Vizr Reviews 2022: Does It Really Make Driving Safer?

Almost seven days a week, I’ve to drive my car to go to my office and other places. I’ve been driving for more than 12-years and I’m still afraid of accidents while on the road. This is because I lose my concentration sometimes while looking at the navigation, checking the notifications, etc. Though by fortune I didn’t make any big accidents yet, then again I made some couple of mistakes that could be a serious one.

So, for my safety concern, I was looking for a solution to avoid such problems. Just five months ago, I discovered the smart  Vizr device and it solves all the issues. Now here in this VIZR Review, I’m going to show you how this device helps me these days.

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What Is Vizr?

Vizr is an amazing invention by the renowned FIXD automobile company. This revolutionary device is basically a car heads-up display that is designed for ensuring your safety while driving. Navigation is important while you’re driving. But if you lose your concentration from the road for a second then unexpected things could happen.

What Is Vizr

Besides, doing both at a time is quite impossible. That’s how the idea for Vizr is generated, it helps you to navigate and watch the road both together. The device actually reflects your phone’s screen on a transparent display through which you can watch your road and do navigation.

Its main objective is to help you in turn by turn navigation along with the unobstructed view. When you don’t have to put attention to the dashboard for navigation, you can focus on the road. Because of this, the frequency of accidents gets reduced. You can place the Vizr above the steering wheel or the center of your dashboard anywhere you prefer.

Special Features and Specs

Vizr has so many outstanding features for its users. Below in this VIZR Review, I’m going to show you some of its amazing features that I’ve personally experienced.

Special Features and Specs

Universal Design:

It doesn’t matter what types of car you’ve, Vizr perfectly fits every car. Because of the size of your car, model, brand nothing puts any impact on it. It works perfectly with every car. I’ve been using it, my grandfather’s old car to my new car and it works perfectly.

Works 24/7:

Vizr HUD will work as long as your phone is plugged into it. The shine of the sun or the gloomy of the night won’t put any impact on its visibility. In every weather condition, the resolution and visibility remain unaffected.

Scratch-Resistant Display:

To ensure proper visibility the manufacturer uses high-quality material to build this device. It uses a multi-layer coating to make the device scratch-proof. I’ve been using it for more than 1-year and there is not a single scratch on my device.

Compatible with HUD Apps and Other Apps:

Vizr is compatible with all types of HUD apps that are specially designed for heads up display. If you just make sure that the configuration of the app is set in the HUD mode then you can easily view that app through Vizr.

Non-Slip Material:

To keep your phone stable and steady the attachment of the Vizr is made with non-slip material. Through this, it makes sure that your phone does not fall down or fly in the car while driving.

Once you mount your phone on the attachment, your job is done. It’ll remain stable in that position and allow you to give full concentrate on the road.


Vizr is completely a wireless device. It doesn’t need any kind of wire connection to run. Because of this, you can easily install it and enjoy its service.

Benefits of Vizr

Vizr is loaded with lots of benefits for its users. Especially, if you drive your car and want to make it safe then Vizr is a must needed device for you. Below, I’m going to add some of its amazing features that you’ll enjoy with this amazing device.

Benefits of Vizr

  • Vizr converts your smartphone to a HUD for smooth and easy navigation. It helps the driver to focus on the road while navigation is also progress.
  • It’s a perfect device for all the drivers & cars. Through this, you’ll enjoy all the facilities of safe driving. It’ll show you smart direction, traffic update, speed, and many more things.
  • The device is designed in a way that it’ll easily mount on every car, no matter what its size, model, or brand is. You can use it on every car you’ve.
  • You can enjoy more features with the FIXD app, so if you have a FIXD device too then you’ll enjoy more additional benefits.
  • GPS navigation becomes so easy and hassle-free with this device. With its transparent visibility, you can navigate and focus on the road together.

How to Set Up and Use the Vizr?

Though setting up the Vizr device is very simple. Then again if you just purchase it then some easy tips will help you to do it correctly. Below I’m listing some easy steps that I followed to set this device on my car.

How to Set Up and Use the Vizr

Step 1: First, I  unboxed the Vizr device from the packaging. Then inside the box, I found a small-mounting device and a pop-up plastic screen.

Step 2: I had decided to place it on the dashboard of my car, so I clean the dashboard properly and make sure there are no derbies and dirt remains.

Step 3: Then I place the Vizr on the flat surface of the dashboard by letting the adhesive side facing below. But when you are in this step don’t remove the sticker of the adhesive 1st. Find the right place by moving it from here and there on your dashboard. When you figure out the appropriate spot, mark the place and then remove the sticker and attach it.

Step 4: Now that your device is set, you need to choose the app that you want to use for navigation. Though Vizr works fine with lots of apps, it’s up to you which one you like most.

Step 5: After all this is done, now you’ve to give the final touch. Place your phone on it and adjust the display. Do it by sitting behind the wheel or in the same position as your driving seat.

Where Can You Use the Vizr?

Vizr is one of the most amazing car heads up displays that I’ve ever used. One of the best sides of this device is it can be used in every car. The size of the car, model, and brand won’t put any impact on its work. For example, you’ve rented a vehicle for a weekend-vacation. You can remove the Vizr stand from your car and place it on the rental car and enjoy its service.

Where Can You Use the Vizr

Now when you return from your vacation trip, you can take it off and place it again on your car. This is how you can use one Vizr device with multiple cars. Moreover, the device is compatible with all types of smartphones. So if your family members take the device from your car they can use it on their car with their phone.

Tips for Installing Vizr

Have a look at the below segment to learn some quick installation tips. Though the device comes with all the process of installation then aging you might want to learn before buying one.

Tips for Installing Vizr

  • First, check the packaging and make sure it comes with everything that you need.
  • Clean the surface of the dashboard properly where you’re going to place it.
  • Extract the adhesive-sticker from the back of this device.
  • Place the Vizr stand once.

What Apps Are Compatible With Vizr?

Vizr is compatible with a lot of apps. It works perfectly with almost every popular navigation app such as google-maps and other navigation apps that pre-installed on our phone.

What Apps Are Compatible With Vizr

The manufacturer of the Vizr also recommends other apps too. Mostly I’m using HUDWAY GO and FIXD apps with this device. For smart and faster navigation HUDWAY GO is one of the best apps that I’ve used with this device. You can also use the FIXD app and all other navigation apps with this device.

Is It a Scam?

If you never used a car heads-up display then this is a very fair question that may arise in your mind.  Even though when I heard about the device for the first time, I wasn’t sure if it’s a scam or a real product. But after getting this device and using it these times, I’ve become a big fan of it.

It helps me a lot in quick navigation without interrupting the visibility of the road. Through its transparent display, I can navigate and watch the road both together. If you’re looking for a safe driving tool Vizr should be one of your 1st choices.

How Much Does Vizr Cost?

The smart Vizr device is available on Vizr official-site at a very affordable range. You can check the price from its official site. But don’t be worried about the price, it won’t cut your pocket. Besides, the manufacturer offers a 30-days money-back guarantee when you make the purchase through the official site.

Vizr Review: Where to Buy?

Though you may find the device in a different marketplace. But I’ll suggest you get the device only from its official site. Because there are clone products available in the market and you may purchase the wrong one.

Vizr Review: Where to Buy

But, if you get it from their official site, you’ll get the original product. Moreover, you won’t get the money-back guarantee if you don’t make the purchase from its official site. To ease your purchase below I’m including their official link.

Final Verdict

Well, If you’re here in this VIZR Review conclusion section. I believe you’ve now a clear concept about this device. As I’ve been using this device for almost one year, I can assure you that you’ll love it. The way it provides its service is just amazing.

It’ll make your navigation task so simple and help you to focus on the only road while you’re driving. This won’t only help you to safely drive but also assist you to not violate the traffic rules. Besides, with dedicated apps like FIXD, you can enjoy more features with this device.

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