NicoBloc Review in 2022: Is This Anti-Smoking Liquid Worth It?

If you are a chain smoker and trying to get rid of smoking, you know better how hard it is. Indeed you tried various anti-smoking products and did not get help, that is for sure. The same thing happened to me before I found NicoBloc. It prevents tar and nicotine while you take puffs from a cigarette. So I found this lifesaving liquid that helps me quit smoking without having any withdrawal.

Therefore I came up with a NicoBloc review to help you to know more about this product if you intend to quit smoking.

Product Summary
NicoBloc Review

NicoBloc Review

  • Does not kill the taste of cigarette
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce smoking costs
  • Blocks tar and nicotine up to 99%

NicoBloc Review: Short Overview

NicoBloc is a smoking cessation liquid that is made of natural ingredients. It blocks tar and nicotine into the cigarette filter. Eventually, that helps to get rid of cigarette cravings day by day. Every time you need to smoke, use a drop of NicoBloc liquid into the cigarette filter. And it will help you to quit smoking or at least reduce smoking in a significant number. It is available without a prescription and can be bought at most drug stores. It accelerates quitting smoking habits and makes your life better than before.

NicoBloc Review - Lifesaving Anti-Smoking liquid

About NicoBloc?

NicoBloc is a scientifically advanced, patent-pending tobacco remedy that helps people stop smoking. NicoBloc is a liquid that is placed on the filter of a cigarette. NicoBloc attaches to the nicotine and other chemicals in the smoke and makes them insoluble. This prevents the smoker from getting a nicotine hit, and they eventually stop smoking. NicoBloc has been scientifically proven to be more than 50% effective at helping people to stop smoking.

What Is NicoBloc Made From?

According to the manufacturer, NicoBloc is made from the following ingredients:

  • Corn Syrup
  • Water
  • Citric Acid
  • coloring
  • Preservatives

Smoking cravings arise harder when blood sugar levels drop. Thus high-fructose corn syrup helps to reduce that urge to smoke cigarettes. As a smoker, you may think your body is asking for tobacco, but in reality, it’s just the lack of sugar that the body requires. Thus corn syrup will help you to overcome and replace nicotine cravings with sugar.

What Is NicoBloc Made From

Though water is essential for detoxing nicotine from your body, not in this case, that is for sure. Since NicoBloc comes in a liquid form, it helps to blend all the ingredients properly.

Citric acid also helps to reduce the craving for smoking yet does not spoil the taste of cigarettes as well as it is better to reduce nicotine from the body while you inhale. Color and preservatives are here for nothing but to sustain the quality and make it interesting to see.

All of these ingredients combine in a unique way to prevent nicotine in the filter, and you can enjoy every puff of your cigarette without consuming nicotine.

Pros And Cons Of NicoBloc

When you are striving to get rid of smoking, NicoBloc is indeed a good choice. But its pros and cons clarify the verdict of using it more than better.

  • Better performance than other anti-smoking products
  • Does not kill the taste of cigarette
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce smoking costs
  • Blocks tar and nicotine up to 99%
  • Affordable
  • Sticky to the lip

How Does NicoBloc Work?

It is the most efficient way of preventing your nicotine craving. But its working method is straightforward. It comes in liquid form. And you have to use a drop of NicoBloc liquid in your cigarette filter before lighting it. So what it does is, prevent nicotine and tar from entering your lungs.

How Does NicoBloc Work

Its natural ingredients create a barrier in the cigarette filter and stop that in the filter. So you enjoy the same cigarette without losing the real taste yet not consume tar and nicotine. After using it for several weeks, you can feel you do not need nicotine anymore. And most of the time, taking a puff from the cigarette is just for telling your brain you are smoking. In reality, it will prevent nicotine. Therefore it would be easier for you to quit smoking after a certain period.

How to Use NicoBloc?

Every time you need to smoke a cigarette, do one thing before lighting it. Take the NicoBloc and put a drop of NicoBloc nicotine into the cigarette filter. Then light the cigarette and take puffs. The first week you should use one drop NicoBloc to get familiar with it. Soon you feel the difference. It is time to increase the NicoBloc in your cigarette.


In the second week, use two drops of NicoBloc in your cigarette filter. That blocks 66% of nicotine as well as you feel less craving for it. Finally, increase it to three drops from the third week and continue until you feel no craving for nicotine or smoking. From that time, it blocks 99% of nicotine.

Why Choose NicoBloc?

There are plenty of anti-smoking products available in the market. And all of those claim a higher success rate. For example, taking anti-smoking gum or filters seems the best solution. But these are alternatives to cigarettes. And you know your mind wants nicotine and a real cigarette that you can light and take puffs.

Why Choose NicoBloc anti-smoking gum

NicoBloc is the most prominent option in this case. However, it is not the alternative to cigarettes; it lets you take puffs from the cigarette filter and ensure the same taste as you usually get. Therefore it is surely a better option than gum or filter.

Moreover, It has a higher success rate than most anti-smoking products. While the majority of anti-smoking products have less than a 10% success rate, it has over 40%. And that indeed gives you the best option to quit smoking.

NicoBloc Reviews Consumer Reports

I have made my point about why you should choose NicoBloc but let me show you some other customer reviews that encourage me to test it. Let’s see what they say.

NicoBloc Reviews Consumer Reports

Peter L says: He tried to quit smoking for years and remained unsuccessful. Whether it is patch, gum, vape, nothing worked at all. Moreover, E-cigarettes made it worse by increasing nicotine addiction. Finally tried NicoBloc, which makes no difference in the taste of the cigarette. Also, there were no withdrawal symptoms. As a result, he went from 20 to 0 cigarettes a day within six weeks. Now he has no desire to smoke cigarettes and feels the difference of quitting cigarettes. And gave all credits to NicoBloc.

Nick D says: This product works! One drops the first week, two drops the second week, and three drops the third week. The more drops you put, the more crap it traps; you can see the filter turn black. He added that you start to notice the difference between your previous and present smoking conditions every few days. It will reduce your nicotine cravings; Moreover, Nick feels better and is enjoying his life in a better way after he quits smoking.

Dr. Ahrens says: It is a highly recommended product for chain smokers. He started with one drop, then increased to 3 drops, which worked for him. Also added, vaping made him cough a lot. And that did not happen using NicoBloc. Also, it saves a lot of cigarette costs. From a doctor’s perspective, he showed its benefits and others.

dr recommend nicobloc anti-smoking gum

Terri G says: It really worked for him. He was able to cut his smoking in half. Though it has some minor disadvantages, it is a worthy product. Also, it helped him to get rid of the hacking cough that happens due to the tar and nicotine. Therefore he can breathe better and feel better. He also added that it would reduce your cigarette cost that he said after using NicoBloc for a month.

How Does NicoBloc Refund Policy Work?

Indeed it is a great product, and you do not need to return it in most cases. However, NicoBloc is more confident about its product. Therefore they offer a full refund if you do not like it. How can you claim a refund? Well, if you use it and ask for a refund, that is not possible and makes sense as well. So you can return unused products to their address, and you get a refund within 30 days at your payment address. Before making a refund, NicoBloc staff will check the product and then approve the refund.

How Much Does NicoBloc Cost?

Fortunately, it is more affordable than most anti-smoking products. A single bottle costs $24.99, which lasts for two weeks. If you get the three-bottle pack, it costs $59.98, and it lasts for six weeks. At this point, I was able to get rid of smoking. However, in your case, you may need more. Therefore you can go for the larger pack, which consists of five bottles of NicoBloc and costs $89.97. If you want my suggestion, I recommend the second pack. It is the better option for cost efficiency. Furthermore, since NicoBloc offers a refund, you can return it if you do not need it anymore.

Where to Buy NicoBloc?

Where to Buy NicoBloc

NicoBloc is a widely popular product and is available in different marketplaces. But the best option is to buy it from the official website. You may be thinking, why? First of all, it is a more reliable and trusted option. There can not be a more trustworthy source than an official website, that is for sure.

Also, you get an extra discount on the official website if you get three or five bottles instead of one. And that you never get in the third party sources.

In addition, customer support is better and faster on the official site. After purchasing the product, you have to come to the NicoBloc website or use their official email while seeking help. Therefore, it is a more efficient way to buy NicoBloc from their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put NicoBloc on All 20 Cigarettes in A Pack at One Time?

Yes, you can. But you are not going to smoke all 20 cigarettes at a time. So if you put NicoBloc on all 20 cigarettes, the liquid will get dry. As a result, you won’t get the maximum benefit that you expect. I know you are in a hurry to light a cigarette whenever you get cravings, but it should not take more than a few seconds to use NicoBloc. And using NicoBloc into the cigarette filter right before lighting up is the most efficient way.

Does NicoBloc Have a Taste?

No, it has no different taste that adds to your cigarettes. Every time you take a puff from the cigarette, you get the taste of your cigarette. Except that it does not add additional flavor or taste to your cigarette. So your brain gets a signal you are smoking, but you are preventing nicotine in reality. And that is why it is one of the best anti-smoking products available in the market.

Is NicoBloc Safe for Pregnant Women?

Yes, Nicobloc is safe for pregnant women. But smoking is not safe for pregnant women as it can do severe damage to the baby. Whether a cigarette consists of nicotine or not is not recommended for pregnant women. If it is necessary to smoke, using NicoBloc is safer to prevent nicotine and quit smoking. Indeed it is safer instead of taking puffs from a cigarette directly.

Does NicoBloc Make Cigarettes Safer to Smoke?

Indeed NicoBloc makes cigarettes safer to smoke. This is because it blocks tar and nicotine into the filter while you take puffs. Therefore you consume less nicotine and, day by day quit smoking. Also, Citric Acid, which is contained in NicoBloc, helps to reduce nicotine from the body.

How Long Will One Pack of NicoBloc Last?

It depends on how many cigarettes you need in a day. Usually, if you need 20 cigarettes in a day, it will last for two weeks. But that is not the number for everyone. Now you can calculate the math of how long one pack will go for you. In addition, you have to use it for at least six weeks to quit smoking.

Who Manufactures NicoBloc?

It is an innovative product by Bloc Enterprises. And they manufacture and distribute NicoBloc all over the world. Back in the 1980s, late William Rosen first got the idea of this product. He found that liquid can prevent tar and nicotine. After a lot of research and trial, it was first launched in 2013 as a nicotine cessation product. Now it is available all over the world, and it has the surprising success of quitting smoking naturally.

Support Team Contact

If you have any questions regarding NicoBloc, then feel free to contact their support team. You can contact them through email and their office.

  • Bloc Enterprises
  • 64 Wall Street
  • Suite 402
  • Norwalk, CT 06850

Before making contact check their about and FAQs section to find the answer to your problem.

Conclusion: NicoBloc Reviews

You know how hard it is to quit smoking. I found NicoBloc helpful for my smoking-free journey. Therefore I hope this NicoBloc review helps you to understand this product. It is one of the most effective anti-smoking products in the market right now. But there are no products in the market that can ensure you quit smoking. It is one of the dangerous habits you can easily get rid of. Surely it has a higher success rate than most of the products. If you have already tried other ways, give it a try. From my perspective, it is highly recommended.

Product Summary
NicoBloc Review

NicoBloc Review

  • Does not kill the taste of cigarette
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce smoking costs
  • Blocks tar and nicotine up to 99%

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