Ultrawash Max Review 2022 – Does it Really Work?

Sometimes the cloth’s stains get really stubborn that it becomes really hard to remove. I even end up ruining some of my clothes while experimenting with different methods for stains. As I have space issues, I can’t use a washing machine to get rid of such pain. But, fortunately, I found a mini portable washing machine called UltraWash Max.

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Ease of Use9.9



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This little smart washing machine is a real lifesaver. It makes washing clothes much easier as I don’t even wet my hands. Ultrawash max does it all for me. To know in detail about this unique device, you can see this UltraWash Max Review. Here, I will share my own experience about using this gadget.

Product Summary
Ultrawash Max Review

Ultrawash Max Review

  • Premium Material
  • Effective Working Functions
  • Multipurpose and Convenient
  • Automatic Process
  • Lightweight and Portable

Introducing Ultrawash Max

Ultra Wash Max is a mini washing machine that comes with a sucker on the bottom. With this sucker, it can attach to the bucket or basin effectively. This device’s shell is made with environmentally PP and TPR materials that are tasteless and non-toxic. It has 4 different operating models that make the washing process easier and more effective.

Introducing Ultrawash Max

This little ultrasonic turbine washer solves most laundry issues with its different working modes. The intelligent interactive cleaning can thoroughly remove the dirt and stains of clothes. It works with USB which output power is 6W. The input voltage of the power supply is DC5V, and the output voltage is DC10V.

It is one of the latest small washing machines that can carry 1KG laundry weight.  Ultrawash max produces only 50 dB low noise. This mini device’s rotation speed is 200 RPM, and it can rotate clockwise, anti-clockwise, and bidirectional. With its anti-winding technology, this device rubs the clothes like hands that protect clothes from damage.

What Problems Does it Solve?

This small device comes with a wide range of uses. It can wash different light clothes even jewelry, dishes, and other small items. The ultrasonic high-frequency vibration mode kills the debris and effectively removes all the dirt. This smart alternative of handwashing saves water, time, and money from spending on monthly bills.

What Problems Does it Solve

People who have space issues, this independent washing machine can be a savior for them. With no effort, this portable washing machine can clean my dirty clothes in minimal time. It does a double-action cleaning by the positive and negative turbo and ultrasonic interactions.

Ultrawash Max Features

To keep the clothes clean and lessen the hassle of using hands to wash clothes, this machine comes with several features. Let’s have a look at the features of this straightforward machine from this UltraWash Max Review.

Premium Material:

This cleaning washing machine’s base plate comes with ABS material that makes this device much durable. It is non-toxic, firm, and comes in PP and TPR materials that are 100% safe to use.

It is safely operated via the USB cable, which requires no mains voltage. The best part is this ultrawash max is designed to immerse into the water completely. It is an all in all device with water resistance, water-saving, and electricity-saving.

Effective Working Functions:

To meet the people’s different washing needs, this device works with 4 different functions. They are:

Effective Working Functions

  • Auto Circulation Cleaning,
  • Dual Direction Turbine Cleaning,
  • Ultrasonic Vibration Cleaning, and
  • Bubbling Cleaning.

The automatic circulation cleaning makes the device spin wash the clothes by cycle through clockwise, counterclockwise. The dual-direction turbine spins the water forward and reverses for 2 minutes.

This machine provides 1.5 minutes of ultrasonic vibration cleaning for a high sterilization rate. It ensures removing all the dirt and debris effectively. Lastly, it offers a 5-minute bubbling cleaning.

Effective Working Functions 2

Multipurpose and Convenient:

UltraWash Max is suitable for personal laundry, light clothes and perfect for baby clothes and lingerie. Not only this device can be used for cleaning clothes but also for glasses, jewelry, and other small items. At the same time, it can be hung on the wall of the barrel and placed below the barrel.

To make the cleaning process more efficient and quick, the turbine function interacts with the ultrasonic function. This washing machine has anti-tangle technology, a built-in clutch system, and intelligent interactive cleaning. With gentle agitation, it can handle the clothes gently and carefully. Just put the clothes or disease into the water, and it will handle the rest.

Automatic Process:

This wonderful machine uses intelligent operation technology of automatic timer. That shuts down the machine automatically after 30 minutes, and after one minute, it restarts the USB plug. So, there is no risk for any unexpected occurrences. It is suitable for 1KG water and, while cleaning, produces very minimal 50dB noise.

Lightweight and Portable:

This device comes in 3.54 inches or 90mm diameter and 1.57 inches or 40mm depth. Which is very lightweight and portable to carry on the bags and pockets. So, it is absolutely effortless to carry it from one place to another.

Lightweight and Portable

Ultrawash Max of Pros

Advanced grooming products like UltraWash Max come with huge benefits for daily life washing clothes. In this UltraWash Max Review phase, I will share the advantages that I get using this useful device.


  • This tiny gadget can meet different washing needs with its adjustable washing models.
  • With intelligent interactive cleaning, it can solve almost all laundry issues.
  • It comes with 4 different functions, which can thoroughly remove dirt and stains from the cloth.
  • UltraWash Max is suitable for cleaning t-shirts, baby clothes, underwear, socks, and any other light clothes.
  • It reduces scalp buildup, dirt, bacteria, mold, and odor from the clothes and dishes.
  • This device has an automatic shut-off feature that turns the machine off after 30 minutes.
  • It is designed with a compact and portable shape that becomes a travel best product.
  • UltraWash Max is an eco-friendly, water-saving, energy-saving, and water-resistant device.

Ultrawash Max of Cons

Typically, every product has some lackings, and UltraWash Max is also not beyond that. But, compared with the advantages, these following cons are actually nothing.

  • Not suitable for large or heavy clothes.
  • Available online only.

How Can I Use Ultrawash?

UltraWash Max wash clothes using its 4 functions like automatic, turbine, ultrasound, and bubble cleaning. It requires 30 minutes to clean, and after the power outage, it needs 10 minutes to reboot.

How Can I Use Ultrawash

While using this device, make sure connecting the USB. After that, it will automatically start washing the clothes. Now, let’s see the steps of using this machine to make the clothes fresh and clean.

  • Soak lightweight cloths with proper water.
  • Pour the accurate amount of liquid detergent into the water.
  • Fix the machine into a bucket or basin with its magic sucker.
  • Make sure to install the machine’s suction cup at the bottom of the bucket or basin. Do not install it with the curved wall.
  • Connect the washing machine’s power supply and turn the machine on.
  • After completing, turn off by unplugging the power cable.

After 30 minutes, the machine will automatically turn off. Then, take out the clothes and keep them for drying.

Is Ultrawash a Scam?

Before I started using this washing machine, I had a bit of doubt in my mind about its effectiveness. So, don’t judge this useful device by its size like me. But after using Ultrawash Max, I found this machine hugely beneficial for me. It is not only great for saving time and money but also for the environment.

Is Ultrawash a Scam

UltraWash Max is very easy to operate and best for travel use. It absorbs grime and dirt from clothes by creating a natural effect. It requires zero effort of mine as this device can do all cleaning by itself. I don’t even scrub the clothes using my hands. Simply select the required mode, and it is good to go. So, for me, UltraWash max is not a scam at all.

Things to Look for Before Buying Ultrawash Max

Not only UltraWash Max but before buying any other device, everyone should consider some obvious facts. Look out for the technical specifications, features, and materials. This will provide a clear view of the product in detail.

While buying UltraWash Max, do consider the functionality and ensure it goes with the requirements. I always see the reviews of customers, authenticity, warranty, and return processes.

Where I Can Buy It?

Right now, UltraWash Max is available only online. For online shopping, I always prefer purchasing from the official website. Nothing is better than the official site to get discounts, guarantees, warranty, also, a fast and easy checkout process. All their products come with a 30 days guarantee also they offer a full refund or replacement.

With their great deal, you will have a 3 years warranty. Currently, they are offering a 50% discount purchasing 1 product. With 2 UltraWash Max, you will get 1 free and 67% discount. If you purchase 3 products, then they will give 2 products free with a 71% discount. So, for placing your order, simply visit this official website of UltraWash Max.

Final Thought

This device is produced and designed to protect the hands from washing. It provides the best value for money with great features and benefits. Removing stains and dirt now becomes much easier than before as UltraWash Max does it all for me. It works systematically by using 4 different modes.

With this compact device, no one has to worry about space issues and paying for laundry. This portable device is a real savior and the most convenient option for every person. I share almost everything about my experience of using the UltraWash Max. Hopefully, now, you can understand this mini washing machine in a better way.

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