MemorySafeX Review- The Best Photo Backup Device in 2022

If you ever feel unsecured with your mobile image or videos, most probably you want to go for portable storage. Because it will make a strong backup of all of your media files properly. I have been looking for a solution to store all of my media files securely. Most of my friends recommended me Memory SafeX as it comes with everything to satisfy your needs.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.6


Value for Money9.9



I was confused in the first place. However, finally, I convinced myself and purchased this amazing product. It has changed my life and now I feel safe as all of my important media files are secured. In this MemorySafeX review, I will share my overall experiences with this product. Stay with me throughout this article to know everything about it.

Product Summary
MemorySafeX Review

MemorySafeX Review

  • Convenient Storage
  • Easy to Use
  • Massive Storage Space
  • Easy to Organize
  • Fast

What Is MemorySafeX?

MemorySafeX is a USB device that is specially designed to give you an instant backup solution of the media files on your phone or tablet. When you use a phone for a long time, chances are so many photos and video files are being stored there. It will surely make your phone slow and buggy. In that case, you want to transfer all of your media files to a secured device.

What Is MemorySafeX?

MemorySafeX can be a great help to make an instant backup of all of your media files. It is easily compatible with your iOS phone or iPad. If you download the relevant app, everyone will be able to use it. On the other hand, if you are an android user, Memory SafeX will be a great USB flash drive for you to store media files.

There is no denying that nowadays mobile phone has thousands of photos and other media files. So, all you need is an external device with plenty of space. Thanks to MemorySafeX, as it comes with 64GB space. No doubt, you can easily store up to 60000 images in it without any hassle.

Does MemorySafeX Actually Work?

There is no doubt about this excellent backup device. Because this excellent device comes in handy to store your photos and video files. All you need to do is connecting it to your smartphone or tablet. Then within a very short time, you’ll be able to transfer all of your media files. As it can detect duplicate files, you don’t need to think about the space wastage of your device.

Does MemorySafeX Actually Work?

Besides, it will organize all of your media files in relevant folders. So, you don’t need to struggle to find out the right photos. With large storage space, you can keep almost all of the image files of your smartphone in this external backup device. Furthermore, it is super easy to transfer files and it works so fast to get the job done.

MemorySafeX Features

MemorySafeX Features

Convenient Storage:

It can be used as external storage. While your phone is becoming slower day by day with so many media files in it, MemorySafeX can instantly empty your phone. It is possible as you can conveniently store your photos and videos on this device. Thus our precious memory can be backed up conveniently.

Easy to Use:

No wonder, you can use this device easily. Because it is specially designed so that even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can operate it conveniently. All you need to do is connecting it to your smartphone and transferring the files. However, if you are an iOS user, you can download the dedicated app. It will make the task even easier.

Massive Storage Space:

It comes with a 64GB storage capacity which is good enough to store your media files. You can easily backup 60000 images without any kind of hassle. Needless to say, you can use it on multiple devices. You can also connect it to your laptops and save all of the data securely.

Easy to Organize:

MemorySafeX will not only help you to store your photos from your phone but also will help you to organize them in folders. It is highly important. Imagine you need a photo urgently and you have 5000 photos on your device. Now, if you didn’t organize them in relevant folders, it would be a tough job to find your desired media file. In that case, this storage device will make your day even shiner.


Transferring files is super faster on this amazing device. When you talk about an ordinary external device, it will take a good amount of time while transferring files. On the other hand, if you think about Memory SafeX, you can quickly transfer files. When it comes to transferring a single file the speed is 30MB/s, so within a very short amount of time, your files will be transferred.


  • It will provide you with a portable storage option to store your important media files.
  • It comes with a great portable storage option that can house 60000 images conveniently.
  • When you need to transfer files, it will work faster compared to other brands.
  • You can easily organize your photos and videos in relevant folders.
  • It’s super easy to use and you can use it without any hassle.
  • As it is a small device, it can be lost easily.

Compilation of Customer Opinion

I have analyzed customer’s opinions on MamorySafeX. Most of the customers expressed positive opinions. They love the features of this device. Whether you talk about file transferring or having a backup, the customers are happy with the service. They also love the overall security system. If you are not even a tech-savvy person, using this USB flash drive is super easy. Below I will attach a compilation of customer opinions. So, you’ll get an overall idea about what customers are saying about this product.

Compilation of Customer Opinion

How Can I Use MemorySafeX?

Using Memory SafeX is pretty much straightforward. Below I will discuss how I use it. You can follow these easy steps to get the job done.

How Can I Use MemorySafeX?

  • First of all, you need to connect it to the USB port of your smartphone or tablet.
  • If you use the iOS device, download the app and install it on your phone. If you are an android user, create the necessary folders for easy organization.
  • Now that you are all set to go, initiate the transfer.

You can also use it to watch large-sized movies. You don’t need to keep movies on your phone as they will eat up most of your phone space. In that case, keeping them in Memory SafeX can be a good solution. Besides, you can directly save newly captured images in your handy USB flash drive. To do that make sure your phone is already connected to it.

Is MemorySafeX A Scam?

When you want to make a backup of all of your media files on your phone, all you need is a good quality external device. Unlike an ordinary external USB device, Memory SafeX comes with many exclusive features to give you the best solution. It has a 64GB storage capacity that is capable of storing all of your media files. You can keep at least 60000 images in it which is impressive. So, in my opinion, Memory SafeX is not a scam, it’s a legitimate device.

MemorySafeX Review: Where I Can Buy It?

You already know how awesome this product is. It will surely give you the best solution when it comes to saving your memories and moments. Now, if you want to buy Memory SafeX, you can easily do it from their official website. However, if you want to avail 50% discount while purchasing this smart device, you can do it from here.

MemorySafeX Review: Where I Can Buy It?

There you’ll find some exclusive offers for you. The overall checkout process is pretty much straightforward. You just need to choose your package and then make the payment. Any VISA or MasterCard can be used to make the payment. If you complete every step successfully, soon you’ll get your desired MemorySafe X right at your home. Also, note that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this USB storage device.

Final Thought

We create memories mostly on our mobile phones. In our everyday life, we add new memories to the storage of our favorite mobile phones. But, we always forget it has a capacity. When you exceed its capacity by storing more photos, it becomes slow and buggy. In that case, all you think is an external USB device to save your photo and video memory.

Undoubtedly, this exclusive USB flash drive can back up our precious memory. In this exclusive MemorySafeX review, I have shared my overall experiences with this device. With so many exclusive features, it will surely meet all of your expectations.

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