PrintX Pro Review 2022 – Is it Really Worth The Money?

You can call me old school but as a photo lover, I always wished for having a photo printer. I think it’s not just me, every photo lover likes to make the memories tangible. So, to make my wish come true I started searching for a personal printer, and guess what I get?

I found a wireless, compact, and portable printer called PrintX Pro. This gadget not only allows me to click photos but also print documents, notes on stickers or labels. That means, with this single Bluetooth printer, I can do a lot of stuff. Isn’t it great? So, here in this PrintX Pro Review, I am going to share my personal experience with you all.

Overview of Printx Pro Review

PrintX Pro is a pocket-size Bluetooth thermal printer that allows printing digital photos, texts, and other documents. It has all the latest technologies that makes the printing process hassle less. This device is cordless so there is no need to use or carry any cable to operate this printer.

Overview of Printx Pro

Moreover, it is iOS, Android, and Windows compatible that prints high quality and best sizes photos and documents. I take this handhold printer everywhere and it allows me instant printing. It is the ideal alternative to digital cameras and suitable for both the amateur and professionals.

The beauty of this printer is it’s absolutely inkless. For printing photos and documents this mini gadget uses special thermal paper and heat. PrintX Pro works by connecting to its mobile app via Bluetooth. This lightweight printer is equipped with high-quality materials that prevent this device from breaking.

Printx Pro Special Features

Features and functions are something that can provide a clear and distinct view of any product. So, before making any decision see the best features of this printer from this PrintX Pro Review section.

Immortalize Memories Anytime:

It is the perfect device for capturing and immortalizing memories. Just take it anywhere while travelling or going outside and make the best memories alive with it. The best thing is it can directly print images from the phone.

Immortalize Memories Anytime copy


This thermal label device works as a multifunctional printer. It can instantly print images, messages, QR codes, records, stickers, lists, and many more. I even make small notes and to do lists while working with it. It comes with some vibrant colors papers which are perfect for creating something creative.

Best Ever Technology:

The Inkless pocket printer is able to do remote printing, OCR or text recognition, instant message, etc. With the  50KM ROHM thermal print head it can provide rich text and a wise label of image.

Double Mode Printer:

PrintX Pro works with 2 different modes. First one is it connects with the PC via a USB cable PC. The second mode is connecting via BlueTooth with any type of smartphone.

Complete Wireless Connection:

It is associated with 4.0 Bluetooth connection and uses a mobile app for providing the best quality printing. I just love this cordless feature of this printer as this makes it absolutely hasslefree. This feature allows me to print anything and anywhere.


This cordless mini printer is suitable with Apple iPhone iOS, Android phones, and Windows. It is also compatible with any height label app prints label like mainstream label and print software.


PrintX Pro can work with 57mm x 30mm printing thermal paper size. Additionally, it prints files in jpg, pdf, gif format and sends messages and backgrounds with stickers, labels, notes, etc.


It runs on a rechargeable battery which is 1000 mAh Li-ion built-in battery and a very minimal noise. So, there is no need for using disposable batteries. In addition, the best ever thermal technology requires no ink cartridge. Which means, it is chemical-free, noiseless, energy-saving, and charges faster.


It’s palm-size design makes this printer so handy while holding in hands. This compact printer effortlessly fits in the pockets and bags that it becomes the ideal companion while travelling.

Quality Printing:

The high-quality print head provides automatic printing, web printing, and material printing. PrintX Pro’s grayscale printing quality is very high; moreover, it is best for photographic definition.

Why Do You Really Need the Printx Pro?

The first time I saw this printer I fell in love with it. There are so many reasons that make me convinced to buy this printer. Its aesthetic palm-size design and bear look seems very appealing. This gadget allows me to print photos for memory, notes, list movies and others so that I don’t miss anything.

Why Do You Really Need the Printx Pro copy

I can even print recipes and make my own book to have everything on my hand upon cooking. Other than that, it is portable, cordless, supports multiple devices, simple using process, and much more affordable than others. It is the best printer for customizing documents and texts using several themes and fonts.

How Does Printx Pro Work?

It’s a common question that every person wonders while buying any gadgets. Therefore, in this PrintX Pro Review phase, I will share how it works. To work accurately, PrintX Pro requires pairing with a device which can be a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

How Does Printx Pro Work copy

Unlike traditional printers, it uses thermal printing to produce images and documents. The thermal paper turns black when subjected to pressure and heat by the printer. In this way, within 30 seconds this useful device offers HD-quality printout. It works faster and instantly with its latest thermal technology.

How Can I Use Printx Pro?

My experience of using PrintX Pro is great as it’s really simple and hassle free to use. Even then, here, I will share the process of using this device.

  • At first, load the printer with paper. For loading the paper, open the printer case and locate the thermal head and platen.
  • Press the power button and turn the PrintX Pro on. After turning on the mini green light will start flashing.
  • Install the free App called Peripage. This app is available on play store, app store, and Google.
  • Now, it’s time for pairing the printer with the device. Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth and then click on the app’s Bluetooth icon and connect.
  • While connecting with the PC make sure to use the USB cable.
  • Once pairing successfully, now, it is ready to print anything.
  • To charge the gadget, there is a Micro USB port on the side of the device.

Advantages of Printx Pro

Unlike other printers this little Bluetooth printer comes up with huge advantages. Here, I will share some of the benefits that this device provides me.

Advantages of Printx Pro

  1. In it’s category of printers this is the most reliable printer to create great memories.
  2. This convenient device comes with a simple and hassle-free operating system.
  3. Within 30 seconds I can print anything with HD quality.
  4. The portable palm-size design of PrintX Pro feels really effortless while holding or carrying.
  5. Its long battery life
  6. The quality of grayscale photos and documents are very high.
  7. Without having any issues I can use it with my smartphone, tablet, and computer.
  8. To ensure safe operation it comes with the paper length life integrated cutter.

Disadvantages of Printx Pro

Since the time I have started using PrintX Pro, till now I never face any issue with this device. The only things that can bother people are-

  1. PrintX Pro is only available online.
  2. Due to limited stock the products got stockout quickly.

Is Printx Pro a Scam?

Before using this printer I had a doubt in my mind about its quality. But, this extraordinary gadget amaze me with its higher quality and versatility. It requires minimal assembly and is very easy to install and use. The weight is very light, compact, and it comes in a palm-size shape.

Is Printx Pro a Scam copy

This device prints photographs and documents in HD quality by pairing with several devices like computer, mobile and tablets. It becomes my best travel companion as I can instantly print out images and documents using it. So, while planning for getting a printer you can blindy consider this tiniest one.

Where Can I Order it?

As I said before, the PrintX Pro is available online. So, if you want to purchase this printer you can visit their official website. Here, I am providing the link of the PrintX Pro’s official website. I get my PrintX Pro with a huge 50% discount. To get the deals, discounts and guarantees do not delay placing your order.

Right now, they are offering buy 3 PrintX Pro and get 2 free with a 70% discount. Also, buy 2 get 1 with a 67% discount. You can have 3 years of warranty with their great deal. On each purchase you will get a 30 day guarantee. So, hurry up, get the best printer, and start creating great memories of yours like me.

Final Thought

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional this device will provide you the best ever experience. The inkless and portable PrintX Pro comes with a classic stylish body which works very quickly. This flexible printer is so compact that it fits into the pocket easily so it’s very convenient to move around with.

As you come to the end of the PrintX Pro Review, you get all the features and benefits of it. So, if you are interested in clicking photos and saving your memories I will recommend this pocket printer. You can simply print anything anywhere using this printer with zero hassle.

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