Scratchundo Pro Review 2022 – Is it Legit or Scam?

I just adore my car and can’t bear a single scratch on it. But, no matter how carefully I drive, the scratches find their ways on my car. Ohhh! This thing makes me so frustrated. Car enthusiast people like me can relate with me in this situation. To get rid of those scratches I have done some research and finally found a product.

This product just looks like a little pen which is known as ScratchUndo. It is a gel applicator pen which is specially designed for covering the car’s scratches. It doesn’t matter what type of car and color; this magical pen can effectively fill all the scratches. I find this product really useful thus, I am sharing this ScratchUndo Pro Review. Hopefully, this guide can help you to get rid of car scratches.

What Is Scratchundo Pro?

As the name implies ScratchUndo Pro is a transparent scratch remover pen that can cover light car scratches immediately. It is one of the cost-effective and ideal solutions for car paint scratches. This product is perfect for use on any surface of a car like plastic, fiber, metal, etc. What Is Scratchundo Pro

Its innovative formula works perfectly with any paint color and doesn’t contain any additives. The acidic solution gel can dissolve with any color and when hardened it absorbs the surrounding color.

This patented formula is absolutely safe, odorless, non-toxic, and easy to apply. In almost no time this magical pen can eliminate the traces of scratches. The best part is, this quite handy device restores the car’s paint shine.

What Problems Does it Solve?

Before I used so many scratch removal products but, nothing works for my car. But, this unique pen effectively solves all the scratching issues of my car. I will share in this ScratchUndo Pro Review what problems ScratchUndo Pro actually solves and how. It becomes a must-have tool for every vehicle owner because of its fast and effective service.

What Problems Does it Solve

ScratchUndo Pro can be used for any type of vehicle. The gel of this pen basically is an acidic solution. This formula is transparent which keeps the vehicle’s original color and also prevents destroying the car’s color. This magical pen contains enough gel that I have been using several times. Once applying, it will repair the scratch once and forever.

Main Features of Scratchundo Pro

This highly efficient gel pen comes up with some best-ever features to take the car to its old shiny days. So, let’s discuss all the best features of ScratchUndo Pro that make me amazed.

Main Features of Scratchundo Pro

Immediate Scratch Free Finish:

This colorless scratch remover pen works instantly after the first application. Once I apply this pen to my car’s scratches, it shows amazing results. It removes and covers the scratches without leaving any marks on the car’s body. Moreover, it provides an instantly smooth finish over the body of the car.

Suitable for Every Surface and Color:

The transparent formula comes with zero paint restrictions thus it can work on every paint like matt or neon. In addition, ScratchUndo Pro is suitable for plastic, fiber, and metallic surfaces. This versatility of ScratchUndo Pro makes it more effective and different than others.

Safe Ingredient:

The acidic solution gel is non-toxic, non-hazardous, odorless, water-resistant, additive-less, and permanent. This clear gel formula absorbs the color surrounding and dissolves with the paint. It won’t hamper or destroy the car’s color, this makes this pen absolutely safe to use.

Safe Ingredient

Easy to apply:

Without having any prior knowledge anybody can apply this to cover the light scratches of the car’s body. Simply open the replaceable cap, apply the gel formula and let it dry. That’s it; within a few seconds, the scratches will vanish.

Super Compact and Compatible:

ScratchUndo Pro comes in 142 x 15 mm size which is as compact as a pen. Mostly, I keep it in my pocket and my car’s tool cabin. This universal scratch removal pen works with different types of vehicles like motorcycles, cars, vans, etc.


Here, in this ScratchUndo Pro Review section, I will share the advantages of it that I have experienced. So, let’s have a look.


  • It provides a quick fix as well as effective output of restoring the car’s scratches.
  • I can apply it to any color and surface of my car.
  • ScratchUndo Pro is chemical-free, best quality, and safe for any vehicle.
  • The application process is absolutely hassle-free.
  • I carry it with me every time as it comes in a compact and portable shape.


Since I have been using this product for a couple of months, till now it won’t let me down at all. ScratchUndo stands out effectively on my expectations. The only downsides that some people may feel bothered are-

  • Limited availability, and
  • Only sold online.

Compilation of Customer Opinion2

Before buying any product usually, I researched a lot about its features, benefits, and specification. And to get more precise information customer reviews helps me most. I go through more than 100 real buyers reviews and the best thing no one complains about this product.

Compilation of Customer Opinion2

Here I am sharing the summary of each customer review. Most of them feel glad after purchasing this one. They find it unbelievably cost-effective. Some of them mentioned that it is really easy to use. Moreover, it saves their time and money as they don’t need to go to the repair shop for repairs.

How Can I Use Scratchundo Pro?

ScratchUndo Pro is a simple product that even a non-techy person can use without any hassle. Right below, I will share how I use this pen to get rid of the car scratches.

How Can I Use Scratchundo Pro

Step 1: Before anything, I cleaned the scratched parts of the car thoroughly.

Step 2: After that, keeping the cap on I shake the repair pen well.

Step 3: Then, pointing the pen’s tip down  I started pressing it. Keep pressing and releasing the process until the tip saturates.

Step 4: I apply the gel-based formula all over the scratches area. While using make sure, to protect the tip from sunlight.

Step 5: After applying I wipe off the excess gel quickly using a dry paper towel or tissue.

In no time, the car and other vehicles will look like before. Do not forget to put the lid back on the pen after using it. Otherwise, the gel can get dry and it may get damaged.

Is Scratchundo Pro a Scam?

I have used several scratch removal products but not a single one makes me satisfied. Therefore, I was a bit confused about the ScratchUndo Pro’s effectiveness. Fortunately, this product doesn’t disappoint me and stands out on my expectations. After I started using it, I became a huge fan of this little gel-based pen.

Is Scratchundo Pro a Scam

Its instant fixing and best ever output impressed me a lot. I keep it with me every single time I ride. This magical device is the ultimate solution for removing unwanted scratches from the vehicle. So, for me ScratchUndo Pro is definitely not a scam; moreover, it is the ideal tool for every car lover.

Where Can I Purchase Scratchundo Pro?

Currently, ScratchUndo Pro is available online only. Also, to get the authentic product with an easy and faster checkout nothing can be better than the official website. I will recommend buying this product from the manufacturer’s official website and here is the link. Right now, they are offering a huge 50% discount on each purchase.

Also, they have several offers to choose from. Such as, Buy 3 get 2 free with 75% discount and buy 2 get 1 free with 67% discount. To get a 3 years warranty you can look out for their great deal offer. Additionally, they provide a 30 days guarantee on each purchase. So, without further delay, get yours one right now.

Final Thought

It’s really unfortunate having scratches on vehicles even riding with utmost safety. Sometimes situations get out of control and mishaps happen on the road. At this time, the perfect solution is using ScratchUndo Pro to remove the scratches. Now that you complete the whole ScratchUndo Pro Review, you know what the application process is.

This mini scratch removing pen ensures the best maintenance of any vehicle. Simply fix the car scratches without even spending the time and dollars for repairing. This unique pen treats the vehicle with the best care and makes them just like before. So, without delaying, bring this ultimate scratch remover; it will ensure the greatest value for money.

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