with getting the right measurement for cooking and baking. It makes measurement easy and saves you the space you need for other kitchen devices.

Why Choose Kitchen Cube?

If your kitchen space is small, you will surely appreciate the opportunity to purchase or own a device that can do what two or more kitchen kits can do. I do have some of my baking kits all around, and it is sometimes annoying, especially the part of cleaning all kits.

Why Choose Kitchen Cube

So, choosing a kitchen cube is never the wrong choice for me and will never be for anyone looking for a way to cut the number of measuring kits they have in the kitchen. With a single device, you can measure anything irrespective if it is dry or wet.

Also, the simplicity of the design and the operation make it a good kitchen kit to own. It is an investment you will never regret as it comes cheap and affordable. Overall, it is highly durable and will last longer because of high-quality materials.

Kitchen Cube Reviews Consumer Reports

It is right to read what others have said about the product before purchasing. It will help you make the right decision because they share their experience with the device. So I read some, and here are some reports about the device.

The device is sure handy but can be quite challenging, especially when pouring your ingredient or substance away from the cube into any bowl. It is not quite easy without spilling some ingredients.

Another customer still finds it hard to overcome the joy she gets from purchasing the versatile device. It makes measuring things easy as you do not have to change from one device to another.

The cube is easy to wash, and the maintenance is not too demanding

The kitchen cube does not consume space and sure makes it easy to have some other kitchen tools on the countertop. The design makes it a good choice for those with little space in their kitchen.

How Does Kitchen Cube Refund Policy Work?

Kitchen Cube provides a 30-day return policy. Under this policy, I can return the item within 30 days of the delivery date provided it is still in new conditions. The date when the product was delivered is indicated on the delivery note enclosed in the package.

If there is any defect due to manufacturer fault, you can always return the cube to get a new one within the refund policy period.

The Kitchen Cube Cost

I purchased mine from the official website of kitchen cube at $19.99, and it was an easy purchase. I got my device some days later, and it came as described. I opened the box, and there was my cube which I used straight to measure, and it was fun and fulfilling to use.

Where Can You Order a Kitchen Cube?

You can order a Kitchen Cube directly from their website. But I got mine from the official site, and it was an effortless purchase. It was fun and easy to get. I was glad I got it from there. You might choose to get from any platform, but their official website seems the best.

Frequently asked questions

Can I Put the Kitchen Cube in The Dishwasher?

The cube is safe to use in the dishwasher. However, I recommend washing the cube in the dishwasher to keep your measuring tools hygienic and clean.

Can I Use Kitchen Cube with Any Foods or Liquids?

Yes. You can use Kitchen Cube with any food-safe ingredients or liquids. However, we recommend avoiding ingredients that are very thin in texture, like broth or water, as they’re often used in small quantities and can be difficult to measure precisely.

Is the Kitchen Cube Easy to Clean?

The Kitchen Cube has a non-stick surface, which means it’s very easy to clean. However, some recipes require oil or cooking spray to prevent food from sticking, and we recommend wiping those areas with warm, soapy water after use. You can also wash the unit in your dishwasher.

Please avoid using high-temperature water or any caustic cleaning chemicals when cleaning the Kitchen Cube.

Does Kitchen Cube Offer Precise Measurements?

Yes, Kitchen Cube provides precise measurements because the built-in scale and tare feature allow you to add the right amount of each ingredient into the container.

Can I Microwave a Kitchen Cube?

I am so sorry, but you cannot microwave a Kitchen Cube. Too much heat is not good for the kitchen cube. So, you should ensure you do not use the device for your safety.

Who Manufactures Kitchen Cubes?

Kitchen Cube is a small, family-run business that manufactures Kitchen Cubes straight from the factory. Kitchen Cube is manufactured right here in the USA under the guidance of a small, highly trained, and experienced team dedicated to producing top-quality products.

Contact Support Team

If you need live help, the support team will assist you. Email, chat through with any questions you may have.


I know you are still curious about what you find out above on the versatile kitchen device. Unfortunately, all you read on the kitchen cube review above is nothing but the truth with the product. The cube offers you a wide range of platforms to own a kitchen measuring device that saves you space.

Also, it saves you money for investing in many measuring devices. It is a good investment for anyone who does lots of cooking and baking with the right ingredient measurement.

Product Summary
Kitchen Cube Review

Kitchen Cube Review

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Color Option
  • Long-Lasting Plastic Material
  • All In One Measuring Tool
  • Microwave & Dishwater Safe
  • Egg Cracker

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