PrimeTracking Review 2022 – Is it the Right Choice for You?

In recent days, it becomes necessary to keep track of the children while they drive the car to ensure safety. I have used several vehicle trackers, but nothing can work accurately and show me the real-time tracking information. Therefore, I started looking for a tracking device that can provide me the exact location information.

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After thorough research, I found an innovative 4G tracker called Prime Tracking. Monitoring or keeping track of loved ones and valuables has now become much easier with this tracking device. To know more, stay with this PrimeTracking Review; here, I will share my personal experience with it.

Product Summary
PrimeTracking Review

PrimeTracking Review


  • Small and lightweight
  • Instant updates and alerts.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Long battery life.
  • No dead-zones


  • Requires monthly subscription.
  • Only covers the USA, Canada, and Mexico

About Primetracking

Prime Tracking is a cutting-edge Gps technology that is designed with 4G LTE speed to track anything or anyone. With its smartphone app, it can locate in seconds and provide accurate real-time tracking results. This mini compact device seems virtually undetectable.

About Primetracking

The size of this tracking device is extremely lightweight and fits everywhere easily. This durable device is 100% silent and doesn’t show any signals. The best part is, Prime Tracking can track all sorts of vehicles. Its impressive battery life lasts up to 3 weeks from a single charge.

This device is water-resistant, so it has less risk of damage. When the vehicle crosses a specific area, it instantly sends an alert. In addition, if someone drives the vehicle recklessly, this useful device notifies to stop it anyhow. Besides that, Prime tracking provides a detailed history report for 400 consecutive days.

Features of Primetracking

The Prime Tracking device has come up with some amazing and advanced features that make it more effective than others. Here, in this PrimeTracking Review, I will share the special features of this tracking device.

Real-Time tracking:

For ensuring accurate real-time tracking it uses a 4G lightning-fast network, GPS sensor, and a smartphone app. It provides detailed location and movement information with accurate positioning of the map.

Real-Time tracking

Geofence Alert:

Geofence means creating a boundary or imaginary line on the map. So, whenever the tracker passes out or enters into the boundary this device provides an instant message.

Detailed Route History:

Through the mobile app, It allows seeing the detailed route and location history. It provides the turn-by-turn details for 400 consecutive days. I can easily view every trip that the tracker has been on throughout the day.

Speed Limiter:

This device can instantly alert you about unsafe driving. With high speed, reckless driving, rapid acceleration, careless driving, overtaking, etc., this device provides notifications.

Virtually Undetectable:

Prime Tracking is just 3 inches long, 5 inches thick, and 1.5 inches wide which is very small and lightweight. Moreover, it’s 100% sound-free and doesn’t indicate any signals. So, there is no chance for others to know about it if the device is hidden properly.

Emergency SOS:

It is designed with an SOS button that allows the user to press it in any emergency. While the user presses this button, it will send an alert with the exact location on the mobile app.

Rechargeable Battery:

Each Prime Tracking comes with built-in lithium Polymer batteries and a rechargeable USB-C charging cable. This device takes only 2-3 hours to get 0-100% charged. With this charge, it will run up to 2 weeks or 336 hours of tracking.

User-Friendly and Convenient:

The makers designed the Prime Tracking very simply and in a user-friendly manner. Anyone who can use a smartphone can use this tracker. Besides, it is so convenient to carry that it easily conceals inside the pocket, trunk, luggage, backpack, purse, etc.

Durable and Portable:

The materials of Prime Tracking are water-resistant. So, if this GPS tracker device gets wet from the rain, it will work accurately. Moreover, this device is tinier than a credit card that means it’s highly portable.

Durable and Portable


Prime tracking is suitable for all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It is also compatible with desktops and laptops. This device will work in the USA, Mexico, and Canada and allows me to view information anytime from these locations.

100% Data Encrypted:

To prevent malware and authenticate users, it uses a dedicated security chip like the US military. Prime Tracking is built using government-level encryption at each touchpoint. In this way, it ensures 100% data encryption to the smartphone apps, cloud infrastructure, and tracking vehicles.

24/7 Customer Service:

Their 24/7 customer service provides quick solutions without even charging additional fees. Their designated team experts even help people to set up the device. They ensure replying as soon as possible.

Why Do You Really Need Primetracking?

It’s best to track the car, valuables and keep the eyes on the loved ones in absence. The Prime Tracking device is perfect for parents to track their infants when they are with the babysitters. Business owners can monitor their workers. For observing the children’s situation, nothing can be better than this device.

Why Do You Really Need Primetracking

I use Prime Tracking devices for tracking my car when my child uses it. This device lets me feel tension-free and gives my child more freedom and autonomy. Another one is given to my mother so that I can quickly help her with any emergency. In a nutshell, it is an ideal device to care for family members and track valuable assets.

How Does Primetracking Work?

Prime Tracking device can show the exact location of it. This real-time GPS tracker comes with a built-in sim card for providing unlimited data coverage. In addition, it can cover unlimited tracking range, speeding, geofence, SOS alerts, etc. Unlike other tracking devices, it allows tracking unlimited devices under one single account.

How Does Primetracking Work

With the 4G LTE technology, it can provide information about every movement, location, and direction in real-time. The mobile app allows customizing notification, provides a detailed tracking report with history data. It works with any device like smartphones, tablets, computers, and other net-connected devices.

How Can I Use Primetracking?

Using the Prime Tracking device is as simple as using a smartphone. It requires a few minutes to set up; other than that; it doesn’t require any maintenance. So, let me show how I use this tracking device.

  • At first, I activate the tracker from its website. All the steps are guided through the whole process. The best thing is, it doesn’t require any personal information.
  • Then, I install the app from my smartphone’s play store and connect the device to the app.
  • After connecting instantly, the device started showing the device’s current location.
  • Lastly, I place it on my car’s trunk, so that it can be hidden and out of the way.
  • Small and lightweight
  • Instant updates and alerts.
  • Works on anything and anytime.
  • Comes with a unique sim card.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Not limited to a certain distance.
  • Long battery life.
  • No dead-zones.
  • Only covers the USA, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Requires monthly subscription.

What Are Primetracking Customers Saying?

Since I have used many tracking devices but nothing has worked, this time I have done a lot of research. Prime Tracking has rated 5 stars with 1,300 plus reviews. I have gone through more than 100 reviews, and trust me, I haven’t found a single negative review. Here, I will put some of them.

What Are Primetracking Customers Saying?

“I never expected to need something like this but I started having marital problems last month. I bought this just at the smallest suspicion that my husband was cheating. The device itself works fine, and the battery lasted two weeks, which was good enough for me to collect the information I needed. It has allowed me to confirm my suspicions, and I have since moved on from him.” – Oscar M.

I’m always working late, so my mom with Alzheimer’s disease is left at home. Sometimes she went outside and bought food and things. One time, I got home at almost 12 midnight, and my mom wasn’t at home! I found her sitting at the bus station around 3 am. Thank you so much for this tracker as I can now monitor my mother’s location!! – Cesar Hawn

Is Primetracking a Scam?

Before I started using Prime Tracking, I thought every tracking device was a scam. But, this effective tracking device has changed my thinking. It can track anything with its real-time GPS locator system.

Is Primetracking a Scam

The smartphone app with GPS makes this device more useful. Whenever my car crosses a specific area, it sends me alerts. This universal tracking device is a must-have tool for everyone to ensure the safety of family members and valuable things. So, for me, Prime Tracking is absolutely not a scam.

Where Can I Purchase the Primetracking?

So, if you want to buy the Prime Tracking device, simply visit the official website. It will help you to avoid the fake device. Currently, the manufacturer is offering a 10 day free trial with their starter pack. The starter pack includes 1 prime tracking device, free tracking app, 24/7 customer support.

Where Can I Purchase the Primetracking

In addition, they are offering this package with a discounted offer and free USA shipping. If you purchase it now, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee. For your convenience, here I am mentioning the Official Website’s link of Prime Tracking. So, without any further ado, place your order to get this big offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further queries about Prime Tracking, this section will clear all out. Here, I will cover all the frequently asked questions about it.

Is Prime Tracking Waterproof?

The high-end durable construction of Prime Tracking is protected with water resistance. So, without fearing the damage, you can use it outside in rainy conditions.

Will Someone Know If I’m Tracking Them?

This tracker is very tiny, lightweight, and emits no sound and signals. So, except for you, no one will know that you are tracking them.

Does the Device Work Outside of the USA?

Yes, Prime Tracking works in Mexico and Canada also. It allows to view the tracker’s location from anywhere from these 3 locations.

When Can I Expect My Order?

The process of shipment starts within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the order. And, they take 3 to 5 working days in the USA to deliver the products. For outside the USA, it may take 7 to 12 business days.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee And/or Warranty?

Each Prime Tracking comes with 30-days money-back guarantee. With any type of dissatisfaction or damaged product, you can claim a refund.

Final Thought

Prime Tracking provides me complete peace of mind by showing that my loved ones and my vehicle is safe. It allows me to track anything all the time right from my smartphone. Unlike the typical Bluetooth tracking devices, it can track with unlimited range accurately. The powerful battery and water resistance make it more useful.

Without making any sound or showing any signal, this unique device can send instant alerts. Because of the 4G network, GPS connectivity, and smartphone app, it can work much more effectively. In this PrimeTracking Review, I have almost shared everything about this tracker. Hopefully, it will help you to make the best decision.

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