Safe Grabs Reviews [Update 2022]: Prevent Burned Hands and More!

One of my favorite hobbies is cooking food. Rather than going to a restaurant, I love to cook my own dishes at home. But the problem is I burnt/streamed my fingers most of the time while dealing with hot pot. I had tried everything to minimize such types of accidents. But didn’t get any appropriate solution till a couple of months before I heard about Safe Grabs. Basically, Safe Grabs is a microwavable silicone-mats that can be used for accomplishing multiple purposes while working in the kitchen.

Now here in this safe grabs reviews, I’m going to share my user experience with this outstanding product. If you have the same problem as me then stick to this article. Here I’ll share my real-life experience and explain to you how this device helps me these days.

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What Is Safe Grabs?

Safe Grabs is a kind of splatter guard, placemats, trivets, pot grabbers, jar openers, etc a multipurpose product. It’s designed to protect your hand from any accidental brunt while dealing with a hot cooking pot. This round shaped mat is made with BPA-free, food-grade silicone to provide you safe food.

What Is Safe Grabs

With this heat-resistant pot grabber, you can easily transport hot-pot and dishes without burning your hands from the microwave or stoves. Safe Grabs has a very powerful heat tolerance capacity, it can easily absorb 475° Fahrenheit/ 276° celsius.

On the other hand, its surface is completely non-sticky. As a result, no food oil or dust can be attached to it when you put it under a running water tap. Moreover, you can use this splatter guard to clean microwave messes without using any detergent or chemicals.

Safe Grabs Main Features

The multipurpose Safe Grabs pot grabbers come with so many outstanding features for its user.  Below in this safe grabs reviews section, I’m going to include some of its amazing features that I’ve enjoyed these days.

Safe Grabs Main Features

Heat Resistant:

Safe Grabs has a very powerful capacity to absorb high amounts of heat. It can easily deal with up to 475° Fahrenheit/ 276° celsius hot objects without any harm. Because of this high heat-resistant capacity, you can easily carry extremely hot food dishes without burning your finger. Since I’ve been using the Safe Grabs, I have never burnt my finger again.

Firm and Anti-Slip Grip:

While carrying hot dishes, you must have to grip them firmly so that they remain stable and don’t slip. With the silicone ridges of the safe grabs, you can ensure that. This firm and anti-slip grip not only helps you in moving your hot dishes or pot in a stable manner. It also helps you in opening jar-lids quickly.


When it’s about your food, safety is first. To ensure the safety of your health, it is made with BPA free, food-grade silicone. As a result, you can keep it in the microwave for a long-time without any hesitation. It won’t mix any kind of harmful chemicals on your food.


When cooking food in the microwave, I’ve noticed that the surroundings of the grabs are covered with messes and oil. But it surprised me a lot when I saw that all the messes, oil, and food dirt completely washed out. When I put it under running tap water. It actually doesn’t require any kind of detergents and dishwasher. Besides, there is no problem cleaning it with a dishwasher as it is completely dishwasher safe.

Patented Design:

Safe Grabs has its own patented design that makes it unique and effective than others. Its round shape is designed ergonomically and the edges of this grab are upward so that you can grab anything firmly. Besides, its wider and thin surface provides excellent support for all types of dishes.

How Does Safe Grabs Work?

If you never use Safe Grabs then probably you don’t have any idea how it actually works. Well, in your 1st impression, you might think that it’s just a silicone mat. But, if you give full concentration then you’ll discover its secret. The circle ridges that you’re seeing on one side are scientifically proven to decrease heat without letting the heat seep on the other side.

How Does Safe Grabs Work

As a result, you can move hot dishes and pots without burning/steaming your fingers. To give you a more clear concept of how this grab actually works, below I’m listing how I’m using this device.

  • I use the Safe Grab below the dishes and pots that I place on the microwave. As the grab won’t get heated, I can easily bring out the dishes with it.
  • Cleaning safe grab is also very easy & simple. Most of the time I just put the grab under running water-tap and all the messes, oil, and food dirt get removed. But you can use dishwashers and detergents also as it’s dishwasher safe.
  • Its ergonomic, non-slippery, and firm design helps me to carry my slippery type pot easily in a stable way.
  • Sometimes I used it for opening jar lids. As it keeps the object stable I can do that perfectly.

Benefits of Use a Safe Grabs

You can already assume that how Safe Grabs assist you in your work and what are the benefits you’ll get. Then again I love to share some of its outstanding benefits that I’ve experienced these days.

Benefits of Use a Safe Grabs

  • Before using Safe Grabs, most of the time I burnt my fingers while dealing with hot dishes. But the day I started using this grab, I never burnt my finger again.
  • Actually, Safe Grabs is a multipurpose kitchen tool that not only helps you to deal with hot dishes. I’ve used it in several tasks, such as opening jar lids.
  • Because of its high heat-resistance ability, you can move hot dishes and pots effortlessly.
  • Its cleaning process is also very simple. Most of the time I wash it with just tap water without any detergents and dishwasher.
  • Besides, Safe Grabs upward edge construction allows me to carry hot dishes and pans firmly.

Is It a Scam?

When I heard about Safe Grabs for the first time, I wasn’t sure that the product is real or a scam. But before thinking too much I had decided to check it practically.  Since I’ve been using it for the last few months, I can tell you that the product is 100% real.

Is It a Scam

It does everything as it promises. In this short period of time, it blows my mind with its outstanding service. If you want to protect your hands from any kind of accidental brunt, Safe Grabs is an excellent choice for you.

Price of Safe Grabs and Money-back Guarantee

Don’t think about the price, it won’t cut your pocket. You’ll be glad to know that Safe Grabs is available on its official site at a very reasonable price. The price of Safe Grabs is under everyone’s range. Besides, the great news is, the manufacturer of Safe Grabs provides you a huge 30-days money-back guarantee. So if unfortunately, you don’t like it, you can get back your money by returning it.

Safe Grabs Reviews: Where to Buy?

If you already make up your mind to get the Safe Grabs for your kitchen activity. Then I’ll recommend you to get it from its official site. I’ve brought seven of these products from its official sites and all of them are in excellent condition.

Safe Grabs Reviews: Where to Buy?

Besides, you won’t get the 30-days money-back guarantee if you don’t purchase it from the official sites. Below this segment, I’m going to add a link that will directly take you to the official site of Safe Grabs.

Frequently Asked Question

If you’ve more questions about this product. Then check the below segment of this safe grabs reviews and get the answers to your questions.

Where are Safe Grabs Manufactured?

Safe Grabs is invented by a girl from Texas known as Cyndi lee.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, the product is completely safe for children. But I’ll suggest you do not keep it near kids as children could do anything.

Final Verdict: Why I Chose Safe Grabs

Now that you’re in the conclusion section of this safe grabs reviews. I believe you have a complete idea about this product. In my point of view, it’s one of the most needed products that everyone should have in their kitchen.

With safe grabs, you can deal with any hot objects in your kitchen effortlessly. From now, you don’t have to burn your hand while carrying your hot food dishes. Besides, you can use it to open a jar lids, to keep your kitchen utensils, cover your food, etc.

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