Scooch Wingback Review – Is it Worth the Money?

When it comes to investing in a smartphone, you must consider some accessories to make things easier. I didn’t believe the above statement before. But with an increasing amount of versatility a smartphone is offering these days, you always want a strong grip on it.

Whether you want to watch movies, or other videos, without a good setup with your smartphone back cover, you will suffer a lot. When I finally realized this, I was looking for a smart solution.

Thanks to one of my friends, for giving me information about Scooch Wingback. This product changed my life. In this Scooch Wingback review, I will share my experiences with this product. Want to know more? Read on!

Product Summary
Scooch Wingback

Scooch Wingback

  • Excellent Grip
  • Rugged Design
  • Vertical or Horizontal Position
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Safety

Scooch Wingback Review: A Short Overview

Scooch Wingback is a smartphone accessory that you can attach to the backside of your phone or tablet so that you can enjoy countless flexibilities from your phone. This gadget is quite strong and comes with the ability to offer you plenty of usages. It will ensure that you get the best grip on your favorite smartphone.

Scooch Wingback Review

It is a flat-sided accessory that is quite easy to install on your phone. Not to mention, you will get a range of functionalities from your phone. While you will get an outstanding grip on your device, it can also be used as a kickstand or car mount.

When it comes to using your phone or watching videos in a hands-free mode, Scooch Wingback will be always there to help you out. So, you can enjoy safer driving even when using your phone in an emergency.

Forget those days when phone drop-off from hand was a regular matter. The strong grip this accessory gives you will ensure that your phone will never fall out of your hand. The rigid adhesive used in this accessory will keep it in its right place when you use your phone. No wonder, this accessory will certainly change your life.

What Is a Scooch Wingback?

It is a smartphone accessory that will be used as a stand or a holder when necessary. Scooch Wingback will ensure you an excellent grip and tons of functionalities from your smartphone. For instance, you will enjoy hands-free streaming, or safe driving while using your phone.

It will not add bulk, but surprisingly, the overall functionalities of your phone will increase significantly. Accidental phone drop from hand is a common phenomenon for many of us. Scooch Wingback will eliminate all of the possibilities of your phone drop. So, your replacement or repairing money for your phone will be saved greatly.

What Problem Does It Solve?

Scooch Wingback is a great smartphone accessory that solves many of our problems with our phones. One of the major problems with our smartphones is we drop them accidentally. It is a common phenomenon for most smartphone users. As a result, your favorite expensive phone can get damaged.

What Problem Does It Solve

So, you may need to replace or repair it. No doubt, it will cost you a good amount of money. When you attach Scooch Wingback to your phone, it will never drop. One of the biggest problems with your smartphone will be solved permanently.

If you love to take selfies, you need a strong grip on your phone, which you will not get often times. As Wingback will ensure an excellent grip, you will be able to take selfies with complete freedom.

Besides, it will help you to become an efficient person in multi-tasking. This accessory can be used as a stand or holder. So, you can use your phone hands-free while doing other tasks with your hands.

What Are The Features Of Scooch Wingback?

There are many exciting features of Scooch Wingback which are discussed below.

What Are The Features Of Scooch Wingback

Excellent Grip:

Scooch Wingback will give a strong grip on your smartphone. So, you can use it without any hassle. If you want to take a selfie without any worry, you should get this excellent accessory. Because the strong grip you will get from it will help you to take a selfie or whatever task you want to do. Instantly, you can become an efficient multitasking person. With this excellent level of grip, you will never drop your phone from your hand.

Rugged Design:

One of the amazing features of this gadget is it is built with a rugged design. It is capable of doing kickstand bends. As it has great durability, it won’t break easily. Built with polycarbonate shatterproof plastic and rubber, the durable metal spring will offer you a great level of functionalities.

Vertical or Horizontal Position:

There is no doubt that Scooch Wingback is an effective kickstand. You can use it when necessary. If you don’t need it, you can avoid using it. It comes with a very intelligent curved design. So, you can set it both for horizontal or vertical viewing. Whether you want to make video calls, watch movies, scroll social media websites, everything you can do smartly when you have Wingback installed in your phone.

Vertical or Horizontal Position

Universal Compatibility:

Another excellent feature of this gadget is it will offer you universal compatibility. The installation process is super simple. It uses a strong adhesive that works with all kinds of phones or tablets. So, regardless of your phone or tablet brand, Scooch Wingback will work with your device very conveniently.


Technically, this gadget will ensure your safe driving. Suppose, you are going to a new place. In that time, you may need to navigate maps while driving. This accessory will allow you to mount it on your car without any hassle. So, you will be safe while driving.

What Is The Installation Process And How Does It Work?

When you buy a new Scooch Wingback, you can easily install it on your phone. The overall installation process is pretty much straightforward and hassle-free. Check the steps involved in the installation below.

What Is The Installation Process And How Does It Work

  • Step – 1: First of all, you need to clean your smartphone cover with a wet cloth. Make sure to clean it properly and then dry it in the air.
  • Step – 2: Take the new Scooch Wingback and remove its adhesive liner.
  • Step – 3: At this point, you need to align it with the bottom edge part of your smartphone cover. Now press and hold the accessory to your smartphone cover for a few moments. `

That’s it. You are all set now. The strong adhesive of the Wingback will do the rest of the work. If you do everything in the right way, you can use this accessory without any issue. You can pop up the kickstand and use it as a stand, holder, or many other ways. Besides, you will get a strong grip on it.

How to Use a Scooch Wingback?

Scooch Wingback is a great mobile accessory that will give you many functionalities. Using this gadget is quite simple. If you follow the above-mentioned way, you can easily install it. Once you installed it on your phone, you can do many things which include the following-

How to Use a Scooch Wingback

  • It will give you a good grip. So, your phone will not fall off your hand.
  • If you want to enjoy all of your moments while watching movies or videos, it can be used as a kickstand.
  • You can conveniently place it in the air vents of a car. This kind of mounting on the car will help you to drive safer while navigating on the map.
  • You can reach all of the corners of your screen with a single hand. As a result, you can take selfies with more flexibility.

Scooch Wingback Review: Pros and Cons

  • Can be used as an effective horizontal or vertical kickstand
  • Ultra-slim add-on to your phone
  • Easily takes place in your pocket
  • Quite affordable and hassle-free purchase
  • The phone will not fall off your hand frequently
  • You can use the smartphone in the hands-free mode
  • You can place it in the air vents of the car for mounting
  • You will get an excellent grip on your favorite smartphone
  • Your frequent phone replacement and repair cost will be minimized by it
  • Wireless charging is not possible when it is installed on your phone
  • Transfer of this accessory between multiple smartphone cases are not easy
  • Not available in offline stores

How the Wingback Stops the Drop

I hope you already know that Scooch Wingback is a great device that will offer you many benefits. One of the major benefits you will get is it will stop the dropping of your phone. It will give you a very strong grip.

So, you will be able to hold your phone easier and more confidently. As a result, your phone will not fall off your hand. Plus, you will be able to become an effective multi-tasking individual.

How the Wingback Stops the Drop

This excellent feature of this product is possible for its incredible design. The high-quality adhesive and innovative spring which are used in this accessory are impressive. As you will get a very strong grip from Wingback, eventually, falling off the phone from hand will be minimized to a great extent.

How Long Will The Spring In The Scooch Wingback Last?

There is no denying the fact that Scooch Wingback is a great device that will give you a great level of durability. It has a spring and a kickstand. When you talk about the kickstand, it is made of shatterproof polycarbonate plastic and rubber. On the other hand, the spring is completely made of metal.

Only high-quality materials are used in the spring. So, it will offer you great durability. As per the statement of the manufacturer, the spring of Scooch Wingback may last up to 7 years which is impressive.

Scooch Wingback Reviews: What Are Users Saying?

I am a user of this excellent Scooch Wingback. Since I bought it, my life has changed positively. As a customer of this product, I am quite satisfied. However, you should consider what users are saying about this product before making the final deal.

What Are Users Saying

What Are User Saying

Most of the customers of this product expressed positive opinions. Below I will attach screenshots of some of the customer’s reviews on this product.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Scooch® Wingback?

Dimensions of a product like Scooch Wingback are quite important. Because it will determine whether it will fit your phone or not. As far as I know, this excellent phone grip is compatible with almost all types of smartphones. Because it comes with perfect dimensions.

The dimensions of the Scooch Wingback phone grip are 3.9” x 1.6” x .23″. So, you will never face any problem when it comes to installing it on your phone.

What Can Be Improved of this Product?

There are many benefits and advantages you will get from Scooch Wingback phone grip. There is no doubt, it will help you in many ways that I already discussed above. Still, the product can be improved in some ways. If the manufacturer keeps following things in mind in their next version, it will become even more incredible.

  1. If you install it on your phone, the wireless charging of your smartphone will not work anymore. I think it is a great drawback of this amazing device. The manufacturer should consider it and try to come up with a solution to this.
  2. When you want to transfer it among different cases, it is quite harder. As many of us use multiple smartphones, we should be able to do that conveniently. I hope the manufacturer will consider this.

Read This Before Buying The Wingback!

So, have you already decided on your mind to buy it? If your answer is yes, it will be a really good decision as it will offer you many benefits. However, before buying this, you should know the following facts about this product.

  • It is quite lightweight and so easy to install.
  • It is easily compatible with most of the smartphone and tablet models of the world.
  • It will give you a strong grip.
  • The accidental phone drop of your hand will reduce dramatically.
  • It will help you to use your phone in hands-free mode.
  • However, after completing the installation process, your phone will not work with a wireless charger.

Where Can You Order Scooch Wingback?

Now that you already know almost everything about this product, you may want to buy it. When it comes to purchasing this product, the most reliable place I would like to recommend to you is their official website. There you will get some special packages exclusively designed for you.

Not to mention, those packages come with a discounted price. So, without worrying anymore, you can easily order your Scooch Wingback from there. If you complete the checkout process properly, it will not take much time to get the products right at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will it fit my phone?

Scooch Wingback is designed with universal compatibility. It means it will fit perfectly to almost all models available in the market. With the dimensions of 3.9” x 1.6” x .23″, it will be easily attached to your phone’s back cover. Besides, the installation process is also easy. So, you can easily enjoy the excellent grip on your phone.

Will the adhesive stick to my phone case?

The design of this wonderful phone accessory is quite great. It comes with strong adhesives which will stick to your phone cover strongly. The bonding will be quite strong. So, you won’t need to worry at all. Just install Wingback in your smartphone following the right way and it will do the rest.

Can I remove Scooch Wingback from my phone case?

Yes, you will be able to remove Scooch Wingback from your phone case. You already know that the accessory remains attached to your phone case by adhesives. The adhesive is pretty much strong to hold it to the right place. Still, you will be able to remove it if you want. The removal process is also quite straightforward. Also, there will be no damage to the case.

Will the Scooch Wingback work with magnetic mounts?

Yes, Scooch Wingback works with magnetic mounts. For instance, if your car has a magnetic mount system, Wingback is compatible with that. It means it works conveniently with a magnetic mount.

Can I attach the Wingback directly to my phone?

Although it is doable, I don’t recommend it. Because it can damage your phone. Most of the phones are built with glass baking these days. The installation process of this accessory includes pressing with pressure. When you attach the Scooch Wingback directly to your device, the pressure you will put may cause damage to your favorite phone.

Who Manufactures Scooch Wingback?

Scooch Wingback has become quite popular these days. Because it solves some practical problems for smartphone users. The build quality of this product is quite good. This amazing product is manufactured by Scooch. It is a United States-based company. So, you can put your full trust in this. The company ensures full customer satisfaction.

Who Manufactures Scooch Wingback

Contacts of the Support Team

The Scooch support team is quite friendly and responsive. Their continuous hard work made Wingback successful. If you want to contact their support team here are the details.

  • Email:
  • Address: 15540 Herriman Blvd Noblesville, IN 46060 United States

Scooch Wingback Review: Conclusion

One of the common problems with smartphone users is they accidentally drop their phones often. The same thing happened to me several times. So, I wanted a solution. Scooch Wingback gave me the necessary grip that was needed for me.

It changed my life. There are many other benefits of this product. In this Scooch Wingback review guide, I shared all of my experiences with this product. I hope it will help you to make a generous decision.

Product Summary
Scooch Wingback

Scooch Wingback

  • Excellent Grip
  • Rugged Design
  • Vertical or Horizontal Position
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Safety

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