Peeps by Carbonklean Review: Latest Update You Should Know!

I am always on the hunt for that perfect cleaner for my glasses. I have tried many different ones, but they all left my glasses feeling either too wet or dry. I was almost at the point of giving up on finding a solution to this problem when I found these awesome Peeps Glasses Cleaner Wipes!

They clean my glasses so well and leave them feeling perfect. Plus, they are so easy to use. I can’t believe it took me so long to try these!

With over 30 percent of Americans who use glasses, the tedious task of keeping them clean can become a burden. The lenses of glasses come into contact with many different things throughout the day. From public transportation to food and beverage, there are a variety of items that can leave smudges and prints on our lenses.

Some people find it easier than others to properly clean their glasses, but for those of us who struggle with maintaining the cleanliness of our glasses, we may need to invest in a product or device that will help.

Today, I am going to talk about such a device name Peeps. In this Peeps by Carbonklean Review, I will discuss the in-depth analysis of this amazing product. Let’s find out more!

Product Summary
Peeps by Carbonklean Review

Peeps by Carbonklean Review

  • Robust Performance
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • It Provides Better View
  • Natural Cleaning Process
  • Works For Sunglasses Too

Peeps by Carbonklean Review: Short Overview

Whether you’re driving on the highway, watching TV, or enjoying a movie at home, things can quickly get blurry. We all know someone who had to pull over to the side of the road because they couldn’t see anything.

Your solution for this embarrassing situation has arrived! Carbonklean eyeglass cleaner is here! This revolutionary product by Carbonklean removes smudges, dust, fingerprints, and debris clinging to the lenses of your glasses with just one easy wipe.

About Peeps by CarbonKlean

Every day, we wear our glasses and let them collect large amounts of smudges, dust, and other debris. We can’t go about our day without constantly needing to wipe them clean. It is a never-ending battle for those who wear glasses because the sticky pollen on trees becomes more difficult to remove with each passing day. This is where peeps by carbonklean eyeglass cleaner come in handy!

About Peeps by CarbonKlean

We’ve all tried to clean our glasses with dish soap, window cleaner, or even peanut butter. The problem is that they leave behind scratches and smears on the lenses of your glasses.

Smudges, dust, fingerprints, and other gunk from your spectacles’ lenses may be easily removed with Peeps by carbonklean eyeglass cleaning. You may use it right away, and it won’t leave behind any scratches on the coat’s surface.

This eyeglass cleaner is not just for glasses. It is also for sunglasses, goggles, or any other equipment that needs clean lenses or lenses that needs to be kept free of any obstructions. The benefits of the eyeglass cleaner are tremendous because it is a one-time purchase that can last up to 500 cleanings and offers easy access to replace worn-out pads when needed.

Do You Need Peeps the Carbonklean?

You will need this amazing eyeglass cleaner for your everyday use.

Portable and convenient, The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is a must-have for every busy individual. This one-time use optic cloth is easy to store and can be taken anywhere, from work to the car or even on vacation.

Do You Need Peeps the Carbonklean

When you’re in a pinch and your glasses are dirty at a moment’s notice, this glass cleaner will do the job! With a quick rub in the lenses, they will be sparkling clean!

Peeps eyeglass cleaner is a revolutionary product from Carbonklean. It is a one-of-a-kind eye care product that cleans your lenses without the use of chemicals.

All you need to do is place a piece of Peeps on your lens and rub it in a circular motion. The high-quality cotton fabric acts as a microfiber pad, removing dirt and smudging from your lens surface.

For Whom Is This?

Cleaning eyeglasses before bed is a common practice, but the next day your lenses may not look as clean as you remember them appearing. Many factors can affect how clean glasses appear, and that’s why we’re glad we finally found an eyeglass cleaner that does the job for us. The product is suitable for anyone who wears glasses and has a convenient dispenser so you can quickly apply it without too much effort.

For Whom Is This

The ultra-soft microfiber pad from peeps by Carbonklean can clean eyeglasses, screens, and other delicate surfaces without the risk of scratching. The device is perfect for anyone who wears glasses and wants a quick and easy way to keep them clean.

If you wear lenses made from glass or plastic, you will need peeps to clean them safely. CarbonKlean eyeglasses cleaner cleans your lenses and leaves a protective layer of carbon residue on the lens surface for safe and long-lasting cleaning. CarbonKlean is a leading maker of high-quality lens care products that are proven to clean your eyeglasses thoroughly while protecting the surface from scratches and smudges.

What Are the Features of Peeps by Carbon Klean?

Microfiber cloths are often included in eyeglass cleaning kits sold in optometrist shops and offices nowadays. To avoid scratching or damaging the glass, microfiber is a popular option since lint and dust adhere to the cloth.  So, what about this Peeps by CarbonKlean? Let’s find out all the features:

What Are the Features of Peeps by Carbon Klean

Robust Performance

Clarity and safety are two things that many people take into consideration when they think about eyeglasses. Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner by CarbonKlean is an effective and long – lasting amazing carbon microfiber innovation that cleans all eyeglasses. The components used by the business are both sturdy and long-lasting.

This carbon microfiber technology is ground-breaking as it cleans any type of glasses with ease. In addition, the material used to make this product can withstand wear and tear as well as provide an affordable price for consumers.

Cutting Edge Technology

As a new cleaning company, peeps by carbonklean is setting high standards for its customers. Peeps uses a dry-clean technology, substance-free, which is also used exclusively in space by NASA to clean glass.

This calming and eco-friendly cleaning process requires no chemicals or harsh materials that would be harmful to the environment. Not only does this process require less water and energy than traditional methods, but it can also be completed in a shorter amount of time.

Safe Technology

A new invention would help anyone who wears glasses. Peeps by carbonklean, the newest innovation that will keep lenses free of smudges and scratches.

The eyeglass lens is a delicate and valuable part of your glasses. It can be easily scratched or damaged if not cleaned properly, but this will not be a problem when you use the carbonklean peeps.

These unique cleaning pads are designed to clean your glasses without damaging the special coating on the lenses. They are safe for designer glasses as well as normal reading glasses.

It Provides Better View

Fingerprints, smudges, and streaks can all ruin your experience of using glasses or sunglasses. CarbonKlean’s Peeps eyewear cleaner is the answer! Simply place peeps in each glass, gently rub them together until it cleans. Peeps remove every trace of the grime you don’t want on your glasses, leaving them streak-free and fingerprint-free. They’re also great for cleaning ski goggles!

Easy To Carry

CarbonKlean’s microfiber eyeglass cleaner peeps are the perfect size to take with you. Each one measures approximately 4x1x1 inches and is available in 7 different colors. They’re perfect for cleaning off all of your electronics too! Never worry about dirt or dust getting into your eyes again, just use CarbonKlean’s peeps!

Works For Sunglasses Too

The Peeps cleaner is the only product on the market today that works just as effectively on glasses as it does on sunglasses. This all-purpose cleaner removes the oils left behind after a day of sweating or other condensation inside your glasses.

You may have tried using other products before but they’re either too harsh or not powerful enough for your needs. The Peeps cleaner can even help to get rid of fingerprints, smudges, and dust clinging to your lenses!

Natural Cleaning Process

If you’re looking for a natural solution to cleaning your lenses, then Peeps has the perfect solution. Peeps is a new eye care brand that uses ionic attraction to clean your lenses.

What does this mean? Well, when you put the pads in water they release ions which attract the oils on your lenses to break up and float away. This is great because it does not require any harsh chemicals or detergents during the cleaning process.

What Causes Your Lens to Get Dirty?

Depending on the individual’s face shape, glasses can fit too close to their face. This will cause the individual’s eyelashes to touch the lenses and cause those marks and smudge.

There are ways to keep this from happening such as adjusting their glasses so they fit further away from the nose or they may need to be worn less often. Regardless of your corrective lenses, you must take care of your eyes for them to stay healthy.

What Causes Your Lens to Get Dirty

You should always remove your glasses with both hands, or by the arm. The lenses are more likely to get dirty and smudgy when you only use one hand to take off your glasses.

This can have a serious effect on your vision because dirt will inevitably get between the eyeglass lens and the eye, which may result in tearing irritation, or other symptoms.

Also, your eyeglasses can become filthy as well! These oils and dirt may be picked up by the glasses if you have oily skin, dry flaky skin, or apply make-up, or if you use a moisturizer on your face or hands.

How Does the Cleaner Work?

Some eyeglasses are difficult to clean. A new product on the market is called The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner. The device has a small-cap on one end that opens to reveal a hidden brush inside. That cap keeps dust and lint from sticking to the brush. A single swipe of the brush across your lenses will make them crystal clear again.

How Does the Cleaner Work

The cap keeps dust and lint from sticking to the brush. Once you’ve used the brush to clean your glasses, simply re-cap it and store it for your next use. If you don’t like overbearing smells, this is the perfect product for you!

Slowly, but steadily, brush the front and rear of each lens with a soft bristle brush. This will get rid of any surface-attached lint and skin cells, as well as any other gunk.

Tweezers-like components with soft pads between them may be seen when the cleaner slips out of the casing.

You’ll push down on the lens as you slip it between the two pads of your spectacles. You don’t have to be concerned about the frames dropping. The pads are made from a carbon-based material. Natural oils generate smudges, and this cloth is particularly intended to remove them.

Remove any oils or smudges you observe by moving the pads over the lenses carefully for a couple of seconds. Both sides of your lenses may be cleaned at the same time, or one side at a time, depending on your preference.

Peeps Carbonklean: Pros & Cons

  • The device is manufactured from robust material that may last very long
  • It comes at very reasonable prices
  • Peeps by carbonklean are very easy to use even if the user is a small boy
  • If you wear reading glass, this device can keep it clean to give you a better view
  • No matter the lens type, you can use this device with peace of mind
  • It is also safe for sunglasses
  • Very compact design and easy to carry
  • Peeps by carbonklean technology are also used by NASA
  • No water needed to clean the lens
  • We noticed that the most prevalent problem was that the cleaner didn’t perform as effectively as some had hoped.
  • A few reviewers even said they had to use a microfiber cloth to clean their lenses while using this product.
  • It seems very fragile

What Is the Best Way to Clean My Peeps?

Lens cleaner works well for cleaning this item. However, it doesn’t have to be squeaky clean every time you go to use it. If you can keep this gadget safe and secure, it can clean your lenses 500 times. After 500 cleans, all you need to do is switch out the Peeps by Carbonklean pads.

What Is the Best Way to Clean My Peeps

Separate pads may be purchased for a very low cost and a very long period. This means you don’t have to replace the pads every time you use them since they can last for 500 cleans.

Peeps By Carbonklean: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Peeper’s Glasses Cleaner is a must-have for anyone who wears glasses. So many people enjoy the benefits of Peeps’ products and we want to share some of their stories with you! Let’s hear about them:

What Do Customers Have to Say

Should You Buy It?

In a time where there are so many cleaning products available, why should you think about buying peeps? To answer that question, you have to ask yourself what your goals are. Do you want a product that was specifically designed for space shuttles and simulations? It’s true – NASA does not allow any other cleaning product on space shuttles and in simulations. Peeps is the only cleaner that NASA will allow on space shuttles and in simulations.

Should You Buy It

A study that took place at the University of Michigan found that “Peeps is more effective than most other cleaners on soiled surfaces”.  And, you should consider buying this amazing piece of cleaning device that works pretty quickly.

How Much Does the Peeps Cleaner Cost?

As you peruse our review and other Peeps carbon eyeglass cleaning reviews, you may wonder how much it costs. For only $19.99, you can get this handy cleaner from Amazon. The price is the same for all of the different color selections.

Unless you have Prime, you’ll have to pay additional delivery costs. The cleaner is available on Amazon from a variety of merchants, some of whom charge the same price plus delivery. If the color you desire isn’t available on Amazon or the official site, you should stay away from such resellers.

Bundle packages are available if you wish to purchase more than one cleaner. Although the price of these packages increases over time, you may save a lot of money by purchasing three of these cleaners for less than $40.

Where Can I Order the Peeps?

If you want to buy Peeps, you can also go to the official website to learn more about this great product. You may also purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Where Can I Order the Peeps

You may get one or more free cleaners from this site over the holidays. It’s possible to obtain one for free if you purchase two cleaners, and if you buy four, you’ll get four.

Customers in the United States may take advantage of free delivery and a wide range of product colors available official site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Can Peeps Be Used?

A new invention that you should know about is peeps by carbonklean. This product can be used at least 500 times for use on your eyeglasses. This is a good idea for people who like to change the frames often and don’t want to purchase expensive replacement lenses.

How Long Do Peeps Eyeglass Cleaners Last?

As you can see from the article title, Peeps will stay fresh for a long time. If they are kept air-tight, in plastic, then they will last for up to two years! You might be thinking to yourself that 500 times is a lot of lenses and you would be right! The next time you need to clean your lenses out take a Peep and use it!

Can You Use the Peeps Cleaner On Wet Lenses?

Yes, you can use peeps by carbonklean on any type of wet lenses too. Not only for reading glass or eyeglasses, but you can also use this device for your sunglasses too. It will last for a long time which means you can have peace of mind when purchasing this cleaning device.

Can Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Damage My Glasses?

Peeps by carbonklean are made for the eyeglass in mind. They were created by the company to protect the lens from dirt, smudges, scratches, and debris. The Peeps can be used on any lens surface including glass, plastic, polycarbonate, or plexiglass lenses. They also come with a case that can hold 2 peeps at a time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Lenses?

Most people do not give much thought to the cleaning process of their eyeglasses, figuring that they will just clean themselves. The truth is that we need to clean our glasses as often as possible to keep our vision clear and free from any particles that may be settling on them.  The best way to avoid eye strain and seeing spots or blurry vision due to dirty lenses is by making it a habit to give your glasses a good wiping down every day.

Do Peeps Scratch Glasses?

Carbonklean manufactures a product called Peeps. These cleaning pads are designed specifically to clean camera and eyeglass lenses. They’re made of top-notch quality material and won’t scratch the lens like other cleaners on the market.

What Is Molecular Carbon-Based Technology?

Molecular carbon-based technology is a branch of research that is centered on the use of carbon to create new materials. It considers the evolution of the organic molecules, in particular polymers and metals, and a broader sense of organics in general.

Is Peeps Safe for All Lenses And A/R Coatings?

Peeps by Carbonklean is a revolutionary product that removes any dirt, grime, makeup, and oil from the surface of your lenses. This is safe for all lens types and A/R coatings. The product has been tested extensively and is proven to be safe for your eyeglasses and all type of lenses.

Supplier of the Peeps by Carbonklean

Carbonklean is the company that makes Peeps by Carbonklean. And they produce and supply all of their goods. Peeps by Carbonklean is a new and innovative product that is changing the way we clean our eyeglasses. It was created by the company to specialize in natural cleaning eyeglasses and all other types of lenses.

Contact with Support Team

The support team is the best way to get help with any issues you may have. If you have any questions or need some advice, feel free to contact the support team and we will do our best to help you out.

You can contact directly at:


To summarize this Peeps by Canbonklean Review, I’ll just say that I’m adding Peeps glasses cleaner to my list of must-haves. As an eyeglass user, I wonder where this stuff has been all my life. It’s a fantastic purchase. I like how thoroughly it cleans the lens of dust and smudges, rather than simply smearing it about.

Product Summary
Peeps by Carbonklean Review

Peeps by Carbonklean Review

  • Robust Performance
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • It Provides Better View
  • Natural Cleaning Process
  • Works For Sunglasses Too

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