Xtra PC Reviews 2022: Turn Your Old Computer To Like New Again!

I’ve four computers, two desktops and two laptops that I’ve purchased gradually one after one. Now, you might be curious to know why I’m saying this. Well! There is a story behind this and I want to tell you that. I’ve purchased these computers because their speed gets slower than before and I was unable to work with these as before. But purchasing a newer computer I’ve to spend a lot of money.

So, I was thinking about what else I’m able to do to fix this issue. Then I heard about this Xtra Pc device that is designed to boost the speed of old computers. I’ve decided to get one and check if it really works or not. Now here in this Xtra PC Reviews, I’m going to show you how this device enhances the speed of my old computers and saves my money.

My Quick Overview Of Xtra Pc

Xtra PC is a USB magical thumb drive that is specially designed to speed up your old computer and make it as fast as possible. This USB is mighty, and therefore it can instantly increase the overall speed of your old computer.
On top that, this device is quite user-friendly as well. To use this USB, all you need to do is just connect it to the USB port of your computer.

People often buy new laptops or computers because their old ones get slower. They’re not aware of the functionality of Xtra PC. This is why they purchase new computers instead of Xtra PC. So, you should buy Xtra PC whenever your computer gets slow from now on.

Moreover, as it only works only when it’s plugged into the computer, therefore you better should always remember that. So, if your computer becomes slow even after plugging the Xtra PC, you should check that the device is plugged properly or not rather than worrying.
Finally, it can run on all OS (Mac/Windows/Linux) even without erasing a single of your existing files.

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What Is An Xtra Pc?

Xtra Pc is a USB thumb drive that is designed to boost the overall speed of your old computer. This USB-stick is so powerful that instantly increases the speed of your old slower computer. Using the drive is very simple, you just need to connect it to the USB-port and your job is done. Remember it only works as long as it is plugged into your computer.

What Is an Xtra Pc

Once you remove it your computer goes back to its previous slower condition. As the device is very small and highly portable, you can easily keep it with yourself and take it wherever you go. Another great side of this device is, it runs on all operating systems Windows/Mac/Linux. It won’t erase your existing files so you can stay relaxed and don’t need to be panicked about that.

Besides, if your computer hard drive is broken, missing, or damaged, you can still run your computer with Xtra Pc. Xtra Pc comes with three different versions, Xtra Pc-16/32/Pro. With Xtra Pc-16, you get 16-GB extra storage space, with Xtra Pc-32, you’ll get 32-GB storage space and with Xtra Pc-pro, you’ll get 64-GB extra storage space.

What Causes Your Computer to Run Slowly

There are a lot of reasons that might slow the speed of your computer. If the operating system of your computer doesn’t get adequate support from all the components it gets slower. Below, I’m including some of the common reasons that make your computer slower.

What Causes Your Computer to Run Slowly

  • When you run out of random-access-memory.
  • If the hard-drive gets full.
  • When your hard-drive becomes older.
  • Many start-up programs.
  • When you open too many background programs.
  • Viruses or Malware attack.
  • If any special effects include visual features.

Xtra PC Reviews: Top Features

No more fighting with an old slower pc as long as you’ve  Xtra Pc. With an Xtra PC, you can increase the speed of the aged computer. Now here in this Xtra PC Reviews segment, I’m going to include some amazing features of this device.

Xtra PC Reviews: Top Features


Xtra Pc is available on its official sites at an affordable price. If your computer gets slower, you don’t have to purchase a new one. Instead of purchasing a new computer, you can use Xtra Pc on your old computer to increase its speed. This is how you can save your hard-earned money and time.

Works Without Hard Drive:

If your computer has no hard drive, you can still run it by using the Xtra Pc. One of my computers has a hard drive crash and I’m still using it with Xtra Pc. This amazing device actually works with all sorts of PCs without any problem.

Easy Use:

The device is so simple and convenient that you don’t have to learn anything special to use it. I just put the Xtra pc into my computer USB-port and it started working. All that it requires is to connect it to the USB-port of your computer and the rest of the task it’ll do by itself.


By connecting Xtra Pc on your computer, you won’t have to lose any functionality or features that you enjoyed before. It allows you to do all the functional tasks as you did before. It just boosts up the speed of your computer and allows you to do all the tasks as you did before.

The Benefits Of Xtra Pc

Xtra Pc has a lot of benefits. If I share my own story then I must include that it saves me a lot of time and money. Usually, when my PC gets slower, I tend to purchase a new one which is a costly process. But now that I have an Xtra Pc, I don’t have to go for a new one. Below, I’m including some of its benefits that I’m enjoying these days.

The Benefits of Xtra Pc

  • It helps me to use the old computer that I already thought to throw in the garbage.
  • With its included app, I can do my all favorite online activities with no problem.
  • It enhances the speed of my old computer and it works like almost a newer one.
  • You’ll get three different versions of this device with different storage and speed variation.
  • Xtra pc can be used as external storage to keep your documents.
  • It supports all operating systems.

How Can You Use Xtra-pc?

Operating Xtra-pc is so easy and simple. To use this device, you don’t have to learn any technical aspects. All that it requires is to plug it into the USB-port of your computer and it’ll start working. Have a look at the below segment to know what are those simple steps that you need to do to operate it.

How Can You Use Xtra-pc

  1. First, Plug the Xtra Pc on the USB- port of the computer.
  2. Now follow the guidelines that pop up on your monitor.
  3. Once the procedure for installation is done, it will be ready for work.

Things that you’ve to remember is it only works as long as it connects with your computer. Whenever you unplug it, it goes back to its previous condition.

Where Can You Use It?

Well, this is the best part of  Xtra Pc that you can use with every computer and operating system. I’ve used mine with windows/mac and it perfectly works with both of them. Even though it works with one of my computers, which hard drive has already crashed.


Using this device, I did my all functional activities with proper speed, such as watching movies, playing games, browsing, & working on docs, etc. Most of the time I’ve been using it for 6-7hours but it doesn’t put any impact on the speed.

Who Can Use Xtra-pc?

Actually, everyone who has pc can use this amazing tool. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can use this without any hassle.
The reason for its easy use is it’s really user-friendly, and the setup is uncomplicated. Just set it up with your pc and enjoy the speedy experience all day long.

Is It A Scam?

As I mentioned above, I’ve purchased four computers one after one due to their slow speed. As the problem wasn’t solved yet, I was looking for something that will accelerate the speed of my old computer. Instead of purchasing a new computer for slower speed.

Then I heard about the Xtra Pc and instantly purchased one before thinking anything about it. Even, I wasn’t sure if it was a scam or a real product. But now I can assure you that the product is 100% real and it’s incredibly powerful speed will turn your old computer into a newer one.

Pros And Cons Of Xtra Pc

Every gadget has its own pros and cons. Let’s see what this one has

  • Takes only a few seconds to start the new operating system
  • Can download any app or game easily
  • Comes with extra storage
  • Some claimed it could overwrite the files sometimes

How Much Does Xtra Pc Cost?

Xtra Pc is available on its official site at an affordable price. Don’t worry about the cost, it’s designed to save your money not to cut your pocket. Besides, the manufacturer gives you a money-back guarantee for 30-days. If you think the product is not worth its value you can always return it and get back your money.

Where Can I Buy It?

Xtra Pc’s official site is the safest and appropriate way to purchase it. I’ve purchased three versions of the Xtra Pc from the official site and they are providing excellent service.  So if you’re looking for one, I’ll suggest you get it from the official site.

When you get the product from the official site, you not only get the original product. Along with that, you also get a money-back guarantee for 30-days. To help you with the easy purchase, I’m including their official link down this segment.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

While reading this Xtra PC Reviews, there might be a lot of questions that may arise in your mind. Keep your eyes below this segment to get the answers to your queries.

Can You Use Xtra-PC on Any Computer?

Yes, you can use Xtra Pc on every computer. It perfectly runs with all operating systems.

Can You Use Xtra-PC with Other Products?

You can use Xtra-PC with other devices that are run with other operating systems.

Does Xtra PC Come With Any Programs Pre-Installed?

Yes,  LibreOffice and VLC preinstalled on the Xtra PC.

Does Xtra PC Work On Macs?

Yes, it perfectly works on the Mac operating system.

Can you use one on more than one computer?

Yes, you can use the Xtra pc more than one computer. But you’ve to remember that it only works when it’s connected to a computer. So you can use it on multiple computers but not at a time.

How many times can I use this product Xtra-PC?

There is no restriction or time limit for using it. You can use it as much as you want.

Will this device work on an iMac computer?

Yes, It’ll work on an iMac computer.


If you’re here in this Xtra PC Reviews conclusion section then I believe you have a clear concept about this device. Now, you know purchasing a new PC isn’t a solution if your PC gets slower. Because your new computer will become old and it’ll also get slower like others. Besides, it cost a good amount of money to get a new one.

Here comes Xtra PC, it boosts up your computer speed instantly. Additionally, it supports all types of operating systems, so you can use it on every PC. As the device has no restriction on how many PCs you can use, you can use it on multiple PCs.

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