OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver vs Fixd: What is The Difference?

A car is a combination of mechanical parts and instruments. These instruments need frequent service and maintenance after a certain period of time. We take our car to a car diagnostic center or a mechanic, whenever it needs any kind of maintenance. But the problem is most of the time they make us fool and charge an irrelevant bill. As most of us have no technical idea, we’ve nothing to do except belief what they say. However, all these problems could be solved with an OBD2 car scanner.

By using an OBD2 car-scanner, you can check all the issues of your car, diagnose your vehicle-engine, and monitor overall-performance. The OBDLink MX+, BlueDriver, Fixd are the most popular 3 OBD2 scanners. Now when you are about to select the product you might be confused about which one you should go for? To help you in this, below in this article, I’m going to show you a comparison detailed between OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver vs Fixd.

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Comparison Chart

You can get a comparison detailed about these products from the below comparison chart. This comparison chart will help you with an easy purchase decision.

Details of Product OBDLink MX+ BlueDriver Fixd
Compatible Vehicle All types of car, Light truck, Latest model-cars,

Old model car after 1996.

All model cars that are made after 1996.
Battery No, No, No,
Supported Mobile Apps Third-party app, Third-party app, Fixd App,
Supported OS Android, iOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Android, iOS,
Appropriate for Professional, Professional, Beginner to professional,
No. of supported device 1 1 5
Connectivity Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Bluetooth,
Real-Time Data Yes, Yes, Yes,
Where To Buy Use Button

OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver vs Fixd: What is The Difference?

If you want to know a comparison detail among OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver vs Fixd devices. Then keep your eyes on the below segment and get all the information.

OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver vs Fixd: What is The Difference?

1.What Is It?

Before going into depth comparison, 1st I want to tell you what these devices are.

OBDLink MX+:

The OBDLink MX+ is an OBD2 car scanner that comes with Bluetooth 3.0-based OBD2 adapter to diagnose your car. Within 3-minutes the device scans all the issues of your car and shows you a detailed report. Because of its real-time monitoring facility, it became very convenient for every user.  Another great side of this device is, it’s encrypted with 128-bit data encryption. So nobody is able to check or steal your report.


Once you start the ignition, you’ll start to receive data of engine error code, freeze-frame data, onboard-monitoring data, etc. You can easily install the device in any car or mini truck that has an OBD2 port. OBDLink MX+ is one of the safest car diagnostic tools in the automobile industry.


The BlueDriver is one of the most powerful and popular OBD2 automobile scanners. By using the Bluetooth interface you can connect the device with your Android/iOS smartphone. To run this device all that you’ve to do is to connect the BlueDriver to your car’s OBD2 port.


Then the device will contact all the computerized components of your car and find if there is any error. As the device shows you all the data in realtime, you can check the health of your car before starting any journey.


Among all the car diagnostic tools available nowadays, Fixd is the top of them. Because of its super user-friendliness, It becomes highly-popular among car drivers. The device is perfectly run with any vehicle that is built after 1996.


Besides, its high-quality sensor is so advanced that it can identify more than 7000+ car problems that your car may encounter. By using the Fixd app and device, you can monitor 5 separate vehicles in real-time. It only takes a couple of minutes to identify any issues that your car currently has.

2. Features

All these three devices have come with so many dynamic features. Keep your eyes down this segment to know some of the amazing features of these devices. Below I’m going to list individually, each of the features of these devices.

OBDLink MX+:

The OBDLink MX+ is one of the fastest OBD2 scanners to diagnose your car. It’s built with a lot of exclusive features for its users. Look at the below section to know some of its awesome features.


Identifies the Problem in Faster Way:

OBDLink MX+ uses Bluetooth 3.0 for faster data transmission. It scans your complete car in less than 3 minutes. All the reports are shown as graphical parameters for better understanding.

Reading Performance:

The scanner of this device is so powerful that it can read every error code of your car and send a report to you through the app. It can easily identify why the check engine light is turned on, read the transmission code, and measure all the parameters of your car.


OBDLink MX+ uses 128-bit end-to-end encryption to keep secure your car’s diagnosis report from hackers. Without your access permission, it’s quite impossible to get access to your data. The protection feature is one of the most unique features of this device.

Compatibility: OBDLink MX+ perfectly works with your smartphone no matter whether you’re using iOS or Android. Most of the advanced 3rd-party apps are properly run with this device.


The BlueDriver is an outstanding OBD2 car scanner device. It comes with so many awesome features for its users. Let’s check some of these features below this section.


Identify the Error Codes:

BlueDriver has very powerful sensors that identify all the issues and error codes of your car. The manufacturer claims that it is not able to identify the error codes that all car scanners do. Besides, it could identify even those error codes that others can’t.

Confirmation After Fixes:

If you’re not a car engineer then it’s difficult to understand whether your car is fixed or not. But don’t worry if you have the BlueDriver car scanner, it’ll let you know when any of your car issues have been resolved.

Data Sharing Option:

BlueDriver device has advanced data sharing options. Through that, you can email or print the error code and repair data.

Instant report:

Whatever the problem that you’re facing with your car, you’ll get an instant report about all the issues that your car currently has. It provides you graphical data of your car’s engine parameters.

Identify the engine problems:

The automatic readings of BlueDriver DTC has a super ability to list the details of your vehicle.  Because of this it can identify all the faults of your engine and show you possible ways to fix this problem.


The super-smart Fixd diagnostic device has so many outstanding features for its user. Let’s find some of them from the below section:


Real-Time Update:

By using a Fixd device, you can identify more than 7000+ car issues of your car. It scans all the components of your car and sends a real-time report on your phone through the Fixd app.

Supported Vehicle:

The device Perfectly runs with all the petrol-driven cars that come to the market after 1996. Moreover, with the Fixd device and app, you can monitor 5 separate vehicles in real-time.

Maintenance Alert:

It has a wonderful option to set the maintenance alert as per your car manufacturer’s recommendation. So when the times come it sends you a notification on your phone. Through that, you’ll easily know that it’s time to take your car to the servicing center.

Save Money Save Time:

Anytime your car could encounter problems. But if you’ve to wait for a mechanic to identify the problem then you’ve to spend a lot of time.

Besides, you’ve to pay a good amount of money as his inspection charge. But if you’ve Fixd the device you can do it by yourself and save your time and money.

Vehicle History: The history of your vehicle is so important when there are any major problems that arise. In that time, if you can deliver the proper information of vehicle history to the mechanic, he can quickly fix the error.

3. What is the Price?

All of these devices are available on their official site but among them, Fixd is the most reliable and affordable one.

OBDLink MX+:

The OBDLink MX+ is a little bit expensive. It is actually designed for the professional so it comes with some advanced features and charges a couple of bucks more than other OBD2 scanners.


BlueDriver is also an expensive one that also costs a little bit higher than the Fixd device. It cost $99.95 which is almost twice that of the Fixd OBD2 scanner.


Well, compared to the other two devices, Fixd is the most features and the affordable one. It cost only $59.99 which is nearly half of the price of both of these devices. Along with that, if you get the device from its official site, you’ll get a money-back guarantee for 30-days. This means if the product is unable to satisfy your requirement, you can get back your money.

OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver vs Fixd: Which One is Better?

Now that you’re at the end of this comparison article between OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver vs Fixd. I believe you’ve now a clear idea about these devices. Now it becomes very easy for you to select any devices from here. But then again if you want to have my suggestion. I’ll suggest you go for the Fixd. Because Fixd OBD2 car scanner is the most featureful, reliable, and affordable one. By using the Fixd device and app, you can monitor 5-vehicles simultaneously.

The device is very much user-friendly that beginner to professional everyone gets highly benefited from it. On the other hand, the device not only provides real-time data about the issues of your car but also estimates the fixing cost. If you want to get this amazing device for your car click on the below official link that I’ve listed for you.

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