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Marc Galyon-Gadgetinquire Author

Hi, I’m Marc Galyon. The author and owner of this site “Gadgetinquire”. Basically, I’m a businessman but along with that, I’m a researcher and a passionate writer. In my shop, I sell different types of technological tools and gadgets.

While dealing with my customers, I found that they have very little knowledge about these tools and gadgets. To figure out their exact problem, I’ve done some research. The major problem that I’ve discovered is that they lost their interest in searching while they don’t find any reliable site. Moreover, they want to get everything from one single place. For example, they are looking for a site where they will find every category of products.

Actually, people don’t like to surf sites and sites to get their products. This is how I was motivated to open this site. I have hired a team of experts to assist me in my research and collect all the latest and newest information. From “Gadgetinquire” you’ll find home, car, kitchen, health, and every segment gadgets and tools that you’re looking for. I’ve organized the site in a way that you don’t have to surf one site to another site to find a reliable product. For any kind of queries, you can directly communicate with me through this email:

Marc Galyon,
Gadgetinquire Author.