PhotoStick Mobile Reviews: Is It A Scam? Must Read 2022!

The one and only thing that I hate most about my phone is its storage limit. To me, there is no other thing that is as frustrating as this. Especially, it hurts a lot while I’m trying to record some precious memories and it says your storage is full. I’ve encountered this problem several times and due to this, I was unable to keep some of my beautiful memories.

Then I have started research to mitigate this problem and found a wonderful solution, the “Photostick Mobile”. It’s a self-operated USB drive that automatically backups all of your priceless memories that is in a form of pics, videos, and other media files. Now in this PhotoStick Mobile Reviews, I’ll show you how this device assists me a lot to solve my storage limit problem. Also, help me to keep thousands of photos without any problem.

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What Is Photostick Mobile?

The Photostick Mobile is a very simple USB flash drive. It is designed to store all of your memories that are in the form of videos and photos or other media files. To back up your pics, videos, & other media files, you don’t have to do anything special. All that you’ve to do is to plug in the device on your mobile USB port and the rest of the things it’ll do automatically.

What Is Photostick Mobile?

The Photostick Mobile scans all the pics, videos, & other media-type files that are available on your phone. Then it will start back up all the files and none of them will store twice. Because the device has a smart app that easily detects duplicate files and deletes them to free up your space. You’ll be surprised to know that the device has a great backup device. It can back up around 60000 photos and this size of thousands of files.

From the day I started using this device, I’ve never seen that annoying message again that says your storage is full. Because more than 80% of my device space now remains free. For this device, you’ll find a dedicated app on the apps store and play store. That’ll help you in easy operation and organize your resource in a smart way. Another fact that you’ll surely love about this device is it could back up 1000s photos in one minute. One of the best portable storage device for different image files and video files.

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Does the Photostick Mobile Really Work?

Well! If you never use this mobile photo stick device before then it’s a very generic question that may arise in your curious mind. Since I’ve been using this device for the last 2-years. I can assure you that this portable device actually works as the manufacturer says.

Does the Photostick Mobile Really Work

So if you’re willing to have this portable flash drive, you can undoubtedly go for one. Photostick Mobile is a perfect solution to back up your personal photos, videos, and other kinds of files that are stored on your phone. It conveniently works with android phones and ios platforms.

To operate this photo storage device, there are no such special things that you’ve to do. Just plug in the device on your phone’s USB port and the device will start work automatically. The photo sticks have C-type USB ports as well as B-type. This nice feature helps to connect with any port you want. It’ll scan all the files and create secure storage for your photo files & precious moments.

This doesn’t work like your regular flash drive. As the photostick mobile has great file storage options, without any worries, you can keep thousands of pictures. The extra storage space of the photo sticks helps to keep memorable moments with a secure backup.

Special Features of Photostick Mobile

If you want to know what are the Special Features of Photostick Mobile that you’ll enjoy with this device. Then keep your eyes on the below section. Here I’m going to list some of the salient features of this device that I’ve enjoyed by myself.

Special Features of Photostick Mobile

Very easy and User-friendly:

Using Photostick Mobile is very easy and convenient. You can use it without any special task. In my case, I just plug in the device on the USB port of my phone. Then open the app and then the rest of the task it does automatically.

Find all Your Memories in One Place:

Once you connect the Photostick Mobile on your phone it’ll copy all the files and make a backup for you. So if in case your precious memories get erased from your phone, you can restore them from the device. It helps you to store all your memories in one single place and get them whenever you want. Though the photo stick work as a great photo storage option, it never keeps duplicate images or files on the backup storage.

Super Fast Speed:

I’m really surprised by its file backup speeds. It approximately takes one minute to backup 1000s photos. Still, I didn’t find anything faster modern software than this. 

Big Storage Facility:

I’m using a 128-GB variant one and that can backup 60,000 pictures. I’ve already backed up all my files which are around 35000. Still half of my Photostick Mobile device storage is empty. No matter how big the file size is I can easily backup files on this memory stick. I don’t know If I am ever able to fulfill its full storage or not. This memory stick has extra storage space compare to average flash drives. 

On-Going Back Up:

You can back up all your files on the Photostick Mobile by connecting it weekly basis. This handy device will scan the new files and backup photos and skip the existing photos. That’s how you can store your files in an ongoing process.

Safe Storage:

Before Using the Photostick Mobile device, I had lost some of my important memories by dropping my phone in the water. Even, I had to face some problems with cloud storage. Then I started using Photostick Mobile and it’s the safest way to store my files. This device supports any file types and photo files.

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Advantages of Using the Photostick Mobile Device

The main advantage of using the Photostick Mobile Device is its easy backup system with ample storage space. Here in this PhotoStick Mobile Reviews, I’m going to show you some of the advantages of this device that I’ve experienced these days.

Advantages of Using the Photostick Mobile Device

  • Very easy to operate. Just plug in the device on your mobile USB port and back up your files.
  • The self-operated device completes its task automatically. The device will scan all the pics and videos of your phone and create a backup on it.
  • You’ll get plenty of storage space that can store massive 60000 photos and same size files on it.
  • It’s a very easy medium to backup your files from mobile to this device and then your personal computers.
  • Keep all your memories like cherished photos & videos in one single place.
  • The device supports Android and iPhone platforms.
  • It has a super-fast data copying speed. With this device, I’ve copied 1000s of photos within one minute.

How to Run Photostick?

Operating this device is a cup of tea. Let me tell you how I actually use this device.

How to Run Photostick

  • At first, I downloaded the Photostick Mobile app on my phone. You’ll find a dedicated app for android and ios both devices on the play store and the app store.
  • Then I connect the device to my phone’s charging port.
  • After the device is connected, I’m going to open the Photostick Mobile app. Now you’ll see all of your photos that are stored on your phone and you can transfer them all on your Photostick Mobile device.
  • The transfer process will begin when you click on the “Back up” process. Within a few minutes, your transfer process will complete then you can click on the disconnect option and eject the device.
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Where Photo Stick Mobile Can Be Used?

Basically, Photostick Mobile is designed for your mobile phone. It collects all the pics, videos, & other media category files on your phone. It perfectly runs with both ios & android operating systems.

Where Photo Stick Mobile Can Be Used

Once you backup the files of your phone, you can access the files from your computer also by connecting the device to your PC. Simply you can use this device on any mobile phone and computer. But its self-operating system is only applicable to mobile phones.

Is It a Scam?

If you’re willing to use this device for the very 1st-time then this is a very fair question. Even 2-years before when I heard about the device for the first time. I was also a little bit confused.

I thought it could be a scam but then again, I made up my mind to check if it is a real product. Now that I’m using this device for more than 2-years, I can assure you that you can blindly go for this device.

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How Much Does a Photo Stick Mobile Cost?

Photostick Mobile is available at a very reasonable and affordable price. You don’t have to spend a huge amount to get this smart device. Even the manufacturer gives you a 30-days money-back guarantee. This means if this product is unable to fulfill your requirement, you’ll get your money back within 30-days.

Photostick Mobile Reviews: Where to Buy?

Photostick Mobile is available only on its official site. I have purchased mine from its main authorized site also. Getting the product from the manufacturer’s authorized site will ensure that you get the real product. To help you in getting the right product below I’m including a link that will instantly take you to the official site of Photostick Mobile.

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Frequently Asked Question

While reading this PhotoStick Mobile Reviews, you might be curious to know some other questions also. Have a look at the below section and get the answers to your questions.

How Many Photos or Files Can You Save?

With its 128-GB variant, you can store 60,000 photos or the same size videos/other media files.

Can You Use The Photostick Mobile On iPhone?

Definitely, you can use this device on your iPhone.

Can You Use The Photostick Mobile On Android?

Undoubtedly, you can use your PhotoStick Mobile with your android device.


After reading this PhotoStick Mobile Reviews, I believe you have every single idea about this device. Now, you know how to mitigate your phone storage limited problem and how to backup your memories.

Just get the PhotoStick Mobile from its official site and back up your all files with this smart device. As the device automatically scans and backs up your pics, videos, and other media files. All that you have to do is to connect the device to your phone and the rest of the tasks it’ll do automatically.

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